Here we are at a conference room of sorts with lots of reporters and interviewers, all of whom are waiting for a certain person to show up on the stage. Their patience were eventually awarded when a Taiwanese guy with glasses came up to the stage and took his place behind the podium.

Game2002: Sorry to keep you all waiting. I thank you all for coming here to learn more about my upcoming stories.

Audience: Yay!

Game2002: Currently I have written 48 stories. Well, not really… There were some stories that were deleted, and if you were to add them all up, it would surpass 50 already, but going by the number of current stories I have, it's 48. Only two more stories and then I will have a total of 50 stories. And it so happened I have two stories in my mind right now and I would like to share with you.

Audience: Yay!

Game2002 got out a remote and used it on the big screen behind him and the screen turned on to show the Smash Mansion and all the Smashers were posing in front of it for a group photo.

Game2002: This is the next story I am working on. It is called Super Smashed Stories. After the events of Tournament of Wonderful and Great Inventions, things have settled down and life is quiet for a while. This story will be a relaxing and comedic story about the lives of the Smashers. Each chapter consists of one shot stories that focus on a random Smasher. I cannot guarantee that every single Smasher will have a chapter for themselves as I do not plan for this story to be very long.

Interviewer: How long do you plan to let it be?

Game2002: Actually very short… Not more than ten chapters. I have no intentions to stretch this story for so long because I have another big project coming up soon.

Interview: You usually write long adventure stories, so why did you want to write a short comedic story all of a sudden?

Game2002: The second story is still in the brainstorming step and I want to work on this story first while I give the other one some time to develop. Plus, I want make the next story to be the 50th one.

Interviewer: Could you share some lights on what we can expect in Super Smashed Stories?

Game2002: As I said, it consists of various one shots. Some stories that you will be reading includes King Dedede's trip to the ski resort, Diddy Kong losing his memory, Lucas having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and several more. Several of my recurring OCs will be having roles too. Here are some shots of the story.

The big screen shows various pictures such as the Smashers entering a really dirty house, Dedede sliding down the hill on a snowboard, Ganondorf strangling Link by the neck, Link and Young Link getting shouted by an old man, Dr. Mario looking at the clock with a horrified face, and several more.

Game2002: So after I am done with story, my next story will be another epic adventure. This time, however, the Smashers are not the only stars, as this story will be a crossover with another series. No, it's not like my usual crossovers where the other series have minor roles while the Smashers take the spotlight on everything. Rather, this one will see that the other series gets a major role. Without further delay, I present to you the next adventure story.

The big screen then showed the logo of Super Smash Bros, and then below it was the logo of another series: Mahou Sensei Negima.

Audience: Oooh! (claps hands and cheers)

Both the title logos then fused with each other and transformed into the title of the story: Magister Saga.

Audience: Yay! (claps hands even more)

Next, the screen shows what appears to the cover art for the story. It shows Mario and Negi Springfield standing side to side at the front while the other Smashers and the students of 3-A standing at the back. Further on in the background and above everyone else was what appeared to be the villain of the game Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, Cackletta, with her arms raised over everyone in a threatening manner, and next to her was her faithful follower Fawful.

Audience: Wow!!! YAY!!!

Game2002: This is the crossover story that is going to come next; a crossover between Smash Bros. and Negima, and also one that does not solely focus on the Smash Bros. but as well as the other series. Here is a rundown of the plot: Roy had sent an invitation to his fellow Smashers for them to come to Lycia for vacation, and naturally, the Smashers are eager to go and enjoy. However, not all the Smashers are capable of going as some of them have business to attend to.

Interview: Which of the Smashers will be going to lycia then?

Game2002: The Smashers that will be having roles this time are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu, Lucario, Red, Captain Falcon, Marth, Lucas, Mr. Game and Watch, Pit, ROB, Kirby, Meta-Knight, and King Dedede.

Interviewer: Why aren't the others coming then?

Game2002: There are several reasons that some of them aren't coming, so it's best that you find out yourself when the story is out.

Interviewer: Will the ones that don't come be showing up in this story too?

Game2002: I can't be certain, but I will put them into the story one way or another, though their screen time and roles probably won't be as big compared to the ones mentioned.

Interviewer: From the picture, I would assume Cackletta is going to be the villain of this story?

Game2002: Yeah, you can say that; both Cackletta and the most faithful henchmen of her whose name is Fawful. So here's the plot in a nutshell: As I said earlier, Roy invited some of the Smashers to go over to his country lycia for a vacation. At the same time Class 3-A of Mahora Academy is also going to that same place for field trip, and that's when both their paths collide. Now there is a certain artifact in lycia that is said to be related to some great evil in the history of lycia and Cackletta wants to use this great evil as the mustard of doom for her tasty sandwich. Naturally, the Smashers find out about this and try to stop her from accomplishing her plans. But what does Class 3-A have to do with this? Apparently, Cackletta's plan to harness this evil power involves Negi also. As for how her plan involves the ten years old teacher, you'll have to find out yourself when the story comes.

Interviewer: How long is this story going to be?

Game2002: It's probably going to be a pretty long one, maybe about 40 or so chapters.

Interviewer: What are some things that we can expect in this story?

Game2002: Well, for starters… This story will follow in the same spirit of Negima where there will be lots of fanservice; therefore you will see scenes such as Wario taking a bath and shaking his butt.

Audience: Gasp!

Game2002: Just kidding! But yeah, there will be fanservice scenes involving the 3-A girls to satisfy certain people. There will also a close encounter with one of the Great Powers. Is it the 7 Armed Seas, Espers of Justice, or the 4 Abominations? Wait and see.

Audience: Wow!

Interviewer: It seems that the plot of this story is similar to the original Mario & Luigi, isn't it?

Game2002: Yeah, the plot is partially based off that game. There will be some plot twists too, so everything I'm telling you now are just the basics.

Interviewer: Oh yeah! Will all the girls in 3-A have a role?

Game2002: That's a good question. Actually, not all of them will play major roles. Only important ones like Asuna, Setsuna, Nodoka, and a few others will have large amount of screen time. Most of the others probably won't do much other than popping up now and then to do random things.

Interviewer: Will Chao be in? No, I'm talking about the Chao from Sonic.

Game2002: I know who you're talking about. This story is under the impression that Chao already returned to the future, so sorry for fans of her… She won't be in this story. Kotaro will be in this story, if anyone cares about him. Anyway, here are some pictures if you are interested.

The screen shows various shots of the story as if it was a movie. There were scenes like Captain Falcon releasing large amount of fire from his body in an epic manner, Wario unleashing a monstrous fart for whatever reason, Dedede chasing Kirby while swinging a pair of hammers in his hand angrily, Negi and Mario facing off against Cackletta, Fawful mocking the good guys from up in the air, Yue drinking something called Falcon Punch, the good guys facing against what appears to be Petey Piranha, and several more.

Game2002: Well, that's all I can say for this story otherwise I will be spoiling too much. In summary: The next story I'm working on is Super Smashed Stories which consists of several one shots and then Magister Saga comes next and it is a crossover between Smash Bros. and Negima. I hope you all enjoy this story and look forward to it.

Audience: Yay!

Game2002: Please leave behind your thoughts and comments in your reviews too. I want to know what you think. Thank you and good-bye!