Me: This is not my book. It's my story, my plot, and my… uhh… life? Do I own that? I think so.

Ms. Marvin: What?

Me: Forget it MM. You just fail.

Ms. Marvin: What?

Me: Yeah.

Ms. Marvin: Bye Kaitlyn.

Me: What?

Ms. Marvin: HAHAHAHA!!

Me: Oookaay. Right.

Ms. Marvin: Guess what! GUESS WHAT? GUESS WHAT!?!?

Me: What?

Ms. Marvin: I'm moving my finger.

Me: Uhhhuh. Lets just let them read the story drabble thing, ok?


Me: Ok. You do that.

*Ms. Marvin trots off to write her fanfic idea*

Me: Ok. You. Read. NOW!

The Stars

The tree was ancient, gnarled, tired, rough. It's leaves murmured with the warm summer breeze. Fireflies danced along with the gentle

gale, swimming through the air. Below the tree, grass rustles with the sounds of small animals which it dutifully concealed from prying

eyes, which would swiftly take their lives to fuel their own. The circle must continue. Their was a gurgling brook swiftly moving around the

Oak, cooling its roots, giving it life. The stars glittered down, like eyes watching a play, some looking, aghast at what was happening, some

greatly disapproved. But the older, wiser stars looked down on the scene before them, knowing that love this true was likely to be passed

by in life, and that the two below had perfect chemistry. Below the massive oak, two figures sat, as different as the sun and the moon, yet

the same two were admitting to their ever burning love for the other. The stars, having seen what they had been sent to see, faded, their

task fulfilled. Beneath the tree, the stream gurgled with animated pleasure. The leaves rustled with their intense approval, and the crickets

and birds chirped with joy. The sun rises, slowly taking its time, turning the world golden. The two below the tree took no notice, too

engrossed in the others eyes. The sun continued to rise, casting its loving gaze on the new day, and knowing it would be good.

Me: DRABBLES RULE!!! Mah drabble, I has a proud. *teartear* Please review! All feedback is good. Incase you didn't get it, it's Artolly, with mild non-AxH fan bashing. Young stars. Hahaha. I don't care for flames, but they are tolerated. This is a oneshot. No more shall be written. No begging. Shanks for your amazing, inspiring reviews! Because I know their coming, at least, they better be *evil laugh*.


Me: Happy now?

Nico: Very. *Smug*

Special thanks to my awesome beta, Emerston Alfalfa. You rock hard Emmels! Also, the above disclaimer is an actual conversation my friend and I just had. We are that weird. It was on the phone too, that just seems to make it weirder for me. Same for you? Or am I a loner?