by: Panther

Pairing: Ryan & Natalia

Summary: After Natalia had the automatic gun in her face, she went home after work and was fixing to go into the shower, when her doorbell rings, ( she's still in the same house from when the drug lord was killed ) and goes to answer and sees Ryan. She let's him in, tells him that she'll be a moment and leaves for her bathroom. When she comes out, she smells food being cooked.

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' bold/italics ' are Nat's thoughts and ' Italics/underline ' are Ryan's thoughts.

Last time,

" Hey. " He said quietly, realizing that his arm was around her waist, he got nervous and began to move his arm away, but was stopped when Natalia placed her free hand on his arm, stopping him.


" You don't have to move your arm, Ryan. " She said, as she moved closer into his embrace, wrapping her arm around his waist.

' Well, if it'll make her feel better. ' Ryan thought as he kept his arm around her waist, turning over and wrapping his free hand around her other side, now facing her, he saw that her eyes were closed once more. He layed there watching her once more, running his hand through her hair like she had done with his hair, soon he was asleep once more.


Morning came and Natalia woke up to an empty space beside her.

' Where did he go? ' She questioned herself as she got up and off the bed heading towards the bathroom.

Coming out, she smelt food being cooked once more in her kitchen and knew where it was that Ryan was at. She walked into her kitchen, seeing Ryan by the stove fixing breakfast for the two of them, already dressed and ready for work. She then walked back out of the kitchen and back into her room, got dressed and brushed her hair out.

When she walked back into the kitchen, Ryan had just finished placing their plats on the table. He walked to her side of the table and pulled her chair out once more for her and pushed her chair in when she sat down, he then walked back to his side and sat down in his chair.

They ate in silence, until Ryan asked, " Natalia, would you think I was a total jerk if I asked if we could get back together? "

Natalia looked up from her plat and smiled the first time since he had been there and just shook her head, " No. And I would really like for that to happen. "

" Well concider it done. " He replied with his boyish grin, as her smile turned into a grin as well.


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