On a desk in a room where the breeze was glowing gently a person sat writing in a medium sized book. They placed the pen on the next sheet of blank paper and wrote:

The Zodiac curse was broken and the Ushida family was no longer in the picture. These days the family is pretty normal.

Akito, Kandis, and Akito Jr. moved back to the main house in Tokyo shortly after that but I hear now that Akito jr. has started his new job since he has plans to marry Krysta very soon who is in her last year of medical school. Momiji, Andie, Mitao and Mikado still reside at the main house here in Kyoto and they are doing fine as well. The two boys have become coaches at local schools while Momiji and Andie still work with younger kids with their violin skills along with Momiji's younger sister Momo who comes down to visit quite often. Speaking of music Hatsuharu and Rin are still with the band and now Reiji has joined them along with his fiancée Sara Takawa as backup. They're on the road most of the time but they call home Tokyo just like before. Reiji's sister Rika however remained down in Kyoto after she married the head of the family Yamato, who takes his duty seriously whether it's taking care of the family or taking care of his own son and daughter. Kagura Sohma got remarried to Yosu her college sweetheart and they are expecting their second child in another two weeks. She still lives at the main house with her son.

Shigure Sohma moved his wife Aoko and Hitomi back to Tokyo just four years ago to continue on with his novelist career. Hitomi however has taken a different route for her career, following in the footsteps of Mayuko as a teacher. Mayuko and Hatori also moved back up to Tokyo around the same time as Ayame, Mine and Naoko did to continue with their doctor practice and Ayame's personal shop. Raiu, Mayuko and Hatori's only child married Sophie Kamiya just a year after his parents moved and they are living happily together up in Tokyo. Yuki Sohma, Ayame's younger brother, moved to his own house in Kyoto after he married Motoko Minagawa. They still live there and look forward to visits from their sons and daughter. Takara Sohma, Yuki's only child decided to become an artist like her mother and often visits Ritsu and Rebecca up at the hot springs. Ritsu and Rebecca took over the hot springs after his mother passed away and have been running it ever since. Their son Daisuke is also interested in art and like Takara attends a very fine art school in Tokyo. Kanako their eldest daughter moved overseas and has been living a life of mystery up to this point. But I hear it's exciting. Arisa and Kureno Sohma also moved back to Tokyo with their daughter Angel but they often come back down for a visit every once and a while. I hear Angel is quite the little detective, not surprising since she always had a nose for it.

On a sad note Kazuma Sohma passed away just a year after the curse was lifted and Kyo and Tohru inherited all his property and belongings. Kyo still runs the dojo with the help of his daughter Sakura and her husband Stephen Kamiya. Tohru Sohma still keeps house and loves it when she gets to see everyone during new years, just like always. As for Katsuya Sohma he now lives next door to his parents in the house that Kazuma once occupied. He's a professional chef downtown and quite popular too. He and his wife of six years, Stephanie Kamiya has three children and are very happy. She has become a children's book author and all the kids in the neighborhood love her books.

The person paused and then lifted her head as she heard someone call out to her. Her brown hair shining as the sunlight hit it and her teal eyes sparkling as she grinned happily.

"Are you coming or not?" the boy's voice said.

"Be right there!" she called back returning to her book.

And last but not least Hiro Sohma and his wife Kisa also remained down in Kyoto and are raising their daughter and their son with all the best morals possible. Their son is a wonderful athlete and as I can attest a very good person.

"Kyoko?" the boy appeared in her bedroom doorframe, "We're going to be late" he smiled his golden eyes shining, "Come on" he added brushing a hand through his light brown hair.

"I have one more sentence Takuto" she replied, "Just wait."

"All right" he nodded crossing his arms with a grin.

In conclusion the Sohma family is really just a normal average family after all, despite our unique background and special past. But to me they are all special because of who they are not where they come from. And believe me that makes all the difference in the world. The End.

She finished with a satisfied grin and then turned to the front of the book and signed her name.

"Are you done now?" he asked her.

"Mhm. I'm all done" she said satisfied and then jumping up to join him at the door, "Let's go! We don't want to be late!"

"I had to wait for you" Takuto protested as they walked out the door.

The wind blew lightly in the room, flicking the first page up so that the signature could be read. It said:

Written by Kyoko Sohma

Nearby stood a family photograph next to a picture of a woman who was smiling and holding her fingers up in a sign. The woman's name was Kyoko Honda!!!


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