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The human mind is like a sieve…he told me once. Time heals all. I don't know if it would have nor not, but that ended up not being an option for me. All those years ago I fell to the ground and didn't come up…didn't come up for months. I might have stayed like that forever if it hadn't been for Angela. I can only see the good that she did for me, whereas I'm sure she only thinks she caused more harm. I can almost feel that she's in her home somewhere wondering if I'm still alive. At the same time I'm sitting in my house waiting for my love to return. Everything was completely different from how I planned. All those plans were ruined the last time I saw Edward, the moment he told me that it would be like he never existed. But now, I'm grateful to him…

Let Go

Chapter 1 – Angela

"This is our last winter break! We should all do something special!" Jessica bounced in her seat, her dark curls bouncing in time against her back. She was always one of the peppiest people I had ever met, right after Renee.

Her squealing had snapped me out of my self induced stupor. I glanced around the table. Everyone seemed to be on the same page. This was one of those few minutes that I actually understood what they were even talking about. These moments of clarity were few and far between…and I knew I would pay for it later.

Mike glanced at me momentarily, then looked back at Jessica smiling, "What about a bonfire down at La Push?"

Lauren scoffed, flipping her stringy hair back over her shoulder and scowling at the boy, "That's so common. We could go and do that this weekend…let's do something fun." I blinked a little blindsided. Lauren hadn't ever talked back to Jessica's boyfriend. But then again maybe they aren't dating anymore. I tried to think back if I had heard anything about their breakup…I couldn't remember.

Ben looked at me, smiling slightly at the shock on my face, "Will you be in town for winter break, Bella?"

The table grew silent and everyone's attention focused on me. My mind reeled at the silence that had engulfed the table just because Ben had asked me a question. I wasn't that bad was I? Angela and Ben shared a small smile. Maybe I was.

"Are you going to see your mother?" Angela prompted, smiling brightly at me.

"Umm…no." I thought back to make sure this was true, but after that tantrum I had thrown when Renee had tried to take me home, I was pretty sure they wouldn't even risk suggesting it. "I think I'm just going to stay around the house all break." I tried to shrug nonchalantly so they would go back to their previous conversation and stop staring at me.

Angela frowned slightly as the bell rang. Lauren and Jessica jumped up, linking arms and quickly chatting about what they could possibly do over the break. I heard some vague reference to California…or even Tijuana. I scoffed. Like their parents would let them go to TJ. Everyone knew what went on there. Hell, Renee, as flakey as she was, wouldn't let me put one foot in TJ. I stood up slowly, planning to take up the rear of the group like I always had.

Angela slipped in step next to me as Ben came up on my other side. They shared a grin. "So you really aren't doing anything?"

I shook my head slightly…where was this going? "No. I don't plan on it."

Angela beamed at me, "Well what if I gave you a plan? See…Ben and I are going to New York City over winter break."

Ben cut in smiling at me, "My family has some frequent flier miles they need to cash in. So they offered plane tickets to us."

I smiled brightly for the first time in what felt like years; they really deserved this. Ben and Angela were the best people in this school. Angela had silently been beside me since the moment Edward left. She supported me and although I didn't speak with her about it, I knew she would be a crying shoulder if I needed one. "That's great! You guys are going to have a great time! Do I need to watch someone's dog or something? You know I'd do it for you Angela." …and if I had an excuse for not having to leave the house to go out with friends the better. I could finally get Charlie off my back, it seemed like he was following my every move lately. Not that I wasn't fooling him. He couldn't know how much pain I was in, but I knew he was still worried.

Ben's eyes seemed to twinkle, "You'd do anything for Angela? Really, anything?"

I nodded slightly dumbfounded. The way Ben said that made me a little nervous, "Although you know I'm not a good actress. People can see right through my lies. I highly doubt I could convince your parents that I was in New York with Angela and not you."

Angela laughed, "My parents know I'm going with Ben. That's not a problem." Ben and Angela shared another glance before she continued, "The thing is we kind of need a chaperone."

"Like one of your parents?" I asked; eyes wide at the sudden shift in conversation. They were the most responsible people their age; I didn't see why their parents wouldn't trust them with a small trip.

"No…like you." I opened my mouth to protest, but Ben cut me off "The tickets are free. You won't have to pay for anything. Angela has a cousin that works in a hotel and he promised us free rooms. My grandmother said she would love to pay for tickets to a show. Come on, Bella. You won't have to worry about anything! And Angela told me how much you like theater. It would be a lot fun!"

I glanced down at my feet before looking at my two friends, "I couldn't impose on your alone time."

Angela bounced slightly…she could tell I was wavering. The smile on her face was making it hard for me to think of reasons why I shouldn't go. Imposing was grasping at straws already, "You won't be! We want you around! We get enough alone time as it is." I glanced at Ben as she said this, but he looked content with her statement, "Please, Bella. It's you or Jessica..and really I'd rather it not be Jessica!"

I shuddered at that thought. I wouldn't wish my biggest enemy the pain of traveling with Jessica. I vaguely thought back to the overnight trip to Seattle a few weeks ago. Jessica and I had stayed in the same room. It was absolute torture and I was barely conscious for it, "I'd have to clear it with Charlie."

Ben smiled mischievously, "Don't worry. I'll have my Mom call him. She's very persuasive." Ben raised his eyebrows before waving and walking off ahead of us.

Angela squealed in a very Alice-esque manor. My heart plummeted slightly. I wondered how my best friend was doing wherever she was. It was bad enough that Edward left, but he took his whole family away from me. "I can't believe you're going to New York with me! We can go shopping! We can sneak into the clubs. I'm sure Eric can get us some fake ids."

I blanched slightly at that. It was such a un-Angela thing to do. Out of character might have been an understatement. She was a preacher's daughter for God's sake, "Charlie hasn't said yes yet."

Angela laughed lightly as she turned to go to her class, "He will. Ben's mother really is persuasive." She waved one last time before taking off down the hall.


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