Okay folks, you can blame Sherlockian Girl for all this if you want to. . . she sent me a Muse last night, and it wouldn't let me sleep.

A/N Wave the Canon goodbye m'dears! This is all sourced from the '82 movie.

Falcon in the Rhyme

There once was a man from Par-ee

Whose name was quite easy to parody,

But he was so serious,

And oh yes!, quite imperious,

That I called him my Chau-chau-cherie.

- Marguerite St. Just, to Paul, July, 1789

When a man cannot tie his cravat,

'Tis plain he knows not where 'tis at.

When fashion is missing,

Your style I'll be dissing,

But don't you dare call me pussycat.

- Sir Percy Blakeney, to Citizen Chauvelin

Oh, a man can wear black and look chic,

So cut it with this rhetorique,

At my job, I'm handy,

And you're just a dandy,

So don't give me none of your cheek.

- Citoyen Chauvelin, to Sir Percy Blakeney

Revolution? I don't give a toss.

But I know some aristos aren't such a loss.

Now I'm really confused,

Because of my job and you,

Aren't you just the world's worst boss?

- Armand St. Just, from London, to Special Agent Chauvelin

"Dear John" - as the letters do say,

I am going to be married today.

You're a little too ripe,

And Percy's my type,

So please won't you just go away?

- Marguerite Blakeney, from St. Roch. Chapel

Mon Deiu! What is that smell?

Is it coming from your lapel?

It is too sickly sweet,

Like sugar dipped feet,

And resembles a red Pimpernel.

- Citoyen Chauvelin, random versification

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