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"Okay that's the last time you're going to bloody beat me Harkness!" Owen yelled, "One more time, if I lose I'll…..Do what ever you want"

"Really? Whatever I want?!" Jack smirked, rising an eyebrow, "Hmmm, you are really competitive aren't you"

"Just play will ya," Jack handed Owen half a pack of cards; both of them laying them face up, opposite each other. Jack looking quite smug after the last couple of games, having won every one of them.

Both of them where on their last card, Owen gently placed his card on the top of his deck.

"SNAP!" Jack yelled, slamming his card on the table, "Ah-AH! I win Harper! Ha!" Jack jumped up and pointed at him laughing.

"How the hell do you win?" Owen said looking confused. Jack punched the air for victory, and then cards came flying out.

"Oh-ow," Jack said nervously, stepping back. Owen stood up, looking furious.

"You cheated!" Owen shouted, pointing at him, angrily, he pulled up his sleeves and started walking towards Jack, who was moving to the back of his office.

"Owen, it's just a game you know," he said scared, stumbling over his feet backwards.

"All that time, you bloody cheated," Owen stepped forwards slowly, not daring to blink, "I'm gonna KILL YOU!" He leapt forwards, darting a punch at Jack. He quickly dodged it and sprinted for the door.

"GET BACK HERE HARKNESS!!" Owen yelled, chasing Jack down the stairs from his office.

"Snap again?" Ianto asked Gwen, handing her a cup of coffee. She nodded and burst out laughing; Ianto rolled his eyes and walked off.