Chapter 8: The Mad Sorcerer, Oza.

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It had been another week and Sanzo was finally getting to the town at the base of the mountain. For some reason the chibis hadn't been getting on his nerves as much as before. It wasn't like they had stopped doing any of their annoying things which led Sanzo to think he was just getting used to them like this…damn.

"Daddy, we go ou-side an play?" Gojyo asked. It was a sunny day and all three of the kids were about to burst from riding in the jeep for so long. If they had to stay in the inn room that Sanzo had just reserved they would literally explode.

Lucky for them Sanzo had to go outside anyway. It wasn't like this Oza guy was just going to come to the inn. And Sanzo wanted this to be over with. "Fine. We'll go outside." Sanzo answered. The chibis all gave happy yells, or at least Goku and Gojyo did. Hakkai simply clapped.

Sanzo led them outside and they all ran around happily. Sanzo went to the nearest local to ask for directions to this Oza's house. "Excuse me. Do you know where a man named Oza lives?" Sanzo asked a young woman.

"You're looking for Oza? Why on earth would you do that?" the woman asked, causing Sanzo to curse nosy people.

"I was told he could help me with something." Sanzo glared.

"Oh, okay. Well there's a path over there that will lead you strait to his house but let me warn ya. Oza is a little bit insane. He might say some pretty weird things." the woman explained.

"I'll be fine." Sanzo reassured. He thanked her and turned to find the chibis. They were all playing with a stray cat that had wandered up to them. Sanzo marched over and snatched them away from it. Not quick enough for the chibis not to be covered in cat hair. He let out a sneeze. "Damn it." he grumbled as he scratched his nose.

He set the chibis down away from the cat. "Don't play with disgusting animals. If you're going to pet something pet Jeep." he scowled at them. They all nodded. "Now come on. We're going to visit someone."

They followed him obediently as he started walking. They had been getting a bit batter at doing what they were told. "Who we are vis-ting, daddy?" Goku asked, looking up at his daddy.

"Someone who can hopefully fix what happened to you three." Sanzo looked down at him.

"Oh." Goku said, deciding that going to pick the flower growing on the edge of the path was more important then the conversation.

The path that led to the house looked as if it wasn't used very often. There were roots and branches that littered the road and offered many obstacles for small children to trip over. Sanzo was doing his best to help the kids. Hakkai and Goku needing the most help of the three. There was a thump from behind Sanzo and he turned to see Gojyo sprawled out on the ground.

"Are you alright, kappa?" Sanzo asked as Gojyo pushed himself up.

"Yes. I trip over damn stick." he glared at said stick.

Sanzo turned, starring at Gojyo and hoping that her hadn't just heard the one-year-old say what he thought he said. "What did you say?" he asked.

"I trip over damn stick." Gojyo looked at his daddy, wondering what was wrong.

"Gojyo, you don't say damn." Sanzo ordered, glaring.

"But daddy says it." Gojyo said, tilting his head to the side, confused.

"That's because I'm an adult." Sanzo snapped at the baka. Probably angry because he was forced to acknowledge the fact that he was a pretty bad influence. The priest decided to push this little bit of insight into the back of his mind and continue on.

The four walked about half a mile before they came to a clearing. In the clearing was a small hut that did even have the right to be called a house. They all approached the house when Sanzo heard a loud yell from behind the hut. He raced around it to see an extremely old man yelling into the forest.

Sanzo walked up to stand beside the man who he presumed to be Oza. The old man didn't seem to take any notice of his visitors. "Get off me lawn you damn kids! I don't want to be bothered! Leave me alone!" he yelled into the trees.

"Oza?" Sanzo asked, giving him an odd look. Oza turned to look at him. The old mans face was lined with more wrinkles that one would believe possible. His hair was white and slightly wispy. His eyes were a bright gold that were quite a bit lighter than Goku's deep amber orbs. He wore black pants and a black shirt.

Oza's eyes slowly focused on the confused priest and he blinked in surprise before shouting, "It's JESUS!!!!!"

Sanzo was so startled by this that the only thing he could even think to say was, "Wha?"

"Jesus you have to help me! Can you get these kids off my lawn?! Please?! All they do is stand there all day long like a bunch of trees!" the old man growled the last word as he pointed at the forest.

"My name is not Jesus and those are trees." Sanzo pointed out. Kanzeon just had to point his to this lunatic didn't she.

"I know. Standing there all day…its unnatural." Oza frowned, glaring at the trees that seemed to be his problem.

"…Right. I'm here to ask you to make an antidote for these three. Those two are supposed to be twenty two and that one is supposed to be eighteen. Can you fix them?" Sanzo asked, trying to keep a firm hold on his patience.

Oza turned fully towards him once more and starred up at him. He took a deep breath and yelled, "I DON'T WANT YOUR GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!!!!!"

Sanzo's patience died a swift death. "ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME YOU DAMN GEEZER!?!?!?!?"

"Of course I am young man. No reason to shout." Oza said as if he were a perfectly sane human being. "Now you say they should be adults? Well that is a problem. Come inside." Sanzo followed, making sure the chibis came along. The inside of the hut was much larger then one was led to believe when looking at the outside. However it was extremely cluttered. Antiques and tons of books littering every surface. Oza pushed some miscellaneous items off a chair and invited Sanzo to sit. "So tell me what happened."

Sanzo explained the entire situation to Oza. The elderly man listening intently. When Sanzo was finished, having been interrupted a few times by the chibis getting into things that they shouldn't, Oza adopted a thoughtful look. "Hm. I see. You have a hard battle coming boy. I can change them back but it will take a few days."

"Is there any way you could make it a bit faster? We're in a bit of a hurry." Sanzo asked impatiently, wondering about the hard battle that the old man had mentioned.

"Patience boy! The potion I will make is extremely dangerous! If I do one thing wrong it could easily make their heads explode!" Oza exclaimed.

"…That's not very comforting." Sanzo commented.

"No, I guess its not." Oza said thoughtfully.

"So how many days will it be?" Sanzo asked with a sigh. He was actually relieved that it would only be a few more days until his idiot companions would be back to normal.

Oza turned to look at Sanzo dead in the eye. He stared at him for a full minute before his eyes widened fearfully and a halberd appeared in his hands from nowhere. "Get off my lawn!" he shouted, swinging his halberd at Sanzo. The priest barely managing to dodge.

"Get some sanity you senile bastard!!!" Sanzo yelled back as he continued to dodge the weapon.

"Who are you?! Why are you in my house?! Get off my lawn! I DON'T WANT YOUR ACORNS!!!!!" Oza continued screaming.

Sanzo finally snapped and pulled his fan-o-doom. He quickly beat the old man on the head. Through all of this the chibis had been laughing uproariously.

"Ow! What do you think you're doing?! Hitting an old man on the head. You need to calm down, boy." Oza rubbed his head.

"I could stay calm if you would stay sane!" Sanzo exclaimed. This was starting to be a very big pain in the ass. That damn "merciful" goddess had said that he was a little off. Sanzo didn't thing he was off. This bastard was miles away from any kind of sanity.

"Listen well boy. A goddess comes from wind. A vengeance on her shoulders. Dark threads of lies and insanity weave her hatred. Cut the ties and expose the truth. Do it. For if you do not she will destroy you." Oza said in a dark tone, his wrinkled face taking on a somber and almost young looking appearance.

Sanzo starred at him with wide eyes. It was a voice of prophecy that the man talked in and the words rang of truth. "Are you going crazy again old man?" he dared to ask.

"No. And I'm not old." Oza said, his voice becoming light again. "Now get out of my house Jesus. I'm not Christian and I don't want any cookies."

"…Right. You are going to remember to make the potion right?" he asked. It seemed like there was a good chance the old man would simply forget this important task.

"And who are you?" Oza asked. Sanzo gave a long sigh.

"Genjyo Sanzo. Kanzeon Bosatsu sent me so that you could change them back to their actual ages." Sanzo explained through clenched teeth.

"I know that. Jeeze. I'll have it ready in three of four days." Oza said airily. This entire meeting was exhausting Sanzo.

"Good. I'll be leaving now." Sanzo stood up and motioned for the kids to follow him. Oza followed them out and promptly went back to yelling at trees.

As Sanzo walked back to the inn he couldn't help but think about what Oza had said. 'A goddess comes from wind. A vengeance on her shoulders.' 'What does it mean?' the priest wondered, shaken from his thoughts when Hakkai took his hand. The green eyes toddler smiling up at his daddy around his thumb. 'I guess we'll see.'


Kage continued watching the blond man. He didn't treat the children particularly bad. He yelled a lot and threatened often but he never struck them. And the children seemed to adore him. They called him daddy and were constantly trying to get him to play. He never would but every night he would tell them a story. Reading out of a book that she had seen the little golden eyed brunette bring him.

The man was always trying to get them to sit down and be quiet. But all in all to Kage's eyes he seemed just like a stressed single father. 'I'm so confused.' she thought as she watched him tuck the kids into bed. He always tucked them in even though they all ended up in his bed by morning.

She recalled what Ukoku had told her. 'He wont seem to be overly cruel to the children. He may even seem to care for them. Do not doubt that it is an act. He is part of a heathen religion and disguises himself as a Sanzo. He goes by the name Genjyo Sanzo. He needs to be destroyed, song bird.'

But as she watched him read there was a…softness in his eyes. Barely visible and very well hidden. 'It's the same look your husband used to wear when he looked at River.' a cruel voice spoke in Kage's head. She had always thought her husband had loved their son. She had been proven wrong.

"I'll not weaken in my resolve. No matter if it does look like he cares. I wont be fooled again." she said out loud with finality. "Tomorrow."

**End Chapter**

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