Ignoring the concerned look that David was giving him, John got up from the hospital bed and slowly moved towards the wheelchair that was waiting to wheel him out of the hospital.

"Mom said to stay in bed until she got back from the nurse's station," David protested as John slowly gripped the wheelchair. "She and Grandpa Sullivan are gonna get mad at you."

John shrugged and shivered, "David, do me a favor and go see if there's any jackets or anything in the closet," he said in a tired voice. "I'm feeling kind of cold with just a t-shirt..."

David nodded and moving over to the closet, he opened it to find a skimpy hospital robe, "There's nothing in here but a little robe," he said as he turned around and saw that John had moved away from the wheelchair and sat back on the hospital bed. "Hey, John, are you okay?"

"Just tired," John replied in a faint voice as he lay his head back on the pillow.

David looked down the hallway, "Do you want me to get Mom?" he asked.

"No, I'm fine," John replied as he closed his eyes. "Just gonna rest my eyes for a minute."

In actuality, John was thinking about Ellie and how it was all his fault that she was taken.

He was severely tempted to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night and go to Coney Island, where Edward would most likely be waiting to finish him off, like he deserved.

However, with his mom and Grandpa Sullivan around, John knew that chances of him being left alone were severely low because of his unstable health. He also knew that with Ellie missing, his mother and grandfather would want to keep him and David as close to home as possible.

"John, sweetie, are you all right?" Danielle asked as she walked back into the room with a small bag in her hands that contained something that Bosco had bought for John in the gift shop.

Not wanting anyone to think he wasn't ready to go home, John opened his eyes, "I'm just resting my eyes, Mom," he said in a tired voice as he sat up. "Being sick took a lot out of me."

"I know," Danielle said in a gentle tone as she moved over to the bed and placed the bag on his lap. "While I was bringing you back up here, Officer Boscorelli went to the gift shop and got you something that he hopes will help you to feel better...He got called to go back out on duty, so he asked me to bring it upstairs for you to wear out of the hospital...It might be a little big, though."

John opened the bag and pulled out a light blue hoodie with a zipper, "Wow," he said as he stared at the hoodie and how nice it was. "Officer Boscorelli didn't have to get this for me, Mom."

"Sweetie, Officer Boscorelli wanted to do something nice for you," Danielle replied. "Do you want me to help you get it on? It's kind of cold outside today."

John shook his head and slowly put the hoodie on over his t-shirt, "Mom, does this have anything to do with the face that you and Officer Boscorelli were kissing in my hospital room the other day?" he asked, wondering if the cop had bought the hoodie for him out of guilt.

Surprised that John had heard her and Bosco, Danielle gave John a look, "It's okay, though, you know?" he said. "As long as Bosco doesn't beat the crap out of you, it's okay to like him..."

Danielle sighed and gently mussed John's hair before looking at David, "David, can you help me get John into the wheelchair?" she asked her youngest son. "Your grandfather is waiting downstairs...The police also want to talk to you about what happened at the school.."

"I don't wanna talk to the cops!" David whined. "Cops freak me out."

As he rose from the bed again, John shot a look at David, "You'll talk to the cops, little brother," he said in a gentle, but very firm tone. "Just because I hate cops, doesn't mean you're allowed to."

With a sigh, David nodded and watched as John walked over to the wheelchair, "I may have diabetes, but I'm not made of glass," he said as he sat down. "David, get the backpack."

David grabbed the diabetes bag from underneath the bed and placed it on John's lap, "Okay, I guess we can go downstairs now," Danielle said as a nurse entered the room.

John was silent as a nurse wheeled him from the room, but every so often he would look at David, who looked more than a little bit annoyed about having to talk to the police.

It didn't take them long to take the elevator down to the ER, where Sully was waiting at the desk and listening as Faith talked with a stressed looking Maggie. Upon seeing that Danielle had brought John and David downstairs, Sully whispered something to Maggie and smiled at John.

"Ready to go?" Sully asked, trying to keep his voice light so not to freak John out.

Danielle gently rubbed John's shoulder, "We're ready, Dad," she replied in a soft tone. "Are you sure you don't mind putting us up at your apartment? You don't have to go to the trouble."

John and David exchanged a look, "I thought we were going home," David commented.

"Well, I talked with your grandfather and going home doesn't seem like a very good idea, considering all that's happened," Danielle gently explained. "Until I can find us a safer place to live, it's best that we stay at your grandfather's apartment...it's the best thing for now."

Sully cleared his throat, indicating to the boys that the discussion was over, "David, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a few minutes about what happened at the school," Faith suddenly said. "I already talked with Mrs. Davis about it, but I need to talk to you."

"Faith, can we do this back at my apartment?" Sully interjected. "That way, both Danielle and John can rest and it's a less formal setting...A nine year old doesn't need to feel like a suspect."

Faith thought for a minute and then nodded, "I'll follow you in my car," she said.

It bothered John that everyone seemed to be avoiding the subject of Ellie around him, but he didn't feel comfortable enough to voice his concerns in front of his grandfather or mother, as they would think he was either not feeling good or suffering from delusions.

While Danielle focused her attention on John and David, Sully and Faith exchanged a look with Maggie and then watched as the nurse wheeled John towards the exit doors.

As they walked out of the hospital, Danielle made a note to contact an old friend...from Miami.

The coldness of the warehouse was really getting to Fred, but he ignored it, "Eddie, when are we going to go to Miami?" Fred asked as he saw Edward standing in front of a locked door.

"My contact should arrive at any minute to prepare the girls for their journey," Edward said in a dark tone. "I have a friend in Miami that is going to be at the airport to transport the girls to where Stewart is waiting...The word is that Clavo picked up a Miami sweetheart to join the party."

Fred was silent for a moment and could hear crying on the other side of the door, "I can't believe it, those little brats are STILL crying like babies," Edward scoffed in a disgusted tone.

There was a creaking sound and footsteps, "Edward, are you here?" a dark voice asked. "Bernie paid for me to come up and collect some toys that are to be sent to Miami?"

Hearing the little girls referred to as toys, Fred felt sick that he was involved in this situation.

"Actually, they need to be calmed down before being put on a plane," Edward replied in a smooth voice. "I assume you brought some drugs to put the little beauties to sleep for their journey?"

Edward pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the door, "They're in there, Savarrio," he hissed. "I need to talk to Fred, but you come and do whatever you need to do."

Dr. Savarrio came out of the shadows carrying a doctor's bag, "Excellent," he said, smiling. "I'm eager to see my new patients...I'll have them nice and quiet for the flight to Miami."

"Fred, let's take a walk," Edward said as Dr. Savarrio entered the room and closed the door behind him. "I need you to do something for me before the journey."

Edward and Fred moved away from the room in silence, "I need you to go to Coney Island and leave something there for my demon spawn to find," Edward hissed as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small envelope that was bound to a digital camera by a rubber band.

"How do you know JT will actually go there when you told him to?" Fred asked as Edward handed him the items. "From what I've heard in talking to Emily, he just got out of Mercy today."

Fred sighed; he hadn't meant to use his daughter to track JT's movements, but Emily seemed like the easiest way to get anything done. He just played it up as a concerned father and it worked.

Fortunately for him, Emily had been at school on a spare when he called, so nobody else knew that the conversation had taken place. He had asked Emily not to tell her mother about their talk.

"JT will come, that boy is a pile of walking guilt," Edward reassured him. "Not only did he have a messed up childhood, I also have a reliable source that says JT got into some trouble in Miami."

Fred nodded, "I'll go take care of it right now," he promised as he moved away.

As Fred left, Edward grinned to himself; this could be pulled off and Fred could take the fall.

Ignoring the looks they were getting from on-duty personnel, Bosco and Ty exchanged a look and continued to wait for whoever summoned them to come and greet them.

Ty had been talking with Carlos, Holly, and Tommy in Tommy's hospital room when he had gotten a call from his chief that his presence was required at the precinct where he worked. He had tried to get out of it, but the caller had insisted on him coming to the the precinct right away.

After telling Carlos, Holly, and Tommy to stay at the hospital and just relax, Ty had reluctantly left the hospital through the front doors and caught a taxi. Upon arriving at the precinct, Ty had been surprised to see Bosco there, lingering outside of an interrogation room with an IAB officer.

The IAB officer had instructed Ty and Bosco to wait before disappearing into the interrogation room, the window of which was covered by closed blinds. A lot of noise could be heard inside.

There was silence for several minutes and then the door suddenly opened, "Lieutenant Davis, Officer Boscorelli, would you please join us?" a brisk voice said.

Exchanging a look, Bosco and Ty entered the room and saw an infuriated woman sitting in the corner, tightly bound in a restraint chair used for unruly prisoners. The Chief of the Bed-Stuy Precinct, Andrew Morris, and also the head of Anti-Crime, Captain Kevin Diamond, were also in the room, as was the IAB officer. A thick file was on the table, along with several thick envelopes.

"Boscorelli, you stupid maggot!" the woman suddenly shouted as she tried to lunge towards Bosco. "Did you help Bobby get the kids out of New York? Did you help that scumball?"

Bosco raised an eyebrow and looked at his chief, "Officer Boscorelli, this is Amanda LaRusso," the Bed-Stuy Chief explained. "Your partner and her have been legally separated for about a year, but they still live in the same household...along with three young children."

"I didn't know LaRusso was married," Bosco commented, a frown on his face. "He never told me."

Amanda scoffed, "I wouldn't call it a marriage," she snapped venomously. "Bobby was hardly what one could call a husband...I had to resort to rather painful methods to control that idiot."

Letting out a sigh, the IAB officer moved over to Amanda and quickly covered her mouth with duct tape so that there wouldn't be any more interruptions, "Amanda was arrested and treated for a burn after being threatened with a weapon...She had tried to kidnap Kylie Nieto from a department store according to cameras and witnesses from the store...one that Lieutenant Davis was at."

"What happened to Kylie Nieto, then?" Ty asked, raising an eyebrow.

The IAB officer let out another exasperated sigh, "Amanda, as she insists on being called, says that as she was fleeing with Kylie, a truck came and took Kylie...to who knows where."

Shaking his head, Chief Morris scoffed, "Officer LaRusso asked me to keep the secret about his abusive marriage and mentally ill wife," he explained. "I promised that I would, but with the recent disappearance of LaRusso and his kids, I need to know where he went and why..."

"I don't know where LaRusso went," Bosco said. "I didn't know hardly anything about him."

Captain Diamond bit his lip, "Well, according to information we got concerning Sergeant Finney's possible involvement in a murder, we think that LaRusso and his kids went to Miami." he stated.

"Wait, Brendan is involved in a murder in Miami?" Ty asked, his voice full of pure shock.

Chief Morris looked at Bosco, "Boscorelli, is there anyone that visited LaRusso in the last few days that could have aided in him leaving New York with his kids?" he asked.

Bosco thought for a moment, "I don't know a lot about who visited him," he admitted. "However, I do remember that Danielle Sullivan visited him last night and Kim Doherty brought his kids by for a visit earlier this morning...By the time I got to LaRusso's room, he was gone."

"Okay, Boscorelli, I need you to go check with Captain Doherty about where his wife and Miss Sullivan can be found," Chief Morris stated. "I'll be waiting at Bed-Stuy Precinct for them."

Bosco nodded and moved towards the door, "That's all for now, Boscorelli," the IAB officer said in a clipped tone. "However, we still need to talk to Lieutenant Davis, as his partner's badge was found at the scene of a murder in Miami and Sergeant Finney is currently AWOL."

Giving Ty a sympathetic look, Bosco and Chief Morris left the interview room in silence.

Unbeknownst to anyone else, however, Ray had landed in New York, stashed Suzie and Madison in his New York safehouse, and had located Kim and Jimmy's house from secret information.

Looking around to ensure that nobody was around, Ray knocked on the door and was surprised when Kim answered quickly, "Kim Doherty?" Ray asked, taking in the surprised look on Kim's face as she recognized him. "I'm Raymond Caine...do you remember me from a few months ago?"

"The last time I saw you is when you escorted Danielle, John, David, and Ellie to Bed-Stuy and arranged for her to work under Jimmy at the firehouse in June," Kim replied. "You said that if there was ever a reason to worry, you would be back...what exactly is wrong?"

Ray sighed, "I flew in a private plane from Miami and on my way to your house, I heard through news broadcasts that two little girls named Ellie Sullivan and Kylie Nieto were kidnapped," he explained in a hushed voice. "I know for a fact that Ellie's biological father is connected to some very dangerous criminals in Miami...There is little doubt that he is taking the girls to Miami."

"What do you want me to do?" Kim asked, anxiety in her voice.

"From what I have heard, the NYPD is also looking into the sudden disappearance of Officer LaRusso," Ray stated. "What you may not know is that Officer LaRusso is the son of Adria Caine- LaRusso, my sister who was murdered years ago when her son was just a boy...My brother raised him in Miami and he has most likely returned to Miami with his children for help from Horatio."

Before Kim could reply, Camille's cries could be heard from inside, "Just be aware that as safety contacts for the underground abuse network, you and Jimmy could possibly be in danger," Ray stated in an urgent tone as he extracted a card from his pocket. "If something happens, here is the address of a safehouse in New York City that I own...use it if you need to, all right?"

Kim nodded and took the card, "Thank you," she said. "I'm sorry, Ray, I have to go."

As Kim closed the door, Ray left the property and took off down an alley at a run.

Since Madison and Suzie were now out of harm's reach, it was time to get back to Miami.

Gazing around the recently cleaned apartment, John silently allowed his mother to lead him over to a couch that had been pulled out into a hideabed, "Sweetie, you can sleep in a bedroom if you want," Danielle said as John slowly sat on the hideabed. "I can sleep out here."

"I'll be fine out here, Mom, don't worry," John replied in a tired voice as he lay down on the hideabed and rested his head on the pillow. "Is it okay if I sleep for a little while?"

Danielle nodded, "I'm gonna check on how David and your grandpa," she said. "Since we got here two hours ago, they've been in the kitchen poring over that diabetic cookbook your grandpa bought...I think it's good that you don't have to deal with this alone...we all love you, John."

John nodded and letting out a tired sigh, he closed his eyes. He was unbelievably exhausted.

There were footsteps, silence, and then soft talking, which all faded as John slept soundly.

A sudden knock at the door didn't stir the young man, nor did Danielle's footsteps as she walked through the living room and over to the door. She opened the door to find Bosco standing there.

"Maurice, what are you doing here?" Danielle asked, keeping her voice low so that John wouldn't wake up. "I thought you were called back to duty?"

Bosco was quiet for a minute and then sighed, "Okay, so I heard that you and Kim were the last to visit LaRusso before he disappeared from New York with his kids," he explained.

Danielle nodded, "Yeah, I was there last night," she replied. "Kim brought his kids by for a visit this morning...What exactly is your point, Maurice?"

"I wasn't called back on duty, Danielle," Bosco replied in a grave tone. "I was called over to Davis's precinct to have a little chat with my chief, Ty's chief, and an officer from IAB."

Danielle was silent, so Bosco continued, "I was told that LaRusso was legally separated from his wife, but he still lived with his wife and three kids," he stated. "Apparently, his wife is mentally ill and abused LaRusso to keep him from taking the kids and leaving her for good..."

"What exactly is your point?" Danielle asked in a snappish tone. "I know all of that already."

Bosco nodded, "Chief Morris wants to talk to both you and Kim down at the Bed-Stuy Precinct a.s.a.p.," he said in a solemn tone. "I'm supposed to escort you down there...right now."

"Maurice, John just got home from the hospital and Faith is coming over to get information from David on what happened at the school," Danielle protested. "She was going to follow us here, but she had to take Mrs. Davis to the precinct to get more info...Faith is on her way over here now."

Before Bosco could reply, Sully wandered into the living room, "Bosco, what are you doing here?" he asked in a concerned tone. "Is everything okay?"

"I need to take Danielle to my precinct for questioning," Bosco replied in a hushed tone. "She was one of the last people to visit LaRusso in the hospital before he disappeared with his kids."

Sully looked at Danielle, "Dad, can you keep an eye on things when Detective Yokas comes to talk to David?" Danielle asked, pain in her tone. "When John wakes up, take care of him..."

"Look, if your arm is still bugging you, I could stall for time," Bosco said, hesitant about having to bring someone who he cared about deeply in for questioning. "You don't have to do this now."

Danielle glared at Bosco, "The cast is probably gonna come off in the next few days," she snapped. "If the cops want to talk to me, I might as well do it now..."

Without another word, Danielle stalked out of the apartment, "Let's go, Maurice," she snapped, her tone full of ice. "I really don't have all day...I have a daughter missing, a sick son, and a son who doesn't know how to feel after seeing his only sister taken by a psychopath."

Bosco nodded and followed Danielle out into the hallway. Sully closed the door and looked back at the hideabed, feeling intense relief when he saw that John hadn't woken from his sleep.

Little did Sully know, however, that David had eavesdropped from the kitchen and was now angry that his family thought him an emotionless weakling who couldn't do anything useful.

Intense anger filled Fred's heart as he walked down the street from the warehouse towards his truck, which was now filthy because of all the driving he had been forced to do.

He had dropped the items off on Coney Island where he figured John would see them and then he had promptly returned to the warehouse, expecting to leave for Miami.

Unfortunately, Edward, Dr. Savarrio, and the little girls were gone and all that was left behind was a bunch of unused medical supplies, along with a loaded gun. Fred had let out an enraged scream, gathered the medical supplies, and had pocketed the gun; he might need it.

Now, as he walked back to his truck, Fred suddenly spotted a abnormally thin, blonde-haired woman and a little girl coming out of a dilapidated apartment building. They looked as if they had been hiding there and hadn't seen sun or proper food for quite a while.

Fred grinned to himself; Edward had screwed him out of a trip to Miami, yes, but that didn't mean he couldn't have his own fun in New York. Those two seemed like the perfect target for his fun.

"Hey, excuse me, can you help me out?" Fred asked as he jogged over to where Suzie and Madison were. "I'm kind of lost...I was wondering if you could provide me with directions."

Suzie stopped and Fred gave her what he hoped looked like an embarrassed smile, "I'm sorry, but I haven't been here for that long," she said in an apologetic tone. "I'm from Miami..."

Fred was silent for a moment as he realized that he could have some fun with someone who Bernie was probably looking for, "That's okay," Fred replied as he pulled the gun from his pocket and pointed it at them. "If you don't come with me now, I'll pop off you and your little girl."

Without waiting for a reply, Fred grabbed Suzie, who grabbed Madison. He dragged them over to where his truck was parked and quickly shoved them inside. He then got behind the wheel and locked the doors so that nobody could go anywhere. These two would keep him entertained.

As the truck roared off down the street, Madison leaned against Suzie and began to cry softly.

Danielle was silent as she watched a uniformed officer escort Kim into the interrogation where she was already sitting across from Chief Morris and Bosco. Kim looked infuriated about being there.

"I had to call Jimmy at work and get him to come home to watch Camille," Kim said as she took the empty chair next to Danielle. "Why the heck were Danielle and I called in for questioning?"

Chief Morris sighed, "According to Officer Boscorelli, Miss Sullivan visited Officer LaRusso at Mercy Hospital last night," he explained. "Then, Mrs. Doherty, you brought LaRusso's children to the hospital this morning and that was the last time anyone saw him or his children..."

"Did Officer Boscorelli mention that Officer LaRusso left a note?" Danielle asked in a professional tone, as any possible relationship with Bosco didn't matter at this moment in time.

Chief Morris looked at Bosco, who promptly produced the note from his pocket, "The note said that that he was leaving New York for a while and would be back when things were safer." Bosco explained in a monotone voice as he tossed the note on the table. "Captain Diamond from Anti-Crime thinks that LaRusso took his kids to Miami to reconnect with family...is that true?"

"As much as it may kill you both to hear this, I can't really comment on that," Danielle replied in an icy tone as she exchanged a look with Kim. "Both Kim and I are sworn to absolute confidentiality."

Bosco sighed, "If you don't say anything, that's an obstruction of justice," he stated, hating that he was having to do this at all. "Obstruction of justice is an arrestable offense...you know that."

"If Officer LaRusso wanted take his kids and to go be near family, he's better off left alone," Danielle stated in a firm tone. "He hasn't done anything wrong and he's on medical leave."

Biting his lip, Bosco looked at Chief Morris, "So, since it's basically confirmed that LaRusso is in Miami with his kids, what do we do now?" he asked. "He's technically still on medical leave."

"Well, Boscorelli, there's really nothing we can do about LaRusso at this point," Chief Morris said in a firm tone. "What he does with his kids during medical leave is his busines, whether or not his mentally ill wife is in custody...He's perfectly justified in taking a vacation with his kids."

Bosco nodded, "Besides, the whole NYPD is currently up in arms about this mess that Lieutenant Addison and Sergeant Finney might be involved in," Chief Morris stated. "According to Lieutenant Davis, Sergeant Finney took some vacation time with his wife not long before..."

"Edward is an ex-cop, might I remind you," Danielle suddenly spoke up. "All of the information concerning his career-ending criminal activity was documented by the NYPD."

Chief Morris sighed, "Boscorelli, I'm assigning you to guard duty for the Sullivan family," he said in an exasperated tone. "I have to help the other precincts co-ordinate a search for Sergeant Finney and see if he is actually involved in this Miami murder...Mrs. Doherty, I suggest you go home and sit tight with your family...get your son from school and stay as close to home as possible."

Kim nodded and, standing, she left in absolute silence. Danielle looked at Bosco.

"You get to explain this to my father," Danielle stated as she stood up and moved towards the door. "I know this makes you uncomfortable, but it does help to have you watching out for us."

Ignoring the sly look that Chief Morris was giving him, Bosco sighed and followed her from the room, taking care to close the door behind him. It was certainly a crazy day in New York.

David glared defiantly at Faith as he sat across Sully's kitchen table from her, "I don't know what else to say," he said, a tiny frown on his face. "I was scared that the guy was gonna kill me."

Faith sighed; she had gotten David to tell her what he had seen and heard, but it wasn't much different from what Maggie Davis had said at the hospital. David was also being difficult.

"David, I need to know if you remember anything else," Faith stated in a firm tone. "Whatever information you're hiding, you need to tell me...It could help us find your little sister."

David remained silent and looked over to Sully, who was sitting on the edge of the hideabed where John was still sound asleep, "I don't know anything else," he said.

"Okay, do you think you can talk to a profiler about what the man looked like?" Faith asked, knowing that she wouldn't get any more information out of David. "a profiler is someone who can make a sketch based on what you can remember...it could identify who took Ellie."

David shrugged, "I don't remember," he whined. "I'm tired of talking about this..."

Letting out a sigh, David stood up and moved off into the kitchen, "I don't know where David learned how to be rude like that, but it wasn't from his mother or me," Sully said in an apologetic tone. "When Danielle comes back, I tell her about it and she can talk to David about manners."

Before Faith could reply, the door opened and Danielle and Bosco came into the apartment looking as if the entire world had been dropped on them, "Dad, Chief Morris said that Bosco's going to be guarding us for a little while," Danielle said as Bosco closed the door.

"Danielle, I think you need to talk to David," Sully commented. "He was just extremely rude to Detective Yokas when she tried to get more information about Ellie's kidnapping...:

Danielle sighed and checked her watch, "David's probably just stressed and he'll probably want to apologize later on," she said. "Dad, can you wake John up while I get his kit? I know he probably just wants to sleep, but I don't want his blood sugar getting all messed up..."

Sully nodded and gently shook John's shoulder while Danielle moved off into the kitchen where she kept John's kit. Faith and Bosco looked at each other, but neither of them said anything.

"Well, I have to take the information that David did give me and make out a report," Faith said in a slightly annoyed tone. "If he remembers anything else, I left my number on the kitchen table."

As Faith left the apartment, Bosco watched as John opened his eyes and looked at Sully, "Hey, John, I know you don't wanna wake up right now, but your mom is gonna check your blood sugar, okay?" Sully said in a gentle tone. "Do you need some help sitting up?"

"I'm thirsty," John groggily replied as he slowly sat up so that Sully could rearrange the pillows on the hideabed. "Can you help me stand up so I can get something to drink from the kitchen?"

Sully shook his head and helped John into a semi-sitting position so he could have the pillows to support his back and head, "Just sit there and relax," he said in a gentle tone. "Bosco, can you go see what's taking Danielle so long to get his kit?"

Bosco nodded and moved off into the kitchen, where Danielle was holding John's kit and looking at David, who had settled himself at the table with a muffin, "...I honestly don't remember anything else, Mom, I was too scared," David said. "I don't want Ellie to end up dead..."

"Ellie will not die, you told the police everything that happened," Danielle said firmly. "Maurice, can you please take this out to my dad and ask him to check John's blood sugar? I'm gonna go draw a bath for John that he can have after he gets something into his system..."

Bosco nodded and taking the kit, he moved out of the kitchen. Danielle looked at David and giving her son a smile, she moved towards the bathroom. She needed some time to herself.

Once she was in the bathroom with the door closed, Danielle plugged the tub and turned the water on, as it would filter any other sound out. She then reached into her pocket and pulled out a cell-phone that was kept on hand at all times in case there was ever an emergency.

Silently hoping that this wouldn't come back to bite her, Danielle dialed a long-distance number that she had long since memorized and waited. There were several rings and then a quiet voice.

"Natalia, it's Danielle," Danielle whispered into the phone. "My daughter and another little girl were kidnapped...I have this horrible feeling that they'll end up in Miami...I need some help, Natalia...please help me."

Hours later, around sunset, Tommy lay asleep in his hospital bed, completely alone for the first time since he was shot. There were nurses on call in case he woke and needed anything.

Carlos and Holly had been so distressed over Kylie being missing that Tommy had insisted that they take time to go out to dinner on their own. They badly needed some sort of distraction.

They had originally been reluctant to go, but after Ty had asked them to join him and Sasha for dinner, as a way to get his mind off Brendan's disappearance and possible involvement in a Miami murder, both Carlos and Holly had relented and promised Tommy that they wouldn't be long.

Unknown to anyone else, Ty had left the IAB interview and had booked a flight to Miami for the next day; he intended to search Miami for Brendan and prove that Brendan was not involved in that murder. He had told nobody of his plans, not even Sasha, as he knew that they would all try to stop him from going.

So far, the police hadn't found anything concrete, but there had been rumors from civilians that two little girls matching Kylie and Ellie's descriptions had been seen near JFK Airport hours ago with men in suits.

Since the police were looking into that, Tommy figured that everything would be solved soon and at the insistence of the nurse who had brought him dinner, he was now getting some rest.

Little did Tommy know that someone had slipped into his hospital room and was approaching his hospital bed. All was still quiet and a pale hand reached out to touch his arm.

"Tommy," a hoarse voice said in a quiet tone as he tapped Tommy's arm. "Wake up."

Tommy's eyes opened, "JT, man, what are you doing here?" he asked, surprised to see John standing there dressed in sneakers, socks, jeans, a t-shirt, and a hoodie with his hair combed and a backpack slung over one shoulder. "Aren't you supposed to be at home resting?"

"Cut the coddling crap," John said in a nervous tone. "I'm going to Coney Island right now and then I'm going to Miami to look for my sister and Kylie...I came here to say goodbye."

Tommy gaped at John, "Dude, you cannot go running off to Miami by yourself," he whispered in an anxious voice. "Whoever took Kylie and Ellie are into some major gang stuff and they have weapons...You'll end up killed and your body will get stuffed in some canal somewhere."

"Oh, please, Carlos has let you watch too many violent shows in here," John scoffed. "The only thing I'm worried about is my diabetes...I think I have enough insulin, though."

Fighting the urge to press the call button, Tommy sighed, "How exactly are you gonna PAY for a way to Miami?" he asked. "Your mom so would not give you a credit card to do that..."

"I sorta stole my Grandpa Sullivan's credit card and some cash from his wallet," John replied in a slightly sheepish tone. "Nobody saw me leave, they were all asleep...I left a note that they can find in the morning...I'll be long gone by then...there's a midnight flight to Miami from JFK and I intend to be on it...When I was fully awake and eating, I used the computer for "homework."

Tommy sighed, "You look like crap, JT," he replied softly. "You shouldn't go alone."

"I gotta go, Tommy," John said as he moved away from the bed. "Get some rest, okay?"

Tommy opened his mouth to protest, but John quietly slipped out at a very fast walk.

Letting out a sigh, Tommy reached for the phone and dialed Emily's number; He had met Emily when she and JT had been taking a small walk to help him get his strength back and Emily had given him her phone number so that they could all hang out when circumstances were better.

If he couldn't talk JT into not going to Miami, maybe he could talk Emily into going with him.

As the sun faded from illuminating the New York City skyline, John sighed and gazed at the envelope that he had found taped to a camera; that meant that they were already in Miami.

The air was becoming colder by the minute, yet John knew that since he had come to Coney Island and found nothing but a camera and envelope, Edward wanted to kill him in Miami and had taken innocent children with the knowledge that even JT Sullivan wouldn't let innocents die.

However, even though he knew that going to Miami meant death, John was willing to pay the price of his own life if it meant that Ellie and Kylie Nieto would be safe.

John gazed at his watch; it was nine p.m. and it was time to catch a cab to JFK Airport.

"John?" a female voice suddenly said. "Tommy told me you'd be here."

John whirled around and saw Emily standing there, next to a cab that was running and had a very irritated driver behind the wheel, "My mom's visiting Captain Miller tonight, so I was home alone," Emily explained. "Tommy phoned me and said that you were flying to Miami at midnight."

"Yeah, I'm going to look for my sister and Kylie Nieto," John replied in a calm tone. "I know who took her and he told me that they were going to end up in the hands of child molesters."

Emily was silent for a moment and then placed a hand on John's arm, "Let me go with you," she said, gesturing towards the cab. "I can help you...you know, in case you get sick or something."

"Oh, like Officer Boscorelli is "helping" my mom by sharing a bed with her in a non-sexual way so she won't have nightmares about how Edward Addison used to beat the crap out of her?" John said, a slight irritation in his tone. "I'm sorry, Emily, I shouldn't be annoyed with you."

Emily shrugged, "That's all right," she replied pleasantly. "Anyway, let me come with you."

"Emily, this is gonna be dangerous," John replied. "I have some demons in Miami that I need to face...demons that aren't gonna go away until I do something about it. My little sister and Kylie Nieto are suffering because I'm such a screwup and I have to deal with this...alone."

Emily glared at John, "Cut the crap and know that people care about you, including me," she snapped, putting her hand in his own. "We can take this taxi to JFK and go from there...let me help you."

John studied Emily for a moment and then nodded, "All right, but if we run into trouble in Miami, you protect yourself first," he stated as they walked to the cab. "Don't worry about me."

"I am not going to make that promise," Emily replied firmly. "Let's go."

Intrigued by Emily's spunk, John allowed himself a smile and got into the cab with her.

Even in the wee hours of the morning, New York and its inhabitants never stopped stirring.

The Sullivan apartment was silent as Bosco wandered into the kitchen to grab glasses of water for both himself and Danielle. They were both thirsty and he told Danielle to just stay in bed and rest.

Sully had gone to bed around eleven, thinking that John would sleep on the hideabed all night.

David had gotten a sleeping bag from his grandfather's closet and was asleep in the far corner of the room and not stirring. He hadn't stirred when John had quietly slipped out of the apartment.

Nobody knew of Bosco and Danielle sharing a bed as of yet, but that comfort made Danielle feel better and they had secretly reached an agreement that it would be strictly non-sexual.

It didn't take long for Bosco to get glasses from a cupboard and fill them with water.

As Bosco moved away from the sink, a note on the table caught his eye.

Frowning, he moved over to the table and picked it up; the note was from John and it said that he had gathered some resources together and was flying to Miami to save some innocent lives, even if it meant his own would end disgracefully. The note had ended with an apology from John for being a waste of space and asking for his family to look after themselves and that he loved them.

Bosco swore and carried the note into the bedroom that he and Danielle shared, "Danielle," he said, seeing that Danielle had fallen back asleep waiting. "Danielle, wake up."

Danielle opened her eyes and sat up in bed, "Maurice, what is it?" she asked, seeing the panic-stricken look on his face and the note in his hand. "What is that in your hand?"

"John decided to take matters into his own hands," Bosco stated as he handed Danielle the note.

Danielle skimmed the note and frowned, "Maurice, wake my dad," she said as she got out of bed, revealing a gray t-shirt with her casted arm in a sling and sleep pants. "I'm calling Detective Yokas about this."

As Bosco left the room, Danielle gripped the note and grabbing the phone, she began to dial.

Meanwhile, on a plane that was between New York City and Miami, John and Emily sat side-by-side on a plane that was filled to capacity with passengers who were mostly sleeping.

There had been no trouble in getting to the airport and using Sully's credit card to buy two tickets to Miami on the midnight flight; one was one-way and the other was a two-way, as if there were problems, Emily would need a way home that was safe and fast.

Getting through security had been simple; the security officer had been sympathetic when John explained that he had diabetes and that him and his girlfriend were going to Miami to visit family who were going through some hard times. It was and wasn't a lie; these were hard times.

If anyone had found the note, John reasoned, they were still trying to figure out how he managed to get on a plane to Miami and where in Miami he was headed; he still had a few hours.

By the time something was done to intervene, he and Emily would be loose in Miami.

Hopefully, Ellie and Kylie were still all right...hopefully they hadn't been played with at all yet.

There were so many demons in Miami that John was going to re-face, but he would do it...for the innocent.

To be continued in a Third Watch/CSI Miami crossover story that will be titled "Collision of Time and Trials."

"It isn't the first time that New York and Miami have met to solve problems...and it won't be the last..."