Alice's lips pursed, watching Jasper's serious gaze on the other side of the room intently. Lately, Jasper had been incredibly serious - more so than usual. Of course, Alice's high spirits refused to stand by, watching him with this cloud of despair and uncertainty hanging over him, coating every particle of air that radiated off, around his still form. There was no visible story behind it, no apparent way for her to help him. She wasn't seeing any images, as much as she'd been concentrating, urging herself to just see something that she might be able to use to help him. There were no images that could explain the reason, or even anything with a slight relevance to his mood. There was nothing she could say or do to allow him to open up to her, and this very nearly destroyed her. There was something she could try to do, though, and that was just that; she had to try.

In less than a second, Alice had flitted to stand in front of Jasper, head no higher than his chest. One of her pale hands reached forward to touch his arm.

"Jasper...", she murmered, the usual cheery tone of her voice replaced by that of a much tenser sound. Alice also knew Jasper had been aware, still knew precisely just how anxious, worried she had been over the past few days, and those feelings only grew stronger with each passing moment.

Jasper's eyes had been locked on the blank wall across the hotel room, but they eventually looked to Alice's at the sound of her anxious voice, not that he couldn't already feel the emotion radiating off of her. Jasper's lips turned up into a half-smile, and he lifted his hands to let one rest on Alice's shoulder, the other on her cheek.

"Relax, Alice", Jasper told her, tone comforting, but he could tell the words had not helped Alice's in the least bit the moment they had left his mouth.

Alice slowly shook her head, sighing an unnecessary breath. Her small figure returned to where she had been standing before, and Jasper's hands fell silently to his sides. Wide eyes scanning the very ordinary hotel room, Alice struggled to contain her feelings, emotions. Normally, she would've been listing things in her mind that she would have improved on if she were the one that had designed the small room. Different colors for the carpet, different textures for the walls. Their 'vacation' had been Carlisle's idea, and of course, Esme agreed to his theory, anxious as well to have Jasper back to his normal self. It was a given that Alice would feel better as soon as Jasper did, another factor that made Esme want them to do everything they could to help Jasper. Of course, Jasper often tried to lift her mood, but even with his gift, it was impossible. Jasper meant far too much to Alice for her to be happy when he didn't feel the same way.

Alice's eyes remained locked on the plain mahogany color of the carpet as she took a seat on the red-and-white-sheeted bed, struggling to come up with anything. Anything at all. Alice was the one that her family depended on for answers, security, safety. Whenever she couldn't see the future, she became immensely frustrated. But this was Jasper. Her soulmate. The only being on the Earth she would ever feel anything for. And yet, she couldn't help him at all. The amount of frustration she felt now was indescribable. As the level of despair increased, Jasper tensed. Alice closed her eyes, taking a fistful of the sheets into her hands. She felt so.. useless.

Jasper was the most important thing to her, and yet she was coming up empty. With that thought, the feeling of anger, frustration and stress increased once again. Not having realized how easy the fabric was to tear, she felt small rips through the seams in the fabric in her grasp.

Suddenly, in the next moment, Jasper was kneeling in front of her, her hands in his tight grasp.

"Alice!", he murmered urgently, hands tense around hers.

With that, Alice's eyes fluttered open again, watching him.

Jasper's face was serious, eyes determined as they burned into hers. In the next moment, Alice realized part of the reason why. Slowly, she felt the space around her linger into a calmer, soothing set. But that wasn't enough. Not even close. Her eyes stayed locked with Jasper's, half of her mouth turned down into a frown.

When Jasper sighed, looking down, Alice knew he'd realized it hadn't had any effect on her. The seconds their eyes remained down were timeless. The seconds dragged on, but eventually Jasper's eyes met hers again. Now, they reflected something different though. It was pain. Alice flinched at the sight, hands moving to take his in hers instead of the previous set, the other way around. Slowly, Jasper moved to sit on the edge of the bed beside her, turning so his body faced hers.

"I'm sorry, Alice", Jasper frowned, placing both hands on her shoulders again to shift her so she was more facing him.

Alice tried to refrain her gaze from resting upon his face, was afraid to find the expression that might be lying there - the same expression he'd been wearing for the past couple of days. Her wide eyes fell to the floor, and she felt Jasper's hands tense on her shoulders.

"Please?", Jasper asked, and his voice caused Alice to lift her eyes to his. His sound burned with intensity, passion. Alice suspected he was trying to use his gift again, but that suspicion faded as soon at her eyes met his. They seemed to burn into hers with limitless intensity as they remained locked with hers as he gently ran his hands down her arms, resting at her hands where his eventually held hers. Alice's thoughts had been scattered in that moment - a rare occurrence for her, and it took her a few seconds to reassemble them again.

"What?", Alice asked gently, almost in a distracted mumble. Her defense had clearly dropped.

"I need your help", Jasper replied, and Alice felt his hands tense around hers.