'Whoa!' Was the first thought that entered my head as I looked around from just being thrown unceremoniously onto the ground. 'Uh oh' was the second as I realised that I wasn't in Grimmauld Place any more, actually I seemed to be nowhere near it.

A vast amount of grass could be seen for miles, there were hills in the distance and I could hear rushing water so a river must be nearby. The sky was dark, and a moon was out, stars were scattered in various places, twinkling merrily. I turned around and took a step back in shock. A huge black, double ion gate stood in front of me. On one half a large silver 'S' could be seen on it, on the other an 'M'. 'SM' I thought trying to work out who lived here.

I walked up to the gate and found that surprisingly one side of it opened, albeit a little slowly and creakily. As I stepped through I felt the magic from the wards envelope me, a tingling sensation flowed through me. It left a few seconds later and I was able to proceed up the pathway.

Looking around at the creepy exterior I shivered, only now realising how cold it was. I thought I saw a shadow flash past on my right. So I discreetly turned my eyes in that direction, but with the little light from the moon I could see nothing but outlines – of course it could have been my imagination playing tricks on me. Despite the fact that it might just be my imagination, panic was starting to form in the pit of my stomach and the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end so I quickened my pace.

It was then that I realised that I had left my wand on the kitchen table in Grimmauld place. The panic began to intensify and my breathing quickened. My pace increased yet again until I would have been jogging if I had been going just a bit faster. I was halfway up the path now but this fact did nothing to ease the tension in my body. I felt like I was being watched. I turned to look behind me but I saw nothing. To my left – nothing. To my right – still nothing.

However once I turned back to the front I was sure that I heard footsteps on the gravel path behind me. I forced my breathing to slow as I gulped down one big lungful of air after another – there was no point having a panic attack or hyperventilating now if I was being followed. It was in that moment that I realised how stupid this was – I didn't know where I was or whose house this was and yet I just walked in here without thinking about the danger. Maybe it was my fault that me Ron and Hermione always found ourselves in trouble – I never think about the consequences just the actions. I promised myself that if I lived I would think things through thoroughly before I acted in future.

I was almost at the front door. A silver handle was in the middle of the posh black oak door. A curtained window was either side of it. I had just walked up the 3 marble steps onto the landing when I was thrown forward. I didn't have time to scream or even gasp as I didn't reach out in time to break my fall and my head made contact with the marble floor about a meter in front of the front door. My last thought before my world turned black was 'ouch'.

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