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In the Soul Society there are those few individuals that have managed, one way or another, to make a name for them selves that will transcend even the countless decades of time. Whether it be Toshiro, known for being the youngest Captain ever, or maybe Urahara for his mad scientist-ny-ness... Others may have gained their titles because of a class or a family, like Byakuya of the Kuchiki family. Nobility has its perks. But then there are those that have not one name, but two. Of course the one of witch we speak of is none other than our very own, beloved/ hated, and for those of you that are scared shitless, Yoruichi Shihoin.

So it was that Soi Fon, on a particularly laze day, that our diminutive Captain was struck by a thought. An inspiration if you will. For it was she that discovered that her personal Goddess had in fact, two nicknames. Well, more like one nickname with duel meanings. Now Soi Fon being the smart little girl that she is had a theory. Her theory was that Yoruichi was given the name, for obvious reasons, but was almost positive that Yoruichi didn't know the REAL meaning behind her nickname. After all, Yoruichi was oblivious to Soi Fon's feelings much like Ichigo was oblivious to Orihime's... But that's another story that I won't write. And so, Soi Fon set out on her journey to test her theory.

As she came threw the gate she was greeted by her charge, in cat form, laying in a sunspot on the front porch.

"Ah, Soi Fon! What brings you here on this fine day? Miss me already?" The cat teased with her usual catty grin.

"Actually Lady Yoruichi, I came here to ask you a question."

"Kaa! What's with the lady stuff again? I thought we were past that?"

"Ah yes, well, forgive me, ah, force of habit, ah… Yoruichi? Do you know what your nickname means?" The Cat lifted its head in question before hoppinng off the porch, padding softly to sit in front of her protégé.

"I've course I know what my nickname means. I am the master of Shunpo after all!" The cat replied smugly.

"I'm not questioning that Yoruichi, but what I'm wondering about is, are you aware that your nickname has shall we say… a dual meaning?"

"Dual meaning? I don't follow." Yoruichi's ears dropped to show her confusion. Soi Fon took a deep breath as she thought of how she was going to explain this. So far her theory was proving to be true.

"Well. You do know what else the word FLASH can mean… right?"

"There's more than one meaning of flash?"


"Like what?" Her ears had perked back up in interest as she sat expectantly, waiting for her to explain.

"…" Oh dear. "Well, flash can also mean to… expose suddenly?"


"What I'm trying to say is that you're not the Flash Master for your speed but also–" Soi Fon was cut off abruptly as Yoruichi stood, murder in her eyes.

"Not the Flash Master for my speed!? How dare you! I have one nickname and one name only!" There was a poof of smoke as the once black cat changed shape to a beautiful, dark, naked, nymph. Yoruichi stood proudly and flashed a pose. "For I am… Flash Master Yoruichi!"

Soi Fon just sighed. "Yes you are Yoruichi. Yes you are."