Authors Note

Hey Everyone,

So earlier today I was on Youtube looking at some different videos that people posted about Jack and Sally having a daughter. There was Jamie and Joan and Judy but I think Jaclynn should have her own video. So that is why I am sending this message, it's going to be a contest. If your a fan of my story, draw me a picture of Jaclynn or Luke or the two together, anything you want from the story! I will pick the best ones and make a video and post it on Youtube. I will hold this contest till the end of this month, July 2010. To send me your works of art e-mail me at . Make the subject be "Jaclynn's Drawing Contest 2010". I hope you guys will try out for this contest. Please keep reading, sorry for no new chapters lately but reviews do help. Thanks for your time at reading this. And thank you again but without you, the fans, this story would not continue on. :)