It's quiet, too quiet…

Be careful, it's a trap!

Wait a minute; this isn't Star Fox 64…

"When's it going to begin?"

"Who knows? Anytime soon, I think…"

"I can't see Game…"

"Is that supposed to be an insult to me or what? I'm sitting next you!"


"You didn't leave any popcorn for me… Yoshi…"

"It's going to start now. The moment I finished saying this…"

Suddenly, lights provided by gigantic spotlights poured down into the darkness and the scene became clear at last on where we are. Everything took place in a gigantic stadium similar to the Olympics and thousands of people could be seen filled up in the audience seats. No seats were spared at all.

As cheers and roars of excitement filled the air, triumphant fanfare music started up and made the atmosphere more exciting than it originally was. It was surely a scene to behold.

"Wow! I didn't know there were this much people!" Nana exclaimed.

"This sure is looking to be a huge event!" Popo commented.

Link shifted his eyes to a massive door that was on the wall across where he was sitting and noticed it opening, and when it fully opened, there was a loud voice speaking up from nowhere, "Now let us welcome all the participants of the Tournament of Wonderful and Great Inventions!"

Upon hearing this announcement, the cheering went up by another volume to the point where had to close his or her ears to avoid going death. "My ears are going to bleed…" Pichu cried as he pulled down his ears.

From within the darkness of the open door, lights similar to that of eyes became visible and it became clear that these lights were actually the lights of vehicles. Vehicles, hundreds of them!

Vehicles of all sorts came flooding into the field. There were tall and short ones, big and small ones, bulky and slim ones, colorful and dully-colored ones. Some vehicles look very plain while some looked very bizarre and easily stood out among the bunch, such as a truck with a giant flaming clown head attached to the top and even a motorcycle with a knight armor attached to the back. Some of the vehicles were controlled by one person, but some were controlled by two and even three.

"Wow! What a sight!" Ness exclaimed.

"I can see Mario there!" Dr. Mario claimed, looking through a binocular. "And there's Snake! I see Fox and Falco too!"


"Move it!" Snake said to a driver nearby as he steered his vehicle across the field that was crowded with vehicles. "I'm going to blow you apart first thing when we meet in the actual competition if you put a scratch to my Snake Eater X!"

"If you dude a dude on my dude, I'm doing to dude you in your dude!" the driver said to him.

"What did you say?"

It was quite a bit of a chaos with several vehicles trying to find a place to park, but nobody was harmed and things eventually settled down when everyone found a place to park their vehicles. The noise went on for a while as people chatted among each other about things that you do not need to know about, and then the whole place suddenly became darker than before save for a couple of spotlights that aimed their beams of light at a podium situated high up against the wall. This was when everyone quieted down.

Soon after both the spotlights 'merged' together to focus on the podium, a man showed in the front of it and looked down at all the contestants down there. He then took the microphone and coughed a bit before speaking into it, "I welcome everyone to the great event that is about to begin before your very eyes. I am the chairman of this tournament, Willis, and I would to welcome and congratulate all of you for willing to participate in this grand tournament.

"As you all have seen on the TV and on the news, I have been planning this for a while now. The Tournament of Wonderful and Great Inventions… What is it all about? It is a tournament where one attempts to find some of the greatest inventors in the world. I believe all of you here are professional inventors, engineers, and machinists. Some of you probably only have engineering or inventing as your hobby, but you want to test your skills against professionals. It does not matter what your occupation is, but we are all here to prove ourselves worthy the world of technology.

"As I said earlier, this is a tournament for everyone who has skills in technology and machinery to gather and compete against each other. Do you think your inventions are useful? Do you want to boast about your invention? This is a place where you can test out your inventions to their full capabilities. Through this method, we can measure and understand our own limits and abilities. You will perhaps find out several things about yourself that you never even knew! Through this tournament, you can also learn more about fellow inventors. You may make lots of friends during this tournament or you may make enemies.

"That is my purpose of this tournament: To both find out whom the greatest inventors are and also to build relationship among everyone one of you, be it friend or foe. In this tournament, you will compete against each other and prove that your inventions are the most helpful and most powerful. The rules for this tournament are simple.

"There are a total of five different worlds that in fact do no take place in this island. Instead, this island has teleportation devices that are linked to other teleportation devices in other places. All these have been set up before the tournament begin and the places that are linked will serve as your arenas. The tournament will span a total length of one month, and in between each rounds, you can train yourselves, build yourselves better vehicles, or relax and treat this place a vacation resort, which it also is.

"Once the round has begun, every one of you will set off to look for job requests given by various people spread throughout the place. By completing their requests, you will be given points and how you performed the request will also determine how high the points you will get. Each competition may last for a long time and sometimes even two days or so. Therefore, before the time limit for each competition, try to achieve the highest score as you can. Once the round is over, you will not only be judged according to how many points you have, but also the performance of you vehicles, such as its stamina and functions. If you are able to get a score higher than the minimum score allowed, you will be able to promote to the next level and continue the competition, but those who fail to meet the requirements will be disqualified.

"The events of each round can be viewed through the theater hall. You are free to enter and exit from it anytime you wish. It is also possible for people who are not participants of this tournament to sign up to create jobs. If there are any of you who are willing to go to the place where the contest is being held to create jobs for the participants, you can sign up for it at the theater hall.

"Of course; every competition isn't without a good skirmish. In every round, you are allowed to attack your rivals and interfere with their jobs. However, taking of lives is strictly prohibited and will instantly result in disqualification. The most you can do to your rivals is to demolish their vehicles. Speaking of which, those with destroyed vehicles will not necessary be disqualified. If they are able somehow to rebuild a new one from scratch, they are allowed to continue in the tournament.

"Once after all five rounds, or arenas, have been completed, their will be a special event to determine the eight winners of the tournament. The eight winners will be marked as the greatest inventors in the world and will have their names marked down in history as well as receiving a large sum of prize money.

"I have spoken enough already. I am sure all of you here have understood the rules for this tournament. If you still do not get it, then please check out the enclosed instruction book that can be found in your living quarters.

"And now, without further delay, let us official began the Tournament of Wonderful and Great Inventions!"

After finishing his extra long speech, Willis lifted his hands into the air and the sound of trumpets roared across the air while fireworks shot up into the night sky and filled it with colorful 'flowers'. Both the audiences and the competitors also cheered happily and loudly knowing that the tournament has begun.

"Let the Tournament of Wonderful and Great Inventions begin!!!" Willis shouted loudly and happily.














This is only the prologue, so read the next chapter in order to get fully started on this story. Thanks!


In this story and at the end of every chapter, there will be a profile for the participants of the tournament. This will obviously include all the Smasher participants, but other characters that are notable will also receive profiles. Their vehicles will also be given profiles. Also, OCs will have descriptions given, so if you do not know who the character is, don't go guessing that it must be an OC.

John Doe -- AKA Solid Snake
Late 30s
Favorite food:
Exotic foods like snake, crocodile meat, etc.
Smoking, messing with weapons
Getting disturbed, the government
A man whose birth is not natural. Solid Snake was created from the cells of the legendary soldier Big Boss in order to succeed him, but he was lost as a baby during transportation and grew up under the care of Worker Hand and inherited his brilliant engineering skills. Being an 'offspring' of Big Boss, he also inherited his skills in stealth, combat, as well as usage of all sorts of weapon. He eventually became the leader of a group of rogues called Stray Fox before meeting the Smashers and being amazed at their determination that goes as far as opposing the government, who he detests due to Worker Hand being accused of crime in their hands.

Snake Eater X
A jeep-like vehicle made with shades of gray. Its most notable feature is a large mortar attached to the back. The sides of the vehicle are equipped with machine guns.
Mortar that launches cannon shells to great distances, machine guns that can sweep, capable of planting mines as it travel, ability to fire C4s from a hidden opening in the front, traveling through dirt and rough terrain with ease, stealth camouflage

Please note that the number of functions may increase as the tournament progresses on. The information listed here are the current features and abilities the vehicles have as of now.