The Nightmare Before Christmas 2

Another Trick or Treat

'Twas a long time ago,

Longer now then it seems,

In a place you might have seen in your dreams,

For the story you heard has already been told,

In the holiday worlds of old.

But now just for you,

Something big and new,

For the first story was great fun,

But this story is not yet done,

It's only just begun…


What Happen After?

You know what happened at first, and it was the biggest mistake Jack ever made in his life, trying to take over Christmas. It hurt his friends but also himself and he almost lost the one person who love him for him, but all was saved after our hero found himself and save Christmas and Halloween and open his eyes to see that he had loved that one little rag-doll, too.

The end, right. I don't think so, because after a beautiful wedding of cobwebs and skulls in the city hall and Sally was pronounced to be the new Pumpkin Queen. The couple thought of settling down and wanted to have a child but seeing as it was highly impossible for a skeleton and a rag-doll to have a child and they only had one other option and that was to go see the mad scientist...Dr. Finculsnine .

"Hello... Anyone here?"

"Oh Jack, lets not bother him. He is a busy man and I think he still hasn't forgave me for running off with you."

"Nonsense, he still likes you and must of forgave you. He was the one who walked you down the aisle at the wedding and that gift he gave us, well I think the plants haven't looked more dreadful, don't you think (the doctor gave the couple a machine that makes any house plant look like hell, it's Jack new favorite toy)."

"I guess your right."

"Aren't I always."

Sally put her hands on her hips and looked at Jack. Jack then realised what he said.

"Ummm... Don't answer that. Come on, you and I have wanted a child for so long and I think were ready, don't you?"

"Yes, but..."

"Then it's settled." Jack went and looked at his wife, who still looked uneasy. He took her hands and kissed her forehead. She knew by his smile that everything would be OK, but he smiled last time and looked what happen then, but she couldn't help it. She love Jack and whatever happen to him, she would help him get through it all. That is why they loved each other because they would always be there for each other and that is a kind of love that can never be broken and as the couple were having a "lovey dove" moment, someone was at the door.

"Excuse me, but if you are done,then can I ask... what do you want?"

"Ummm....oh, it's you Gloria, yes,we would like to see the Doctor, please."

"Yes, Pumpkin King, please come in you two, I'll tell the Doctor that you are here."


Gloria walked out of the front room and up the stairs and slammed the iron door. That told the couple that Gloria was now going down to the lab, to where the Doctor spent most of his days. Gloria was a real character. She was the Doctor's second creation after Sally left. She looked just like the Doctor but female and also taller and she could walk. The Doctor made her so she really didn't have a free will and did everything she could to make the Doctor happy but after having her for two months, he found out that he made her the same way he made Sally and everyone want to know why she hadn't left the Doctor like Sally did, and what she said next surprise everyone because what she said was that she was in love with the Doctor and would do anything for him. So, now the girl lives with the Doctor as the assistant and they don't really show any love emotion but once in a while the Doctor will do something stupid, just to see her smile.

Now, Gloria is a good soul and all but one thing that she does that really is a nuisance for Jack is that she always calls him..."Pumpkin King". No one, not even the Doctor knew why she calls Jack this and also something else that they can't be explain is that Gloria calls everyone by there real name but it's just Jack that gets a special nickname. Why? Who knows but as Jack and Sally waited for the Doctor. One thing was on Sally's mind and Jack could tell.

"Sally, what's wrong?'

"Nothing, but, it's just...."


"Do you want a boy or girl?"

"What! Is that what your worried about?" Sally nodded. "Oh, come here." Jack opened his long arms and embraced Sally with a boney hug and kissed her head. "Now, boy or girl, you say. Hmm, well, it doesn't really matter to me."

"But seriously, if you had to choose, what would it be."



"Then I want a..." All of a sudden a voice came from the staircase.

"Ah yes, the young couple, how can I help you?"

"Hello, Doctor. Yes, we have made our decision."

"Oh, is that so. Well, what is the answer, a yes or a no." The Doctor asked as he 'rolled' down to the couple.

"It's a y-yes, sir."

"Well, well, well, it's none other then, , our new Pumpkin Queen. I didn't see you behind Jack."

"S-sorry, sir."

"Don't be afraid,my child. I'm not mad at you, like you think."

"H-how, did you know about that. I only told Jack about that... outside."

"When I'm the one who created you, I'll always know what your doing." The Doctor said with a smirk. Sally went and hide a little bit more behind Jack after that comment.

"So, what is your answer?"

"It's a yes, yes we would like to have a child. So... can you do it?"

"My boy, I could do this in my sleep."

"And your sure that this child, will act like a real child."

"Yes, he or she will grow like a real child and have a heart like a human."

"But, Doctor what about the the child have any characteristics from us?"

"I'm glad you asked Jack, please come this way."

The Doctor "rolled" over to a door that Sally never seen before.

"New door, right Sally. Yes, I added this part when you asked me about this kind of work. Down here is where I have been studying on how I could make this all possible and also all of the failed attempts."

"Failed... Attempts?" Sally said, now was a little bit worried about this but Jack went and held her close to him to ensure that everything would be all right.

"Yes, they are right here." The Doctor opened a box and inside were moving but dead deformed children. Sally screamed and tried to look away but could stop staring at the monsters of hell living in the box.

"Doctor, please!" Jack said hiding Sally's eyes from the beasts in the box. "Please close the box, at once!"

"As you wish." The Doctor said as he close the box of failed children. When the door was closed, Sally dropped to the floor in tears. Jack can to her side, to comfort her. While the Doctor went deeper into the lab.

"Sally, are you OK?"

"I can't do it, Jack, I just can't!" When I saw those...those children, I thought, 'What if that happen to us? What would we do? Tell me Jack, what would we do?'"

Jack stop Sally at what she was going to say next and then he cradled her head in his hand and wipe away the tears. They then went and looked into each others eyes for moment and ended the moment with a kiss.

"Don't worry about it, because we will get through this... together."

"Jack, Sally, if your done, can you please come down here."

"Ummm...yes sir."

As Jack and Sally got up, Sally stayed very close to Jack and tried not to look around the lab, so that she wouldn't have another episode like the last time. They walked down what was like the longest halfway in history and at every table was something more terrible then the last. It smelled like every chemical known to man was being set off. Once and a while Jack would have to hold Sally because she would get dizzy because of all the different deadly fumes, but it didn't bother Jack at all (seeing as he is dead).


"Sally, are you OK. Are you getting sick because we can leave or talk to the Doctor somewhere else in the house or... are you have second thoughts about this?"

"No, none of that. I'm just trying to picture what our child would look like."

"Well, the Doctor really hasn't got to that part yet. All I know is that I hope this child will have some parts of us, that when people see him or her they can say very proudly... 'That's Jack and Sally's child.'"

"Your right. Thank-you Jack." As Sally went in to give Jack a hug, she hit some kind of test tube and it went crashing to the floor. Sally notice but Jack didn't. So, she turned around and picked up the pieces of glass and put the pieces on the table but when she turned back around... Jack was gone. Sally, now wide eyes looked into the darkness of toxic fumes for her husband but he was not to be seen anywhere. Sally, trying to stay calm and started to walk, she didn't know if she was walking straight or in circles, all she knew was that she want to find Jack as soon as possible. The walk was going good but Sally found out that she couldn't talk (probably because of inhaling all those toxic fumes) As she walked she could hear someone or something behind her. She would turn around every minute she had to see if someone was behind her and the last time looked behind her to make sure she wasn't being followed, when she turned back around again. All she could see were black lips and red eyes and it said something in a small voice...

"Are you lost...Miss. Sally?" Sally trying to scream but couldn't. So, she just ran into the dark mist of the lab. She could hear the feet of that...that thing running behind her and it kept saying her name in that voice...

"Miss Sally, Miss Sally, please come back, all I want to do is play. Please stop running." But Sally didn't listen and kept on running but maybe she should have listened because when she went and look to see if that thing was behind her and it was gone, but turning back around all she saw were those red eye and that voice saying...

"I told you not to run." Sally, trying to screamed but couldn't ran and took a wrong sharp turn and ran right into a table and must have hit her head off the table because next thing she knew was that she was on the floor and her head felt heavy and her body felt cold. The last thing she could see was that thing standing over her and saying...

"I told you not to run..."