"You know, Mr. MacLeod", Leo said, opening a cola bottle, "That really sucks."
Leo was one of the teenagers MacLeod trained in a fencing group in the nearest school, just to keep busy. Boy's parents were in the middle of divorce case now, and he didn't have anyone else to complain.
"Mom doesn't want me to see Dad, and she keeps telling me those terrible things about him… I mean, they can be true, but he's still my Dad, isn't he? And I feel that I betray Dad when I start believing Mom, and I feel that I betray her when I go to see Dad, and I don't want to choose, and…"
MacLeod nodded. Strange, but he really understood the kid. During his own adolescence there was no such thing as a divorce, yet Leo's emotions were so familiar… Why? Realization suddenly dawned, and Duncan choked on his juice. Seeing Methos and Cassandra as a divorcing couple and himself as a son they were trying to divide… It was a little beyond his sense of humor. Though he must admit, there was some truth in that picture.
"You okay, Mr. MacLeod?"
"Yeah, kid, sorry. You're right, Leo, that really sucks."
'I just hope your parents aren't trying to kill each other…'