All human

Jake is gay and hitting on Edward ;D

*This is just some random thought I had when

I was bored one day...

3rd person

"Oh darling" Jacob said as he walked up to Edward in the lunch hall."That is such a hot sweater you're wearing!"

"Umm, thanks..." Edward mumbled as he tried to shuffle away from Jake in the already too-cramped lunch queue. As Edward reached the top of the queue and made a desperate grasp for his panini, and to get away from the uncomfortamble situation of Jake deliberatley pressing his lower stomach against him, he tripped over someone's feet and he and his school stuff went flying across the hall.

"Oh my God, honey, are you ok?" Jacob asked worriedly, helping him up. When no-one was looking, Jake gave Edward a tight hug an kissed him on the cheek.

"It's ok baby, I'll look after you." he whispered in his ear, as he squeezed Edward's hot butt.

Edward grabbed his bag off the floor and sprinted across the hall and out the door. He didn't care that everyone was staring at him as he ran tho the jogged to a cubicle and locked the door.

"This can't be happening..." he sighed to himself as he put his head in his hands. "Ok, I honestly don't mind if Jacob is gay, just so long as he dosn't try to get it off with me!"

Poor Eddie!

Next chapter will be on by 6th march 2009