by: Panther

Pairing: Ryan & Natalia

Summary: After Natalia had the automatic gun in her face, she went home after work and was fixing to go into the shower, when her doorbell rings, ( she's still in the same house from when the drug lord was killed ) and goes to answer and sees Ryan. She let's him in, tells him that she'll be a moment and leaves for her bathroom. When she comes out, she smells food being cooked.

a/n: don't own, and I might make this a lemon, i'm not sure yet.

At Natalia's house,

She opened her front door with a sigh. It had been a very hard day for her, having a gun, that was being held by a crazed teen, in her face; fearing that today was her last day alive, was too much for her to deal with. She felt like taking a shower and having a good long cry and then going to bed, too much anexity and fear left in her to even think of eating.

She closed and locked her door, turned to her right and down a small hallway and into her room, took her shoes off, placed her purse in her closet, walked over to her dresser, got out her pajamas and was walking out of her room and was about to go into her bathroom when she heard her doorbell.


' Who in the world could that be at this hour? ' She thought as she looked at her clock on her wall, it read 10:30p.m. and walked to her door, looking through the peephole and was surprised to see Ryan at her door. Still in surprise, she unlocked her door and opened it.

" Hey. " He said, his voice soft and gently as stood there in just his green and white t-shirt and jeans, a slight smile on his face.

" Uh, Hi. What are you doing here at this hour? I thought you might be at home by now. " She asked as she let him in, closing the door back and locking it again out of habit.

Seeing this, Ryan asked, rather teasingly, " You always lock your guests in? "

" No. Old habit. You know, with Nick and all that jazz. That and the neighborhood I live in is still a little bad. Not like it was when that drug lord was still here. " She replied back, her voice not teasing or funny at all. "

" I still can't believe you live here in this neighborhood. " He said back, looking around the room, ' It suited her ', he thought to himself as he saw the dark green walls, with black and white borders on the top and bottom of the worn hard-wooden floor, there was a white recliner chair by the front window, a slightly worn leather couch in the middle of the living-room, he could see a medium sized kitchen to his left and got an idea, but before he could speak it, Natalia raised her hand to her face as if she suddenly remembered something.

" Oh my goodness, were are my manners! Why don't you sit down and make yourself at home. I'm going to go take a shower, I'll only be a moment. " She said the last part fast and rushed towards her bathroom with a blush on her face as red a tomato, opening the door and almost slammed it shut, before Ryan could even say what he wanted to do for her.

" Guess I'll just have to surprise her. " He said to himself and walked over the kitchen, all the while hoping she wouldn't get angry at him for using her kitchen.

In the bathroom,

' I can believe I said that to him! He must think I'm some kind of hussy now. ' She thought as she turned the water on and took her clothes off and stepped in the shower, letting the warm water erase away her day, relaxing her and letting her almost forget what had happened. Almost.

She fell to her knees, wrapping her arms around herself and just cried, not caring that the water was getting her eyes and stinging them or that her knees are probably going to be brusied in the morning.

Unknown to her, Ryan had heard the rather loud thump she made when she fell and became immediately concerned and worried. He put the stove burner on low and jogged to the door he saw Natalia walk into, raising his hand, he knocked really loud so that Natalia could hear him over the sound of rushing water.

" NATALIA!!! " He shouted so loud that it scared Natalia out of her slient crying fit and caused her to scream.

Ryan got more worried and since he never been in her house before, he didn't know if she had a window or not, but if someone had came through her bathroom window or whatever it was that caused her to fall and then scream; he didn't know that he was the cause of her scream; he tried the door, thankful that she had forgotten to lock it in her rush in there and opened the open fastly, with his hand on his gun.

He looked around, heard the water running, but didn't hear Natalia, " Nat. " He called out.

" I'm fine Ryan. "

" Are you sure? " He asked moving his hand away from his gun, " I heard a thump, Ithought something happened to you. And then you screamed, I thought someone broke in. " He continued, keeping himself at the door, not matter how much he wanted to go in there and hold her to him and know that wasn't hurt, that, and the fact that he didn't want to get slapped and called a pervert by her. He cared and loved, if only quietly, too much for that.

Still on her knees, she stand up because the small window that she had in her bathroom was showing light in from her night light outside and it show him that she had fallen and it would also give him a good view of her shadow through the curtain, she answered,

" I just dropped my shampoo, that's all. And I screamed because you scared me. I wasn't expecting you at the door. " She replied, listening for him to shut the door, which she cursed herself for not locking. ' But then again...If I did, he wouldv'e broken it down. ' She thought as she heard him sigh in relief and closed the door saying ' Thank heavens ' quietly.

As the door closed, she stood and finished her shower, turned the water off and got out, she put a towel around herself and looked for her pajamas, then remembered that she left them in her room when she heard her door-bell ringing.

' Damnit! ' She cursed in her head and walked to the door, opened it and looked to see if Ryan was still near the hall-way to her room, she didn't see him and feared that he might have left, but then thought twice, that not Ryan, he cares too much to just leave someone after what happened and she was proven right when she smelt food coming from the kitchen.

' Oh..Ryan. You didn't have to do that. ' She said to herself as she quickly walked to her room and closed the door, this time locking it. ( It may have been sweet of him, but there was no way she was going to let him see her with just a towel on, no sir! )

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