Cold and Armored Hearts


Almost Perfect

With a loud gasp Erza sat upright in her seat. She awoke with a strong, urgent feeling that something was dreadfully wrong. Her pretty face paled and her eyes widened. It took no time at all for her to realize she was right.

The class turned to look at the red head curiously. Some students looked at her with worried questioning eyes; others looked to her in amusement with laughing grins on their faces. A few chuckles sounded throughout the classroom. A tall woman stood at the front of the class her golden hair just showing the first hints of grayness.

"I'm so sorry Erza, did my teaching wake you?"

A few more chuckles sounded as Erza's frantic gaze scanned over the students that sat watching her with interest. However she paused with a start when her honey brown eyes found Lucy who sat a few rows before her. She was turned in her seat worry creasing her brow. Without speaking her pink lips mouthed, 'What's going on?'

"Erza!" The teacher snapped returning the red head's attention to her. However something in Erza's expression must have rung some warning bells. The teacher's expression softened just enough for a glimpse of concern to leak though. "Are you alright?"

No, she was not. Erza took in a deep breath and sat up a little straighter in her seat. "Y…yes…I am alright…"

The woman held her gaze a little longer. Slowly the stern no-nonsense expression returned hardening her face into a dull glare. "Then with your permission, can I continue the assignment?"

A few whispers and more soft chuckles as Erza slowly nodded.

With a sad shake of her head the teacher returned to the board, "So as I was saying: Of Mice and Men. You all had two weeks to read the book so I'm assuming we're all done. If you're not done; get done. I want a three page essay written on your thoughts of the relationship between George and Lennie and your take on the other characters. Who are they? How do they help move the story along? What do you think they represent? I want this done and on my desk by Friday I also want-"

The teacher's voice became a droning background noise as Erza lowered her gaze away. She tensed and almost let out another gasp. A sudden chill ran down her spin.

Sitting atop of her desk was a manga. It was titled 'Fairy Tail Vol 1'.

Between the periods of fourth and fifth Lucy angrily complained, "Ms. Bessett is so rude! I can't believe her and that disgusting mocking tone of hers uhg! She makes me so mad! She should have had you go see a nurse!" The blonde was leaned casually against her locker all the while she tapped and swiped through her new Samsung Galaxy S-5.

Erza unsure of the device Lucy held in her hand softly stated, "That would have been unnecessary. I am fine."

"No, you're not." Lucy spoke obviously. "You've been acting weird all day."

"Has she?" Questioned Natsu as he turned his gaze from out his locker to take a look at his pretty friend, "Hey Erza, maybe you're just feeling a little wacked out from the McDonalds we had for lunch. Mine did taste a little funny."

Erza blinked slowly, "Mc…Donalds…?" What or who was that?

"You guys went to McDonalds for lunch?" Came Levy's voice gaining the three's attention the bookworm was doing a light jog down the hallway, "You know that's not good for you right!" She called as jogged past her Hello Kitty backpack bouncing on her back as she went along.

"Thank you!" Lucy cries in exasperation, "Finally someone agrees! Levy will you please come and talk more sense to these two!?"

Levy laughed turning so that now she did a slow backwards jog to her destination, "Sorry! I gotta get changed for gym! See you at book club after school!"

"See ya!" Lucy called back before turning back to give Natsu and Erza scolding looks, "You know they don't even use real meat for their food right?"

Erza furrowed her brows, "Then what do they use?"

"Exactly!" Lucy smiled at her friend before going back to her cell phone.

"Well whatever it is it's alright in my book!" Natsu proclaimed loudly.

"You just said it made you feel funny." The blonde countered never taking her eyes from her device, "So you can't really say it-!? Oh my god! You guys, guess who just favorited my tweet on twitter!? Bruno Mars! He liked my tweet about his concert!" The blonde was practically jumping up and down with joy her face bright with excitement.

Erza forced a smile feeling more confused than ever. Bruno Mars?

"Remember the concert we went to last weekend Erza!? I tweeted about how awesome it was and he faved it!"

"That's so great!" Natsu cried with loud fake enthusiasm, "What happens next!? Do you guys get married!?"

Lucy scowled, "Shut up Natsu! You're just jealous!"

"It's probably just a Bruno Mars poser. Do you know how many Twitter accounts are under his name?"

"Your face is Bruno Mars poser!"

"Your mom is a Bruno Mars poser!"

"Um excuse me…?" Erza gently intervened instantly gaining heated glares from Natsu and Lucy who had been in each other's face, "I apologize for this but…what is a Twitter?"

"Exactly!" Natsu says in exasperation while Lucy gaps at her.

"Oh my god." She says as she quickly makes her way to her friend placing a hand on her fore-head, "How many double cheese burgers did you have?"

Erza tried unsurely to answer, "I…I don't-?"

"Hey Pinkie!" Cried Gajeel from down the hall, "Heads up!" Suddenly a football was thrust coming towards the trio at an alarmingly fast rate! Lucy squealed in fright cringing against Erza who held her friend tight against her. The red head closed her eyes to the inevitable collision of the foreign object the ball stopped just in time from making contact with Lucy's head by Natsu's sudden catch.

Glaring angrily Natsu called out, "You almost hit Lucy! Do that again moron and I'll bust your head through a locker!" And he gave a hard throw sending the football back to Gajeel. A teacher suddenly walked out of his office just before Gajeel, a coffee in one hand he looked up just in time to meet the flying football head on!

Natsu tensed as the hallway flooded with laughter, Gajeel took off laughing hard "Maybe if you threw like that during the game we might win sometime, idiot!" he made sure to flip off Nastu on his way. The pink haired man paled, "Craaaaap!" He looked to Lucy, "You alright?"

With a little more pink in her cheeks than she would like to admit she nodded looking to Natsu with wide eyes.

"Good than I'm outta here!" He took off "I was never here!" He called back as students continued to laugh some calling out "Run, Natsu, run!" Others kneeled before the poor teach to see what could be done for help before the nurse arrived.

Lucy timidly moved away from Erza the red head looked to her with concern, "I believe it is my turn now to ask if you're okay."

Lucy gave a breathless chuckle, "Yeah sure." Her smile pulled a little firmer, "Chopped down by a rouge football. What a way to go, huh?"

Erza smiled, "It was good that Natsu saved you just in time."

The blonde looked to her shoes her face glowing red again, "Erza…I'm so sorry I know I sound like a broken record. We've talked about this over and over but do you think that Natsu…?"

The red heads smile pulled a little higher, "How funny…the worlds are similar in some ways…"

Lucy looked to her with confusion, "What?"

Erza flinched, "Err…I said…well I-I mean I really am no expert on love but…he cares for you. He's risked his life more than once to save you." Erza gave an adoring smile "He is one of the few people I trust as are you. It is my greatest wish to see you both happy. And I truly believe you both would be if you were together."

Lucy's face was bright red now, "Geez Erza, why don't you tell me how you really feel!"

Erza furrowed her brow, isn't that what she had just done?

Twirling her hair idly with her finger Lucy spoke, "Since when did you get so deep? Natsu has never saved my life…but he is always there for me." She looked to Erza and smiled, "Although in a way… that may be the same thing."

Erza returned the smile. "And anyway," Continued Lucy, "How could you say you're no love expert? You're the one with a boyfriend."

At that Erza's smile dropped. Boyfriend?

"Me?" She pointed to herself quizzically.

Lucy snorted, "Right, cause no guy wants to go out with the cheer-captain."

The red head blinked, "Cheer-captain? Do you mean me? I am a…captain of sorts?"

Lucy gave a long incredulous look not sure what to make of these questions. Erza suddenly said, "Oh! Right of course! Cheer captain! That's me!" she laughed nervously. Lucy slowly smiled with uncertainty, "Sure you didn't bang your head or something?"

"I was joking Lucy, of course I am the captain of cheering."

Lucy nodded slowly, "Ooookay. Well I gotta get to class. Economics, here I come." She cringed a little, "Wish me luck."

Erza smiled, "Good luck!"

Once Lucy had left Erza noticed that she was practically alone in the hallways, just a few straggler students. Her smile slowly fell away and a hardened glare darkened her features.

There was talk of a dark Sorcerer named Markolious. Every town he went to he left behind a string of disappearances and then weeks later his victims would be found. As if the fear, paranoia and grief left in his wake weren't enough the bodies that were discovered were unimaginable even for the worst minds of horror. The corpses would be thin, shriveled lumps of what was at first a human body. The bones would be brittle, the skin like pale flakes and the organs looked like raisins. The cause of death was unknown.

At one point word on Markolious's whereabouts were given, and the King sent his army out after him. However when the soldiers reached his lair they found it deserted with bodies littered about. There was however one lone survivor. He was thin and malnourished and a few days more he would have suffered the same fate as many before him. He was able to give off a description of Markolious and tell of the horrible demise that so many had fallen prey to.

Upon his statement all were surprised to hear the survivor say in a weak and rasping voice, "It actually was not all that bad." He was obviously delirious from the tremendous torture he had endured. But weeks later when he was in a better frame of mind, eating and looking less frail he still held true to his earlier statement upon his rescue.

"I know how close to death I was." He explained, "And I thank you for saving me…but I must say…had I have died in that dingy cabin It would have been the most perfect death. I knew not of the horrors that took place to me because the whole time I was in capture I was in a dream world. A perfect world where all you ever wanted came true…so much different from here…" He trailed off a faraway look in his eyes, "It was beautiful. The dream I mean…a part of me wishes…a part of me wishes…"

He never finished the sentence and he never spoke of the ordeal again. With the survivor's description and statement wanted posters were sent to nearly every region of the country for Markolious's head.

When the flyer for the sorcerer's bounty had reached Fairy Tail Erza was the first to grab it.

It took a while for Erza to find her way out of the large school. Once out in the parking lot she took note of all the new shiny cars! So much different than the rare buggy's she saw at home. She turned to look at the building she had emerged from.

Saint James Private High School.

It read just above the large double doors.

School. She was at a school…she supposed that made sense.

She doubled over placing her hands on her knees suddenly feeling nauseous. Markolious had her.

This was it. The dream world the survivor had spoke of. Erza stood up and looked over herself. She had on a white blouse and a blue plaid skirt matching the uniform the other female students wore. No armor, but more importantly no sword.

How did she wake up? She had to find out quick or there would be nothing for her to wake up to.

She groaned running a hand through her bangs anxiously. Why had she chosen to go on this mission alone?

She remembers her last day at the Guild and Gray's worried face as she made her announcement that she would be leaving for a mission on her own the next day.

He had asked more than once if she would like back up but she had declined.

'You sure you'll be okay?' he had asked.

'Of course Gray.' She had replied frivolously, 'I'm always okay.'

He rolled his eyes, 'Alright little miss high and mighty…just promise that you'll come back in one piece? Promise and I'll drop it.'

'I promise.'

"Promise what?"

Erza tensed realizing that had not been part of her memory. She turned and was met with a frowning Gray. As the rest of the boys Gray wore a simple button up white shirt and blue slacks a backpack hung casually on one shoulder.

Erza stared with wide eyes, softly she replied, "No-nothing…I apologize I had not realized I spoke aloud."

He furrowed his brows, "Why aren't you in class?"

She opened her mouth to speak then thought better of it. She looked to the school building then back to Gray, "I…I'm leaving early."

At this he gave a powerful look of surprise, "You!? You're ditching school!?"

Erza simply said, "I've learned enough for one day."

Gray laughed at that, "But you always hound me every time I skip out early. What about cheer practice?"

She firmly replied, "Something more important has come up."

Gray smirked. And it was as smooth and calculating as the real Gray. Erza tried not to think too much of it as her heart raced just a little faster.

"Such as?"

"It's personal." Was her easy reply before moving to brush past him but he turned and caught her hand making her pause.

"So personal you can't even share with your boyfriend?"

Her eyes widened before turning to look at Gray in shock. "You!?"

He glared, "Gee thanks!"

"No! No, it's not that! I-I just mean…us," her face warmed up, "together…? Why are we…?" She lowered her head giving this some thought.

A perfect world where all you ever wanted came true…

She shook her head and yanked her hand from his. That was nonsense.

"We are not together!"

Gray huffed rolling his eyes, "Are you breaking up with me again!? Is this because I didn't take you to see 'The Fault in Our Stars'!? It's a freakin' chick-flick! Take Lucy!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" And with that she turned on her heel and began her angry Erza-the-Titania storm away. Not that anyone here would know about that.

She suddenly paused. She had no idea where she was going.

"Erza." Gray called back out to her. She could hear the annoyance in his tone and it made her bristle, "You do remember I'm the one who drove you to school right?"

Erza closed her eyes and breathed in deep. Her anger was reined in but only for the moment. Her right hand clenched and unclenched…she wished she had a sword in it.

"So…you wanna tell me what's going on?" Gray asked as they cruised down the highway heading towards the suburbs.

Erza gawked at the radio as B.O.B's Airplanes sounded throughout the car. She liked the music but could not figure what an airplane was.

Gray looked at her then noticing that she wasn't paying him any mind he reached down turned the radio off. Shrouding them in sudden silence, Erza's gaze flashed to him, "I was listening to that."

"Well listen to me." He snapped making Erza glare, "Some people at school say you've been acting weird today…"

"I'm fine Gray."

"So you keep saying. I noticed you haven't even touched your Twitter account today."

Her brows furrowed, what the heck was a Twitter!?

"Not that it matters to me but you and Lucy are on that thing like it's a freakin' life support."

Erza could not think of anything to say to this so she simply shrugged. She looked out the passenger window and saw that they were now crossing a bridge. Large boats the likes she had never seen glided over the murky waters. She then noticed that the speeding view began to slow. She looked to Gray and noticed he was pulling off to the side of the highway.

Erza's brows furrowed as he placed the car in park.

Looking to her he then asked, "Then why are we suddenly not together anymore? If I'm getting dumped I deserve a right to know why."

Erza sighed, "Please Gray you wouldn't understand."

He raised a brow, "Try me."

"I can't explain. It would sound too crazy. I just need to get home to figure things out."

"Not until you talk to me. I want to know what I did."

Erza frowned, "You didn't do anything."


Erza crossed her arms turning an upset gaze out the passenger window again. She once more watched the boats sail.

Softly she spoke, "We're not supposed to be together."

Gray allowed that to sink in before slowly, unsurely countering, "But we are together."

She returned his gaze with a sudden anxiety wanting to tell him the truth; that none of this was real but the words died away in her throat. He was watching her with an intensity that she was all too familiar with. It was the same intensity he had when he was out training in the snowcaps. Just him and his element. He loved the cold. That intensity that emerged whenever he trained made it painfully obvious. That intensity was trained on her now.

Gently he spoke, "Erza, I love you." She tensed her heart slamming and her face bloomed.

"Y-you can't say things like that!"

"Whether I said it or not it wouldn't matter cause you already know it's true." He replied simply, "You're the only girl I know who can build me up and then tear me apart." A light smirk met his features, "Sometimes I…I think you do it for sport. Like now."

Erza lowered her blushing face away, "No. That is not true."

His voice was closer now, "Then tell me why you're breaking up with me.

"It's not real." She spoke in a barely there whisper.

His hand cupped her chin ever so slightly before raising her gaze up to meet his own. She was all too aware of their closeness. She shifted uneasily but otherwise held her ground.

"I couldn't hear you." He spoke lowly.

Her honey brown eyes searched his unsurely before she softly asked, "Do you…really love me…?"

His brows knitted together. "Wow…it's almost like you didn't know." He leaned in closer, "I've always loved you Erza from the day we first met."

Her heart swelled in her chest. How long had she wanted to hear that? How long had she imagined those exact words on his lips…?

Gray reached a hand up and tucked some of her hair tenderly behind her ear.

"Gray…" She held her gaze firmly upon his before softly confessing, "I love you too."

A smile pulled on his lips and the faintest hint of relief met his features. "Prove it." He said in a teasing cocky way that made butterflies multiply in her stomach.

She lowered her blushing features away, "Would you think of it rude for me to…to kiss you?" She spoke in a quiet voice, the last part barely audible but Gray was still able to make it out.

His smile grew "I think it would be rude for you not to kiss me."

Erza felt her lips pull into a small smile at that, she looked to her boyfriend before shyly moving in. Gray made no movement as she leaned in all the way. He kept refrained until her soft lips met his in a shy and timid touch. He then raised a hand to touch gently to the side of her neck as he also leaned in adding pressure to the kiss. His lips moved over hers in an enticing caress soon taking over the kiss and Erza was all to glad to hand the charge over to him. His other hand moved to place innocently against her waist as he made to deepen the kiss breaking past the barrier of her sweet lips. Erza returned his growing fervor as best she could, leaning further in. She placed a hand on his shoulder and the other went to rest behind his neck. The hand the young man had placed against her waist moved up her side just to the curve of her breast before sliding down her side again.

Her whole body warmed and every where he touched seemed to leave a path of electricity. She shifted in her seat trying to lean over onto the driver's side of the car as Gray's hands traveled behind her back trying to help her move closer. The clumsy and impossible task caused Erza to momentarily lose her balance breaking from the kiss she fell a little far to the side and in doing so quickly brought her hand down to catch her folly. In doing so her hand quickly grasped at Grays upper thigh causing the boy to jump slightly her hand grasping so close to sacred area. An area that was rapidly growing to attention. Erza heard him groan a little and she looked to him feeling very foolish. "Oh…I-I apologize!"

Gray smirked, "Not a problem." He said in a rough tone.

Erza raised hooded eyes to him and she was aware of her deep uneven breathing. She swallowed trying to calm herself down but then Gray's hands were on her again holding firmly to her waist. This time he allowed both hands to slide up her sides but he stopped just at the swell of her breasts. Erza held incredibly still her breath stopped in her throat.

His gaze bore into her own and he softly spoke, "This…this moment right here; this is perfect."

Erza smiled down at him but it was small and not all the way complete. Perfect. Why did that word bother her so much?

A perfect world.

It's what the survivor had said…and that's not all he had said…

It would have been the most perfect death.

She was dying. Right now at this very moment in her world…she was dying.

Erza's eyes widened as she slowly backed away from Gray, his longing gaze turned to confusion and worry, his luring touch fell away, her perfect world suddenly shattered.

"Erza what's the matter?" he questioned upon the complete one-eighty of his girlfriend, "Erza babe talk to me what's-?"

"It's a dream world…" Erza spoke softly and suddenly with realization, "It's not real, it's not-!" Like a ton of bricks it hit her! She reached out and grabbed Gray suddenly by the shoulders, "Gray! It's a dream don't you see!? I'm asleep in my world and need to wake up!"

Gray stared at her with wide eyes, "Umm…alright…sure. Listen Erza I think we should get you home so-"

"No, no you don't understand," Erza cried in her ecstatic state of knowing what must be done. She quickly opened the car door and made her way out on the side road of the highway. "All I need to do is wake up and I know how to do it!"

"Whoa, whoa!" Cried Gray quickly getting out of the car to make chase, "What are you doing Erza wait stop!"

The red head had rushed to the bridges edge and climbed up the railings.

"Erza, stop! Stop, Erza what are you doing!? Please get down!"

"Don't worry it's not real!" Erza cried with each hand holding onto thick metal wires that helped make up the highway's bridge.

"Erza this is very real!" Gray spoke cautiously slowly making his way toward his girlfriend, "Now please get down! You might hurt yourself!"

Honey brown eyes looked down to the murky depths below, "The only way to wake yourself from a dream…is by dying in the dream! I jump and then wake up for real!"

"This is not a dream!" called Gray and Erza looked to him having heard the fear in his voice, "This is real life! If you jump you just…die that's it!"

Erza shook her head, "No…no I'm very certain this will work!"

"And if it doesn't!?"

But there was conviction in her voice, "It will." She stated firmly more so to herself than to Gray.

She leaned forward and her hold on the metal railings slacked and Gray cried out "NO! STOP!"

Something had changed in his tone. It wasn't fear or worry any more. It was pure anger.

She turned and her lips parted in silent surprise.

Gray stood there with the rest of Fairy Tail. Most of her friends wore their Saint James uniforms. Some older members wearing business suites or more casual clothing.

Lucy pleaded, "Please Erza! Just stay here, it's exactly like home only you're not out fighting demons and god knows what else! We're all here see!"

"Come now," Elfman cried wearing a body builder muscle shirt and gym shorts, "This is ridiculous! Here things are much simpler. You could be so happy here Erza!"

Lisanna smiled looking adorable in her Saint James outfit, "No one ever has to leave or get hurt."

Laxus crossed his arms wearing a powerful looking business suit and a blue-tooth headset in his ear, "That's right. The real world sucks! Things never go the way you want them to. Can you honestly say that you're happier there then here?"

Erza slowly began to shake her head.

Gray moved closer, he smiled handsomely, "Here, we can be together. Just like you always wanted."

Her face warmed lightly at that, "I…but if I stay…I'll die…"

Master Makarov laughed he wore jean pants and a shirt that read 'Pull my Finger!', "My dear! Everyone dies at some point. And in staying you're few short days of life out there will feel like a lifetime here. There will be no pain, only happiness."

Natsu smirked, "You can't get a better deal than that!"

Wendy wore a school uniform as well but hers was more different being a full dark blue dress that she wore to her Junior High School. "Erza it'll be so great! You'll even get a family. Like a mom and a dad!"

Her honey brown eyes widened, "Family?"

"Yeah!" Continued Wendy, "Brothers and sisters all that jazz!"

"No shitty orphan back story for you." Said Gajeel, "No pain about being a slave, having to escape loosing an eye. No way. You have a good life here."

Gray moved another step closer, he rose out his hand as an offering, "We'll have a life together. It'll be perfect."

Erza looked to Gray's offered hand. She could take it, climb down off this railing and build a life here for herself. A perfect beautiful life…her gaze raised up to look over the smiling faces of her Nakama. Inviting and adoring.

Slowly…uncertainly she reached for Gray's hand.

She could stay. She could do it…but then…but then…

Her hand retracted. She leaned back allowing her weight to fall on the heels of her feet. She careened back, back, and further back. Gray made a grab for her but missed. Her feet left the railing and for a moment nothing supported her as she dropped backwards from the bridge. Gray's pale disbelieving face was the last thing she saw. He looked to be screaming but the boat that passed under the bridge just as she was falling, let out a large bellowing horn and that was the last thing she heard.

Her body crashed onto the boat with a sickening thud.

With a loud gasp Erza Scarlet woke up in a dimly lit cave. It was moist and a foul order of death claimed her senses. Slowly weakly she sat up her back ached from being on the rock hard ground for…who knows how long but it must have been a few days cause her stomach ached and she was filthy. Slowly the Great Titania made her way shakily on her feet. Beyond a few corpses she was able to locate her sword and god it felt good to hold it again.

The cave had different tunnels all lined up with lamps to see. Down one tunnel she heard what sounded like a faint sucking noise. She followed the sound to its source which happened to be an old man wrapped loosely in a dark cloak. Markolious stood over what looked to be a boy of fourteen. The boy glowed a golden color the golden hue seemed to pull from the boy's body to the old man who stood over him.

Erza stared angry and horrified.

'He slowly drains away the essence…the human soul.' She thought, 'And I was probably going to be dessert.'

Her grip tightened against her steel, as she stormed toward the sorcerer no longer caring for stealth. The old man quickly cut his meal short at the sound of advancing armor and he looked up in horror to find a menacing Erza before him. Upon seeing his face the redhead realized he was more monster than human. He was shriveled and his skin was a pale greenish color.

"No! No stay back!" he cried backing away but there was nowhere to run.

Erza angrily sneered, "You're first mistake was bringing me here, your second mistake was playing with my emotions, and your last mistake was not killing me when you had a chance you son of a bitch!"

Her sword sliced through him like a warm knife through butter.

Erza didn't make it home till about a week later, she had to regain her strength before she could make the journey back to Fairy Tail. However the town's people were so grateful for Erza they offered her to stay permanently. She of course politely declined.

Soon she was back in her hometown and back at the Fairy Tail Guild and soon after that she had relayed her entire story to Lucy.

Lucy stared wide eyed at the impossible tale's end. "Erza…" She spoke softly her eyes glistening with unshed tears "I should get Aquarius to give you a thorough spanking for even considering staying!"

Erza lowered her head guiltily, "I know…it's just that…you should have seen it. The world was unimaginable. And I…I had parents…" Erza finished wistfully her honey brown eyes full of wonder.

Lucy huffed feeling some of her resentment fading and trying to be understanding, "Did you get to see them?" She softly asked.

Erza shook her head sadly, "There was no time. I had to leave as quickly as possible."

Lucy stood from her bar stool and moved to Erza and gave the red head a good long hug which Erza readily returned.

Pulling away Lucy said, "You know we're your family, right?"

Erza smiled, "Of course."

The two best friends shared a smile and Lucy retook her seat, "So," She said lightly, "Will you be telling…?" She trailed off here but her brown gaze wandered to where Gray sat talking with Gajeel about one thing or another.

"Don't be ridiculous, Lucy." Erza said in a low unhappy tone.

Lucy returned her gaze to her, "You want him." She stated simply causing Erza to blush.

When Erza made no reply Lucy continued with, "That's why you had him while you were under Markolious's spell."

"I had him there because I can't have him here." Erza slowly spoke as she watched Juvia make her way through the guild to where Gray sat. Gray looked up to her and gave an adoring smile before they shared a quick kiss.

Erza looked away going back to her half full bottle.

Having seen the scene herself Lucy said, "You should tell him."

Her response to this was a stern, "No." from the red head.

Lucy watched the armored woman for a moment before asking "I don't get it. If that world was so perfect, if you're not even going to take a chance to have him here then why did you come back?"

Erza sat up before tucking her hair behind her ear, "Because I promised him I would." she said gently before taking a drink from the bottle before her.

She looked to the blonde and smiled, "Besides…that world wasn't completely perfect. There Fairy Tail was only a manga. Here it's real."

Lucy returned her smile but before she could say anything else Gray showed up over her shoulder looking to Erza with a disapproving frown, "Well, well, well look who finally decided to come home."

Erza smirked, "Gray, you are looking well. Nice to see I don't always have to be around to babysit you."

He furrowed his brow "What!?"

Natsu suddenly popped up from behind Erza, "Yeah well that's because he had Lucy looking after him. You know he can't watch out for himself he's like a freakin toddler!"

"I don't think anyone was talking to you fire breath!"

Erza shot both the boys a warning glare, "Enough both of you!"

Lucy laughed, "Yeah you guys shut up! Erza was just about to tell me what a Twitter is."

At this both boys looked to her with strong confusion.

"A…Twitter?" Gray asked running a hand through his dark hair, "What the heck is that?"

Erza smirked at her Nakama, "Exactly!"


I know, I know the characters are a little too old for high school but this is an alt reality story so stick with it. I had wanted to add so much more and play around with this story but alas. My time is limited. -_- As of right now I am open to ideas for future chapters, I have a few but I feel they are not that great. Graza fans let me know what you would like to read. Till the next chapter.