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"What do you have for me?" Lady Gyokumen Koushu asked the scientist in front of her.

"I've developed something that will be of great use to my lady." 'And quite entertaining for me.' Ni Jianyi added in his mind as he smirked.

"Well? What is it?" the lady asked with a arrogant smirk.

"The effects are quite interesting ma'am. But I do believe that a demonstration would do better than an explanation." Ni smiled.

"Fine." Gyokumen smiled. She called in a male servant and told him to stand in front of Ni. The servant eyed the deranged scientist nervously.

"No need to worry, now. This wont hurt you a bit. The most you'll feel is just a tiny burning sensation." Ni smile did nothing to calm the man. He pulled out a syringe filled with a liquid that was swirling with gold and silver.

The servant twitched as the needle was pressed into the side of his neck. He didn't feel anything at first but as soon as the needle was pulled out, empty, a tortuous burning filled every pore of his being. Every atom screamed with agony as he felt his bones start to shrink. It was as if the unholy fire in his very core was making him wither into himself like an ant caught under a magnifying glass. His scream filled the large room, followed by the sound of crying.

Gyokumen Koushu watched in amazement. Ni Jianyi never failed to impress her. "For the Sanzo ikkou?" she asked breathlessly.

"If you wish ma'am." Ni grinned.

"Choose one of the assassins, have him carry some darts filled with the potion. Tell him to conceal himself while the others fight. When the moment is right have him hit them with the darts. The Sanzo ikkou wont be nearly as much of a problem when their like that." she smirked motioning to the servant.

"Of course." Ni bowed as he went out. He motioned to a second servant that was outside the door. "Remove the infant from the ladies presence. I doubt she enjoys him crying in there." the servant rushed to obey. Ni just grinned as he walked down the hall. Things were going to get very exciting very soon. Ukoku couldn't wait to see the look on dear Kouryuu's face.

**End Chapter**

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