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The winds lead a rippling parade across the sunlit field. The emerald grass swished, and

swayed in time to the winds song. The leaves on the trees softly murmured the lyrics.

Artemis had returned to Tara, where he had admitted to his awful lie, and where

something else had almost happened. He remembered her exact words; "What if I'm

stuck like this? That wouldn't be so bad, would it?"

God, she had practically said that she had loved him! If only- No. No 'if only's. It's in the

past, many years ago. But that didn't stop him from thinking about it . . . about her. That

was why he was here today, if he was being truthful to himself. Their was something far

down, deep inside him, that knew how he would have answered that question.

"No, Holly," He murmured softly, into the wind, "I wouldn't have been bad at all."

The wind carried his words down to E1, Tara. There, a petite elven major had given

herself a surface job near Tara. She thought, for a moment, she had heard the answer she

had wished so dearly to hear in the past. The wind was victorious. Having fulfilled what

it had been sent to do; it slowly faded into a light breeze, then nothing at all.

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