Author's Note: Discontinuation of Silent Moments

Hello Faithful Readers,

I know, when you go the alert email you expected for another chapter to be posted. Well there isn't one and there isn't going to be one.

As of April 6th, 2013, Silent Moments will be discontinued. I will not be adding onto this story. There will be no ending to this story, at least for right now. However, it will be finished later.

Let me give you all a few reasons as to why I have come to this decision:

1) I felt like I started to rush with the story and didn't have things space out or slow down

2) It would take me weeks to months to years to update this story because I was so focused on my main story: Sailor Moon Eternal

3) I don't really know the pairing of UraNep and felt like they were beginning to feel OOC

4) I was getting frustrated by readers, mainly new ones, messaging me and messaging me to updated even though I explained life does get in the way and writing fan fiction isn't my number one priority.

5) I'm turning the story into a book

Yes that's right; you read it correctly. Remember how I mentioned about that I would finish this story later? Well I'm going to change a bit of the plot, and of course the character names, and turn this fan fiction into a novel. When I start to write this story I want to give it my full attention; the kind it deserves.

So enjoy what I have of the story. I will be tacking a UraNep fan fiction again. I have many more stories on the way. With summer vacation coming up I should be able to update things more often especially when I post my upcoming big sequel to Sailor Moon Eternal.

Thank you to those of you who have followed along with this story. Thank you for getting excited when you found the alert email in your inbox. Please continue to follow my stories and I will keep you all updated on when this story turns into a full fledge novel on

Until next time,

Angel of the Starz