~The Big Question~

Booth was nervous. More than nervous, he was scared out of his pants. He was on his way to the local jail to talk to his partner and girlfriend's father and ask him for his daughter's hand.

He and Brennan had been dating for about a year now and he thinks it's time to take the next step, he knows she doesn't believe in marriage but he can't live his life without her and wants the whole world to know that she's his (don't let her hear that though, she kick his ass.)

When he arrived at the jail, he went past security and went to Max's cell.

"Oh, hello Booth, I wasn't expecting you is everything alright?"

"Hey Max, everything's fine."

"Are you sure you look like you're going to wet your pants."

"I'm just nervous about asking you something but I'm really fine."

"Well what do you need to ask me? Spit it out all ready."

"OK here goes. Max I am in love with your daughter; I came to ask your permission to marry her." He said relaxing a bit but palms sweating.

"Well what took you so long?"


"Yes you can marry her! I'm just wondering why you didn't do it sooner!"

"I didn't want to push her and I haven't asked her yet, otherwise she'd probably be here with me."

"Why'd you ask me first?"

"I want to do it the traditional way and I came to ask the best way to do it."

"Well I take it you know her favorite movie?" asked Max

"It's one of those old Claire Bonnel movies right?"

"Booth, I'm shocked, you don't even know her favorite movie?!"

"That's not it? Then what is?" Booth asked

"The Sound of Music" Max replied

"Really?" he asked shocked.

"Yes, when she was little she would watch that movie over and over again, acting and singing along. She told me that if she was ever to marry someone that she wanted them to propose under a gazebo like the Captain and Maria."

"Well I guess you answered my question. I had no idea she loved that movie so much, she never said anything."

"She wouldn't." Max chuckled.

Just then Booth's phone rang.

"Sorry hang on. Hello?"

"Hey Booth, it's me, where are you?"

"Hey Bones, I'm just out running a few errands, why?"

"Just curious. How long do you think you'll be?"

"I don't know, half an hour maybe."

"Oh, ok see you later then, love you."

"Love you too, see you later bye."

After he hung up he turned his attention back to Max.

"Sorry about that."

"That's fine, now what about the ring? Have you gotten one yet?"
"No, not yet why?"

"Well I've been saving this for the right man, so I guess I should tell you. I have her mother's ring. I think she would like it if you proposed to her with it."

"Thanks Max."

"Sure, here it is."

He slid the box over the stainless steel table and Booth opened it. Inside was a beautiful golden ring with her mother's birthstone in the middle: Ruby.

"She'll love this, thank you Max."

He stood and hugged the man.

"Well I'd better get going, see you around?"

"Absolutely, it was nice seeing you again Booth, take care of her and I'll pray she says yes to you." He said with a toothy smile.

"Yeah, bye Max."

As he walked out of the jail he felt as if 10,000 pounds had been lifted off his shoulders. Now he just had to get Bones to say yes. "This should be interesting" he thought.