Chapter 2- What?

(Not based on real events this is fiction) (wISH IT WASN'T)

It was 10:00 am; Zac and Ashley sat at a local restaurant called "Bacon and Eggs" and ate breakfast.

"So are you excited for the big premiere in a couple weeks" Zac asked taking a bite of his eggs.

"Yeah, I still can't believe it's over, you know? It feels like yesterday we tried out and now we are about to do a premiere" Ashley replied.

"Yeah I know it's unbelievable" He agreed.

Ashley opened her mouth to say something but closed it suddenly changing her mind.

"What's the matter?" He asked curiously.

"Oh, nothing, Just stuff on my mind"

"Like what?"

She sighed then studied his face for a second before speaking.

"Well I have a question, and I'm not sure how to word it."

"I'm sure I could figure it out"

"Okay well, look…umm, Listen we have been friends since like forever right?"


"Yeah, and I was just wondering-." She paused and took a deep breathe before continuing.

"I was wondering if you could tell me, what's going on with you. You've been distant lately, is something wrong?"

"Umm, no" He lied, badly.

"Come on Zac you know you could tell me"

"There's nothing to tell"

"Fine if I tell you my secret will you tell me yours?"

"Yes" He agreed

"So you do have a secret" She snickered

"Oh man how did you do that? That's not fair!"

"I have my ways" She grinned and finished off her breakfast. "So tell me"

"The deal was you tell me yours"

"Okay, well. I kind of like this guy-"

"Do I know him?" Zac interrupted.

"Yes, and we hang out a lot and I just need your advice on how to proceed" she stuttered.

Zac smiled. "Maybe you should tell him, and he might feel the same way back…."

"Well………. It's your turn" She chickened out.

Zac took a deep breath and pierced his lips, "I like this girl too, but I don't know how she feels about me"

"Well, sounds like someone needs to take there own advice….tell her"

"I think I will….." Zac paused then grasped her hands and stared into her brown eyes. "Ashley… I want to tell you something"

"What is it?" She asked her voice as low as a whisper.

"I- I- like Vanessa"

What? She thought. Vanessa, but- but.

"Really- Vanessa" She managed to slip out between gasps.

"Yeah…What's the matter, you look like you've seen a ghost"

"Um... it's nothing, we just need to hurry. The flights soon"

"I guess your right…." He left a tip and stood up before leaving.


Ashley was fully packed; she sat in her room waiting for the car to arrive.

She slid her hand into her suitcase and pulled out her journal. It was a fluffy pink material, with ribbons and a purple lock, "Ashley" was spelled out on the front in jewels.

She grabbed a pen then pulled it open and began to write:

Dear Journal,

Zac doesn't want me anymore, or at all. He likes Vanessa now. As much as I want to just go up to him and beg him to want me…. I can't because he's my friend and he trusted me with his secret. He had enough faith in me to ask for help….I guess that's better than nothing. I don't know how I'm going to hold up when they make kiss faces to each other…. All I want is Zac. Is that so hard to ask for? Why can't just this once I get the guy. Vanessa Gets everyone… and as much as I want to keep them away, I know I'm just betraying there friendship.


Status (Hurt)

Zac's Room

Zac lay across his bed staring at the wall.

"How could I lie to Ashley like that" he thought. "How could I be such a – such a chicken"

"But I guess, it's expected…Seeing how she likes some guy. I wish it was me. Maybe I would've known if I wasn't such a chicken"
"Man I'm a chicken….Maybe she did want me. That would explain her reaction"

"But maybe she was just shocked. I guess it's normal. But why was I such a chicken. I didn't want Vanessa. I mean, she's hot but for some reason I don't feel for her the same way I feel for Ashley"

With Ashley

Dear Journal,

I know I just wrote like four entries but I've made up my mine. I won't try to win him. I won't try to ruin everything. I will make everything better; I'll even set them up. On a date, when we get back, that's perfect. I'll call the restaurant now.


- Status (denial)


"I know what I'm going to do, I'm going to get off of my lazy butt and tell her the truth. That's it I got to stop being a chicken" he thought jumping up and almost running to Ashley's room.

He took a deep breath then knocked on her door.

"Come in" She shouted tucking the journal back into her suitcase, and hanging up her cell phone.

He opened the door. "Ashley I have something to tell you"

"So, do I. I've just made reservations at the Roseau Monte's in California for you and Vanessa. All you have to do now is make the move" She explained.

What? He thought .What is she thinking?

Oh! She thought. What am I thinking?