Cold and Armored Hearts

Okay here's my first attempt at a Fairy Tail fanfic, 30 short fics filled with Gray and Erza goodness! Because lets face it theirs just not enough of them, and I just love the pairing. So with this being my first FT fic I look forward to you guys telling me if I got the character's down right or if I completely screwed up! I'm always looking to improve myself so give me your worst so I can do my best! With that being said;



The first time had been his own fault.

He had ran into Erza while she was out getting groceries, a favor to Mirajane, and since he had been on his way to the guild in the first place had decided to walk back with her. She had forced the single paper bag of groceries into his arms he rolled his eyes but didn't dare complain as they continued on their way. They walked at an even pace talking about nothing with easy going smiles on their faces.

From the corner of his eye he would watch when she would laugh lightly at something he might say and he couldn't help but think it a delightful though rare sight. She really should laugh more she looked kinda cute when she did. The thought had been extremely random and simple so he didn't pay it much mind. But as their walk progressed he found that his gaze would flicker to her lips more often than necessary and he found that his thoughts were becoming a little more complicated than he would like.

Finally the armored woman stopped her hands on her hips and a stern look on her face.

"Gray are you listening to me!?" She exclaimed angrily.

Gray stopped also; his eyes moving quickly back to hers "What?"

Her frown deepened "I was asking if you wanted to go on a mission with Lucy and Natsu? I've been getting low on cash lately and I know Lucy is always looking for a good job to pay of her rent so I was thinking-"

And she continued on with whatever it was she was saying but he was no longer listening. His gaze had returned to her lips and he found himself once again consumed with thoughts. Thoughts of feel and taste…and…

He didn't really give it much thought before he leaned in to press his lips firmly against hers. It shut her up effectively enough. He brought his free hand up to hold lightly against her forearm. She breathed in deep through her nose tensing up visibly her eyes wide with shock. Her mind running blank.

He slipped his tongue out to run lightly against her lips as a slight smirk formed on his. Soft and sweet.

And then came the pain.

She punched him sideways so hard he skidded half a mile down the road effectively crashing into a building with a loud crash!

He was knocked unconscious for a good two hours and poor Mirajane never got her groceries.


The second time he had given her more warning.

No one knew about the kiss. She hadn't told anyone (even Lucy) and he had kept it to himself as well. For a while she would only glare at him angrily with a light pink tint to her cheeks. But soon they fell back into their friendly role, placing the kiss far behind them.

Until one night when they were out late at the guild. The night was a little more rowdy than usual with loud music, heavy drinking, fast brawls, and easy laughter.

Erza was a giddy drunk and by now she was frivolous with the alcoholic drink. She sat with Lucy watching her wild nakama and laughing happily with her blonde friend. It was then that Gray made his way unsteadily toward them with an easy smile, no shirt and his pants hanging loosely on his hips.

He sat next to Erza banging loudly on the table asking (or more like demanding) for another drink. After his drink was brought to him he sat talking for a while with the two girls but when Natsu began arguing loudly with Gazille in what was sure to be another fight he would start that night, Lucy left to try to calm the two boys down.

Taking another drink from his large mug he heard a light chuckle from his side. Looking down at Erza he was met with a small smile, from a the slightly tipsy woman, she said

"Isn't that your fifth drink Gray?"

"Yeah, what of it?" He frowned. His words had come out slightly slurred, trying again he said, "What about you?"

Blinking she looked to the half empty mug that she held in her hands before simply saying, "Unlike you I happen to know my limits." She giggled before looking back up to him.

"Yeah which is why you're swaying in your seat right now." He said with a smirk.

She glared "I am not swaying!" she exclaimed unconsciously leaning in to him. A faint dizzy spell caused her to grab hold of Gray's arm in order to steady herself.

"Geeze how many drinks did you have?" She heard his voice close to her ear.

She looked up to find his face far too close for comfort.

Her glare intensified as their past kiss flashed in her mind. "What are you doing?" she hissed in a low voice.

It was at this moment that the Guilds lights dimmed and the members cheered loudly as another show began to start.

But the ice mage and the armored swords wielder were too caught up in each other to notice the excitement or the noise or anything else that happened to be going on around them at the moment.

It must have been because of the alcohol. That's why it was taking her so long to react to the fact that at this moment he was leaning in close eyes extremely sharp and focused for one who was supposedly on their fifth mug of ale.

"I'm not sure…but I think," he mumbled, his nose brushing gently against hers, "I wanna kiss you again."

Then he pressed his lips once again firmly against hers.

It went unnoticed by everyone in the guild as they all cheered and watched with rapt interest at the pretty girls who danced on stage.

Her mind was spinning and dizzy and without even noticing it she lifted her head up lightly returning the kiss.

Her reaction had both surprised and excited him which in turn caused his fatal flaw. He moved closer to her roughly pushing his tongue in past her lips.

Erza made a surprised squeak her eyes shooting open before she punched him again so hard he flew across the guild and crashed onto the stage. Bringing the show to a screeching halt as the girls and blasted pieces of the stage went up in screams and a loud crash!

They found Gray among the chaos unconscious, and Erza had left the guild in an angry huff her cheeks once again slightly pink.


Third time's the charm! Or so the saying goes… in this case it doesn't.

Lucy and Natsu walked through the town a few steps behind a hostile Erza and Gray. Gray with his hands shoved in his pockets an irritable scowl on his face while Erza had her hands fisted at her sides as always she walked tall and proud shoulders back and head held high the only thing different was her refusal to look at the dark haired man beside her. She also looked to have an irritable look about her.

Leaning in close to Natsu Lucy whispered, "Is it just me or have those two been acting strange lately?"

Natsu walked beside Lucy with his hands brought up to rest behind his head. He raised a brow lightly looking to her before raising his gaze up to rest on said couple.

"What do you mean?" he asked dully, not really seeing anything amiss.

Lucy glared "They've been arguing a lot lately and they're always so snappish now. Haven't you noticed it?"

Furrowing his brow Natsu realized that picking fights with Gray had become a lot easier than before.

Straightening up he called out, "Hey, what's been up with you two lately?"

Immediately the blonde and the fire mage were met with deathly glaring eyes.

Lucy froze feeling as if the temperature just dropped dramatically even though it was a beautiful sunny day.

She laughed nervously and loudly quickly saying, "N-natsu hey why don't you show me…that-that thing you were telling me about earlier!?" cried out the pretty blonde girl before running off with a frowning Natsu in tow.

Erza's brow twitched before she said angrily, "Great, now see what you've done!?"

"Me!?" scowled Gray irritably, "You're the one who's been acting like you got a pole stuck up you're-"

A sudden glare from Erza caused Gray to quickly shut his mouth.

Erza heaved a grudging sigh flipping her long dark red hair back before muttering the thing they had been tiptoeing around for the past two weeks.

"If you could better control you're hormones…"

Gray snorted, "You kissed back."

She bristled "Under the influence of alcohol!"

Their eyes narrowed as they stood glaring angrily at one another. "So you're saying that night had been a fluke?"

She gave a simple nod of her head "Yes."

Gray looked away from her for moment thinking before bringing his gaze back to her.

"Prove it." He said simply.

She blinked, "Prove it? How?"

He stepped closer toward her, "Let me kiss you."

Her glare was back full force and her face burned red but whether it was from anger or embarrassment they both were unsure.

"If there's no feeling behind it I'll leave it alone and we'll both forget this whole thing ever happened!" He said quickly hoping to avoid a beating.

Erza looked away from him also thinking before bringing a wary sideways glance back to him, "And if there's feeling behind it?"

He smirked "Then I was right." He said simply.

She brought her hand up to rest against her chin deep in thought for a moment. Then she looked around them at the nearly deserted street. Lucy and Natsu were nowhere in sight and everyone else seemed too caught up in their own thing to give the pair a second look. She bite her lip really thinking the deal through. Gray's eyes were instantly focused on her lips. He stepped closer; she looked up to him,

"Well?" he asked in a low voice.

Erza's gaze looked to his lips as he already began to lean in close. Okay so maybe she was a little curious.

"O-okay. But make it quick." She mumbled as he closed in.

Before his lips were on hers she heard him chuckle lightly muttering "Yeah, right."

His lips moved sensuously over her own and she before she knew it she was closing her eyes leaning into the kiss and her mind was slowly shutting down…until.

"Hey Gray, Erza! There's a guy around the block selling hot dogs you two want any!?" Came Natsu's happy but boisterous voice.

Again she punched him sending him crashing into the nearest buildings wall, clear through the building and out the other side and beyond.

Natsu was in hysterics, Lucy ran after where Gray was last seen flying, While Erza only stood slightly shaken her hands clenched at her side and her face carrying a raging blush.


Weeks after the incident things had gone back to normal. Gray and Natsu both still fought constantly, and Lucy complained about the rent and Erza…well Erza had been doing a lot of thinking lately.

Sure she was fine, but …it had been awhile. And Gray hadn't brought up the kiss at all. She had lost… She had kissed him back…yet Gray hadn't brought it up at all. She was just curious is all. He had been so adamant about the first three kisses and now he didn't seem to care at all. And she was just…curious.

So late one night when Erza and Gray left the Guild together she racked her brain trying to come up with a way to bring the topic up but when they came close to where they usually parted way's Gray was the one to say,

"You've been weird lately." In an even and nonchalant tone.

Instantly becoming defensive Erza snapped "Yes, well so have you!"

He raised a brow "How so?"

She lowered her irritated gaze down to the ground ahead of them trying to think up a good response, finally she said, "You just are."

He gave a slight snort but said nothing more.

They walked in silence before she muttered almost grudgingly, "You-you haven't brought it up."

He looked to her then saying "No I haven't."

"Well why not!?" she snapped stopping to look to him.

He stopped to but didn't really return her gaze saying "Every time I kiss you I end up unconscious somewhere only to wake up later suffering a major concussion." He shrugged carelessly, "It's cool, I get it. Let's just forget the whole thing alright." He said before continuing on his way.

Erza stared after him with an unreadable expression before blurting out, "I-I'm not used to that kind of stuff!"

Gray stopped turning to look at her with a dull look. It was her turn to ignore his gaze.

"I…Apologize…But I've never really done something…like this before…I suppose I got nervous and…panicked." She finished quietly.

He stared at her incredulous, "I make you nervous!?"

She glared, "Well maybe if you took things a little slower and gave me warnings before you do things like that I might not be so nervous!"

Gray continued to stare before a slow smirk made its way on his face. "Alright then." He said simply making his way back toward the armored girl causing her to tense visibly.

When he stood in front of here he said in all seriousness "I'm going to kiss you now."

Erza felt her face heat up but otherwise nodded.

He leaned in slow bringing up his hand to tilt her chin up she closed her eyes tight wishing the knotting in her stomach would go away.

He pressed his lips against hers softly before leaning in to press more firmly. Again his lips moved over her own with the skills of someone who has done this plenty of times before. She felt him place his other hand appropriately on her shoulder before running his tongue out against her lips. Her hands shook fisted at her sides as she stood unsure what to do. Gray made the decision for her pushing his tongue in effectively deepening the kiss exploring the young woman's mouth.

Feelings and sensations she was never before familiar with slowly began to build within her she gave a slight moan once again losing herself in the kiss.

When Gray pulled away from her he watched with slight amusement as Erza slowly backed away from him her eyes still closed still going through the kiss in her head. When she did open her eyes she didn't look directly at him and she blew a soft breath of frost out before blinking slowly as though in a daze.

"Th-that wasn't so bad…" she muttered finally, moving completely away from him.

He grinned, "Yeah it's even better when the ending result doesn't include waking up hours later in a pile of rubble."

She rolled her eyes, "I told you already, I was sorry about that."

Gray only smirked bringing a hand up to flick against her metal armor gaining a slight clanging sound and earning a glare from Erza. And he really should have known better but he just couldn't help himself asking, "Well now that you got kissing down. What do you say we get started on getting to second base?"

No sooner had the words left his mouth did Erza's fist fly up to connect to his face sending the poor boy flying to once again crash into some unknown building ending in a huge demolition disturbing the silence of the night.

Erza stormed off for home a scowl and a blush on her face the entire way.


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