Silent Moments

Summary: "Assassin's need silent moments to help mask our footsteps and to hide our raggedy breaths before we take the final shot. My silent moment always get's interrupted with my heart beat when I see her, my next target."

Pair(s): Haruka/Michiru

Chapter 1: And So it Begins

Everyone knows about the dark and gloomy looking house that sits on top of the highest hill in the city. Leaves always surround the house and the wood is starting to crack. The windows are covered in dirt which made it hard to see into. Many people thought the house was haunted because of a single light that emitted from the attic window. No one dared to go up and to see if someone was living there.

The front door creaked open and out walked a man in his mid fifties. He gripped a cane tightly in his left hand as she descended the stair case, a garbage bag was held in the other. The wind picked up a bit as he headed down the driveway towards his trash can. A soft whistling sound started to move along with the wind. The man picked up his pace down the driveway. He opened the lid of the trash can and set the bag inside before closing it again. Suddenly the wind stopped.

The man froze where he was before turning slowly, checking to make sure he was alone. As soon as his back was turned a loud bang rang through the air. He grunted as pain erupted in his back. He dropped his cane and fell face first to the ground. The wind picked back up.

The sound of footsteps over gravel got louder and louder before a dark shadow was standing over the man. A boot reached out and kicked the man over to his front. He stared up at the sky with unmoving eyes. The figure bent down and pressed to glove covered fingers onto the man's neck. There was no pulse. The dark figure placed their gun back into its holder before grabbing the man by the arms. The dark figured grunted a bit as they pulled the man back into the house. When they finally were inside the dark figre moved him into the kitchen and propped him up in one of the chairs. The dark figure then headed back out of the hose and made their way down the driveway.

A black motorcycle was resting near the street. The dark figure turned it on before grabbing a helmet and shoving it over their head. They climbed on the motorcycle and headed off down the road. The wind had stopped blowing and three seconds later the house blew up with a deafening explosion.


"I'm back." The dark figure said, their voice was muffled by their motorcycle helmet. A group of people were seated around a table, talking, playing card games, or eating. A woman with long blond hair in two pigtails turned towards her, chewing on a piece of cake.

"Did you-"she started.

"Of course I did, Usagi." The figure responded. The figure took off their helmet and pulled their hair out of a ponytail so that it fell down to their shoulders.

"I was just asking-"the blond whimpered.

"Well it was a stupid question." The figure responded harshly. Everyone else stopped what they were doing and turned to stare. "I always come through for you guys." They reminded everyone in the room.

"Which is why she's my number one assassin." A deep voice said. A man with short white hair stepped into the room. He wore a silver dress shirt that was open to show his abs along with dark wash jeans and white shoes that matched the color of his hair.

"Demando." The figure nodded before taking a seat next to Usagi.

"Michiru." He answered with a smile. Michiru grabbed some strawberries out of the bowl in the center of the table and turned to face him.

"I did my part of the job." She reminded him. Demando nodded and pulled a white enveloped out of his pocket. He held it out to her but quickly snatched it away when she reached for it. "May I have my money please?" she questioned while lightly nibbling on a strawberry. Demando looked down at her eating the strawberry ever so gently. He tried to look away, but he just couldn't.

Michiru giggled slightly, and began to suck on the strawberry. Demando couldn't bring himself to look her in the eye. He gasped a little as she licked the strawberry all over, and let out a low moan. She ran the strawberry over her lips as she groaned, with her eyes closed. She slowly opened her eyes, and Demando lustfully looked at her. Michiru then ate the strawberry, and looked Demando straight in the eye. She smirked slightly, and walked closer to him. She was barely an inch away from his face. "Thanks for that but you're not my type." She raised an eyebrow when she noticed a slight bulge in his pants.

Michiru grabbed her pay check out of his hands and headed to her bedroom, with Usagi following her. "May I help you?" she questioned while taking a seat on her bed. She brushed her long blue hair out of her face before starting to rip open the envelope.

"Why did you do that?" Usagi demanded.

"I wanted my money and I'll do whatever it takes to get it." She answered with a small shrug.

"But you don't seem like that kind of girl-" the blond started.

"He's not my type." Michiru snapped her head up and sent her friend a small smile. "You can have him."

"I don't-"Usagi shook her head.

"Yes you do." She answered before letting out a small cry as he finally ripped open the envelope. A small folded up piece of paper and a picture fluttered to the ground. "What's this?" she frowned and picked up the note.

"You're next assignment." Usagi answered while taking a look at the picture. Michiru read the note quickly and snatched the picture out of the blond's hands.

"It's nothing I can't handle." Michiru stated with an air of confidence. "Especially since it's a guy." She added.

"I don't know, he's pretty cute." The blond commented before giggling.

"I thought you wanted Demando." The blue haired woman looked at her friend with a knowing smile.

"It doesn't mean I can't look." Usagi said defensively. "Good luck with this one." She added as Michiru unclipped her gun holder and placed it in a drawer next to her bed.

"Thanks, but I won't need it." Michiru answered while placing the picture up on a cork board with a tack. Next to that picture was the picture of the man she had murdered earlier that day along with many pictures of both men and woman.