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Let Go

Chapter 26 – Let Go

(Jasper's POV)

About seventy-five stepped through and I could tell immediately that Alice was right. Some of these vampires were even older than a year. I guess she figured they might be able to maim us before we fucking tore them apart. I glanced over to Carlisle. He was scrutinizing them. I reached forward with my powers to look at them myself. Most of them were tired and angry. Sick of what life had given them. They were ready to fight, but many of them didn't want to. This was good. I just hoped my surrogate father could do what he does so well, talk them down.

"We don't want to fight you." The sentence was the last thing I had expected from him. I almost scoffed at the statement.

"We have a duty to our mistress." One of the older vampires called. He was rather tall and seemed to be in his early-twenties. If I had to guess, Victoria had changed a fucking frat boy.

"Duty. That's an interesting phrasing. There's a different life for you and I promise you that you don't have any sort of obligation to Victoria."

I felt a shift in their feelings. There was some hope and disbelief. Anger and happiness. Some of them were shifting.

A small girl stepped forward, her shoulder length brown hair bounced slightly as she walked, "She said she would let us free if we did this."

Carlisle raised an eyebrow before his calm voice cut through, "Have you seen her keep any promises? Have you seen her do anything good? What makes you think after slaughtering a family she'll let you go? How do you know she doesn't just count on your death?" Carlisle paused for a moment and I had to commend him on the use of the word family. That man was fucking sly with his reminder of their humanity. Fucking sly. "I really think the better question, though, is why don't you just leave? You don't have to do this. What is she going to do to you?"

There was a sudden realization that expanded from the group and several of them looked back and forth at each other as if they hadn't understood until now. I was fucking amazed that they had never thought of leaving, but when I thought back on it I was too scared of leaving Maria. They probably felt the same. I glanced over at Alice and watched as her eyes glazed over and a smile took over her face. She snapped her eyes to me and nodded.

"Where are we supposed to go?" The first boy called forth again.

"The leaders of this world are willing to help you. They don't agree with your behaviour, but they're willing to make an exception. You can't kill indiscriminately anymore, but you can have a life. A real life and love. You have eternity to figure it out."

"Leaders?" There was a sound of disbelief. I shook my head slightly. Victoria hadn't even fucking told them about the Volturi.

"Yes. They are called the Volturi and they make our rules. It's not hard and they will find a place for all of you, maybe even with them in Italy. You can do anything you want now. Anything. And although I hold a different lifestyle than the one you've lived I will take any of you in. Any of you that don't wish to kill humans there is a different way to live. I can show you." He nodded slightly to them and I watched as they all stopped to look at each other. Alice beamed at me before settling her eyes on the young frat boy that had come forward. I almost rolled my eyes as she smiled at him. Oh fuck no.

"If we don't want to fight where should we go?" The girl spoke again as she glanced over us, "Where will the Volturi meet us? And if we wanted your lifestyle," She glanced at frat boy before rolling her eyes, "where shall we meet you?" I could like this girl. I could feel her exasperation as she looked over at him and then Alice. She had fucking attitude. Bella would love her.

"About three miles north of here you'll find a large house. The Volturi have set it up as a place to stay for anyone who wants to live on. They'll be here tomorrow. I'll meet anyone who would like to know about our lifestyle there later tonight." His confidence almost astounded me. He was sure this would be over so soon.

The small girl nodded slightly and many of the vampires broke off and started running North.

Frat boy paced forward a few feet, "And if any of us want to fight against her?"

Alice beamed at him and waved him forward, "Do."

About twenty came forward and fell into place surrounding us. The small girl came to stand next to me and I looked over at her questioningly.

She shook her head slightly in disgust, "The things I've seen her do. She needs to be destroyed. I hate to say that, but there isn't another option." I could feel her fighting against the anger and the hatred for Victoria. This girl had attitude, but was sweet at heart. She would be perfect for Edward. I glanced over at Alice and she nodded at me knowingly. Oh fuck. What was this? Match everyone single off. Were Kate and Irina next? This was supposed to be a fucking battle not a match making service. I felt Edward's nervousness spike and I knew he had heard my thoughts. His fucking mate was standing next to me and might be the first to get her head off.

"Why don't you go inside. There is a vampire in there that you could help." I nodded back to the house and she glanced at me raising an eyebrow. "Just go on." She nodded slightly as she took off towards the house.

I watched her retreating figure for a moment before frat boy spoke again, "You can't talk the next bunch out of this. They're unreasonable and new. She doesn't expect them to live."

"So this is the newborn wave?" So she did three. Alice couldn't tell me how many, but I'm currently fucking ecstatic that the worst that she had seen hasn't happened and we have more. The soldier in me shouted for fucking joy.

"This is the only other. She's going to swamp you with people. She thinks you'll be injured and weak. She wants to take care of you in one sweep." The woman was fucking good and I would give her that.

I heard Kate, Demetri, and the rest come up behind and fall into line. I glance around, internally counting, we had 27. 27 against over a hundred. Better odds.

"Do you know the count?"

He paused for a moment before fidgeting, "One hundred and ten last I counted, but there was a fight right before we left. I'd say one hundred if we're lucky. One oh five if we're not."

I nodded slightly. Four wasn't bad. We could each take on four. I glanced around the group, everyone looked centred and ready for a fight. Staring forward we just waited. Minutes drug on until they felt like hours even to me. Then I felt it. It was soft at first and then it started to feel like an earthquake. The earth shook as they tore through the forest. Victoria wasn't fucking around with us. She meant a fucking ambush and I'd have to say this was intimidating.

As the first few broke through I cringed. They were wild. She hadn't been allowing them to feed for days, at least. A burly man went straight for Esme and she brought him down with a practised ease that I never thought possible. I can only guess that all those years of Emmett being a fucking brat paid off. I only had enough time to look back upon the group before they were everywhere. For a moment in the madness I couldn't tell which limbs were those of the newborns or of my family. I attacked newborn after newborn just waiting for it to end. This was different than the southern wars. Back then the army was well fed and knew how to fight. These newborns were worse than unpredictable and they had some form of training. They didn't fight like newborns and God knows they didn't fight like trained newborns. They were rough, yet precise. It was terrifying. And just as I heard Alice cry out it stopped.

Everything stopped. I couldn't move and I couldn't be fucking happier. It meant Rose and Bella had fucking arrived.

"We leave for a day and the party starts without us?" Bella's voice was clear as it rang through the now silent front area.

Suddenly I was able to move and I saw the entire family blinking at the sight around them. There were newborns in mid air and mid swing. And here we were able to back up towards her. I glanced up at her before walking the crowd and pointing out the ones that had joined us. She let them go and they quickly headed north leaving only Alice's frat boy behind to stand with us. Bella raised an eyebrow at me and I shrugged in response. What could I say? It obviously had become a matchmaking service.

"Victoria." Bella's voice was harsh and for the first time I noticed the red head. She had her fucking eyes wide and trained on Bella. "As you can see I'm not dead, but you certainly can't have your revenge. You see I'm a member of the Volturi. You don't go against the Volturi. And even if I wasn't you still can't fuck with me."

Bella stepped towards Victoria and I tried to go to her before I felt a wall come up in front of me. Bella continued forward. "I should make you suffer. Make you suffer like you did Ben and Angela. If only you bled, but you don't." Bella leaned in close to the red head, "But I'm also not a sadistic bitch. I'll make it quick."

The movement was quick, like before, the frozen vampires fell to the ground in pieces. The only sound made was the fall of the limbs on the ground around us. Demetri came forward quickly, joined by Kate and Irina, and they started to light the piles in front of them on fire. A sharp incense cut through the air and a deep purple filled the area around us, blinding me for a moment before a sharp gust of wind pushed it farther south away from all of us.

Bella turned from the burning pile in front of her and smiled at me as she started to walk towards me. Her beautiful eyes had taken on a burnt orange coloring as the flames burnt on behind her. Everything was fucking behind us. We could finally let go.

The End

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