College was everything I'd expected and everything I wanted it to be.

I loved the pressure of each class, each assignment that they set. Everything. I loved living with my two roommates Alice Brandon and Rosalie Hale. They were like my sisters.

After I'd moved from the small town of Forks, Washington to the city of New York for college. NYC University. Being here was all I ever wanted. Ever since I moved to Forks I'd wanted to be back in a big city. Small town life wasn't really me, and I'd longed to go to New York for as long as I could remember. Yeah, I missed my Dad, Charlie, like hell, but this is where I wanted to be, and he respected my decision to move to New York.

My dream: to be a psychiatrist in New York City. At least there wouldn't be any shortage of work. I can imagine it now. Dr. Isabella Swan. I grinned to myself as I thought about having my name on a door, especially with the Dr. bit in front of it. When I first met them, Alice and Rosalie would make fun of me when I slipped into my little future daydreams, but after living with me for three years, they'd kind of become used to it.

Alice, small, pixie-ish and a huge bundle of energy. She was doing a fashion major and she absolutely loved it. She'd use me and Rosalie as her living mannequins and models. Rosalie didn't mind, but I, on the other hand didn't really like anything to do with fashion. It was never something that had interested me. Alice had looked like she wanted to rip my head off the first time I told her that. Everytime she wanted to go shopping I tried to get out of it, but every single time, she managed to get me to go out with her. How she did it I have no idea. I swear that she has some sort of power over everyone she meets.

Rosalie was the complete opposite to Alice. Looks-wise at least. She was tall, with blonde hair that reached the middle of her back. She had long legs and a figure that would put any supermodel to shame. Why she was majoring in mechanics I have no idea. She absolutely loved anything to do cars, engines, anything like that. She wasn't the stereotypical mechanic. Like I said, she should be on the catwalk, not under the hood of a car.

And then there was me. Plain Jane compared to the other two girls I lived with. With my unruly brown hair and flat brown eyes I was nothing compared to Rosalie and Alice. They were the best friends I'd ever had.

As far as I was concerned, everything was going perfect in life. I had two of the best friends that anyone could ask for, I was on course to get my psychology degree, I had a great apartment and a good paying job at the coffee shop down the street. People have commented on the fact that I haven't had a boyfriend since I've been at college but having a boyfriend isn't something that bothers me. I don't need a boyfriend to be happy. That's something that Alice, Rosalie and I all shared. None of us really dated, preferring to wait for someone who would give us what we needed instead of taking what they wanted, as Rosalie's last boyfriend, Royce had done.

If I'm honest, there is one guy that literally takes my breath away. He's in my psychology class and sometimes I can't concentrate for looking at him. To me he is perfect.

Edward Cullen.

Shy, timid, and from what I knew, like me, he didn't date. Not that he didn't have the opportunity. With his pale skin, unruly tousled hair that was the most interesting shade of bronze and piercing green eyes, he had a fair share of girls asking him out, throwing themselves at him, but he never accepted. I could sit there and watch him all day.

What made my infatuation with Edward even better was the fact that Alice liked his best friend Jasper Whitlock and Rosalie was practically in love with their other best friend Emmett McCarty. Neither of them seemed to date either. I knew that Jasper had been on a few coffee dates with a couple of the girls on his History course and Rosalie had told me that Emmett hadn't been out with anyone that she knew of since the start of college. She's not a stalker or anything, he's just on the same course as her.

Those three boys were like the three of us. They were completely different and yet seemed closer than anyone would have thought. Edward was shy and timid. Not really opening up to anyone, and when he was called upon in class he hated it. He seemed to hate being the centre of attention. He would look down, and turn a faint pink in colour. He was never wrong though, and the teachers loved him because of that. Jasper was much the same as Edward, but a bit more outgoing. Whereas Edward was safe, Jasper was a bit more reckless. He loved his bikes and was always seen riding around on it or fixing it up in some way. He loved his bike. Whereas Edward tended to steer clear of dating all together and never really invited the offers girls gave him, Jasper was a bit of a tease. Flirting with the girls just enough so that they thought they had a chance, and then never following through. Many thought that he had a girlfriend back home, but he loved the attention so he made girls believe they had a chance. With his blonde hair and deep blue eyes who wouldn't want a chance with Jasper Whitlock.

Emmett on the other hand was the polar opposite of both the other two. He was loud and boisterous. The captain of the college football team. And not to mention, where the other two were small and slim, with just enough muscle to show that they obviously worked out, their muscles always clearly visible through their sweaters and shirts, Emmett was huge. He looked like he could hold his own in the wrestling ring, to put it lightly. Rosalie loved that in a man. Paired with his curly dark hair, and baby blue eyes she was like putty when she saw him, not a coherent sentence coming out of her mouth when he was around. But then again Alice was the same when Jasper was around, and I was the same around Edward.

THe only time I had ever spoken to Edward was one time when he came into the library looking for a particular book that we didn't have at the time. All he did was ask me for it and ask me to contact him if it came back in. His voice was like velvet, and I completely understood why every girl in the college was practically in love with him. I'll admit that at that point I began to as well.

"I still don't buy that, Alice." Rosalie was whining. "I mean, it's not really plausible is it?"

They were discussing how three boys who were so different came to live together and become best friends.

"They could be." Alice squealed indignantly. I rolled my eyes at them and smirked. They had this discussion practically everyday. "I mean, they could have all come from the same place, and then all come here. You know, being friends beforehand."

"I doubt that." Rosalie replied shaking her head. "I mean, Jasper's from Texas, that much is obvious from his accent. The other two I'm not sure about."

"Edward's from Chicago." I chirped before I realised what I said. "I heard him telling our teacher one time." I said as I knew they were waiting for an explanation. "I have to agree with Rose on this one Alice. The whole "they come from the same place" idea isn't really plausible."

We were getting ready to go out. Alice wanted to check out a new bar that she'd heard about. COYOTE UGLY it was called. She'd gotten a matchbook from someone on the street and wanted to check it out. She'd heard that it was a bar where the barmen actually danced on the bar. Nothing kinky or remotely like a strip club or anything like that, just dancing. According to what Alice had been able to find out, if anyone tried anything one with the barmen, without their consent, they got kicked out or depending on their behaviour they got barred. It was something that I wanted to see. Who knows, they could be cute.

"Anyways," Alice said, tottering in in her heels. "We're going to see some gorgeous guys strutting their stuff on a bar, so lets go." She grinned at me.

We didn't know what type of place this was, but we could tell that it wasn't going to be anything too upmarket or fancy so we were all going casual. I was wearing my midnght blue skinny jeans, with knee length black boots and a red strappy top. Alice was wearing a denim mini, pink halter and black heels and Rose was wearing a skintight red dress. We weren't dressed to impress but we knew that heads were going to turn.

We had to call a cab to get there as none of us were really wearing the appropriate footwear to be trekking through New York. Waiting for the cab, Alice had a dreamy expression come across her face. Noticing this I nudged Rosalie and we started giggling. In our teasing we began to pretend making out.

"Jasper," I fake moaned. "Oh, Jasper!"

"Oh, Alice!" She faked moaned back, a huge grin on her face. She squealed and we both ran, knowing that Alice was in pursuit. Winding up Alice equals great fun, but bruises too.

Suddenly the intercom buzzed we stopped our playing arround. Running to the intercom, Rosalie pushed the big grey button that meant that we could communicate with downstairs.

"Hello?" She asked. "You ask for a taxi?" Came a male voice. "Yup, be right down." Rosalie lifted her finger off of the button and we all piled out the door and into the elevator.

Piling into the cab, we noticed that the driver seemed to be in a dsigruntled mood as he grunted at us. "Where you going?"

"Coyote Ugly, please." Alice chirped from next to me, a huge grin on her face. Something that the driver didn't return.

We laughed and joked the whole ride there, not really caring that the driver kept shooting us evil glances. It wasn't our fault that he was in such a bad mood. When we arrived it was nothing like I expected. It was smaller than I thought that it would be. It was a simple square building, that looked as though most of the bar was downstairs, in a sort of basement area. It had a metal partition that separated those who were lining up to go in and those who were coming out for a cigarette.

Thankfully it didn't look like we'd have to wait in line for too long. Ten minutes max, I'd say. It was 11:30pm and it seemed to be getting busier by the minute. We got out of the cab and immediately heard the pounding of rock music from inside. We walked up to the door and saw that even though it looked busy inside, the line was moving pretty fast.

"I.D's please." The guy on the door asked and we each got out our I.D's. "Thank you, have a great night." He gave them back to us and we all smiled in response.

We walked in to find that the music was even louder in here than it seemed from outside.

Looking around it looked like a biker bar, but somewhere that everyone could feel at home. I saw that there were people from all walks of life here, some in suits, some seeming to be students like us, some who were just out for a night out. But they all shared one thing. They were all staring at the bar.

Looking at the bar, I could see why. On the bar, there were two gorgeous guys. They were dancing, moving in complete synchronicity to the song that was playing. Their bodies were gorgeous. Slightly muscled, beneath their strapped, gym tops, clearly defined and yet not overstated. I slowly moved my eyes up their bodies, moving up their chests to finally rest on their faces.

My jaw hit the floor when I realised that I knew those two guys. I looked at Alice and Rosalie to find them looking at me with the same expression.

Now that I had seen two of them, I noticed a third behind the bar, larger than the other two, clearly muscled and not someone you'd want to get on the wrong side of, or bet against in a fight.

"Is that....? Are they.....?" Alice stuttered.

I nodded, smiling to myself. Well, well, well, it seems as though those boys aren't as quiet as they seemed to make out.

Emmett McCarty. Jasper Whitlock. And Edward Cullen.

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