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Never gonna be alone!

Chapter 1

My name is Isabella Swan, I prefer Bella though. I'm unique, just like everyone else in the world. Though I doubt many 16 year olds became orphans because of something they did. That's right, it was my own fault that I had become parent less. I was an awful person, I must be. My Mother had left shortly after my 1st birthday, and well my Father, though I knew he loved me, he had shipped me off to boarding school at the first available opportunity.

I had been in boarding school in Phoenix, Arizona since I was 10, only returning home twice a year, once at Christmas and once during the Summer. I hated it there, I didn't fit in with anyone, I was the weird girl who didn't tan, who could barely walk in a straight line without falling over my own feet, whose Mother hated me and whose Father clearly couldn't stand long periods of time around me. I had 1 friend, and even then, Monica wasn't someone you could trust with your most guarded secrets. I always kept her at arms length, never fully being able to trust her. She was an outcast like me, though unlike me, she was desperate to join the popular clique, and I was sure given the opportunity, she would do just about anything to get herself in, even betray a friend.

From the age of 12, every summer, when my Dad would pick me up at Port Angeles airport, I would declare I wouldn't be returning to Phoenix the following September, only to find myself forced back. I tried everything, from crying, to screaming the house down, but he would not back down, telling me it was for my own good, that he wanted a well educated daughter. He said he worked long hours, and would still be working when I finished school, leaving no-one to look after me. Despite my arguments that I was now clearly old enough to take care of myself, just like I did in the dorms, he never bought it. It wasn't until last summer when I threw a fit, that he finally let me have my way, by not sending me down to LaPush every day to be 'babysat' by his fishing buddy Billy Black.

Billy Black wasn't your average babysitter. He had 2 daughters a few years older than myself, and a son, Jacob a little younger. He, like Charlie was a single parent, though for completely different reasons. His wife had died a number of years ago after a horrific car accident, leaving Billy in a wheel chair. Sure, Billy being in a wheel chair made it 10 times easier to escape him, I never did out of respect. Billy seemed to understand my need to be independent, and not be looked after, therefore he tended to let me do my own thing, as long as I checked in every so often, and of course the age old rule of always telling him where I was headed.

This summer, was exactly the same as the last 5, I walked through the arrivals lounge in Port Angels airport, determined that this year, I really wouldn't be back here in 6 weeks time. I had, had an awful Sophmore year, Monica had finally managed to climb the ladder into becoming popular, using me as her boost. She had discovered I had a crush on the Phys Ed assistant teacher and blabbed to Katrina the head cheerleader, who took delight in spreading it around the school. Of course after that, not only was I friendless, but also the talk of the school, something that a wall flower like me despised.


"Hey Bells". My Dad greeted me, a big smile on his face.

"Hey Dad". I replied, giving him a hug, before he slipped my bag from my shoulder.

"How's school"? He asked, though he probably already knew my answer.

"Awful". I practically spat.

I took a deep breath, I wasn't going to get into the same argument we always had, right here in the middle of the arrivals lounge, it could at least wait until we got to the car. As expected he didn't respond to my bitter answer, which only made me even more angry. Why couldn't he just see for once how unhappy I was in Phoenix?

"So I've got a decent Summer lined up for us". My Dad told me, obviously trying to steer me as far from the subject of school as possible. "I've booked a few weeks off work, so we can spend some quality time together. Maybe have the Blacks and Clearwater's up for a barbecue, maybe even go camping... Or maybe not". He corrected the last part when he saw my face screw up in distaste.

I was the least outdoorsy person ever. Even more so when I was in Forks. It was the most rained on town in the state of Washington. The only good thing about Phoenix was the warmth, but I would honestly trade the hot sun, for the cold, wet town of Forks, so long as I never had to go back to that crappy school again.

"Camping sounds... good". I lied, forcing myself to smile. At this point I would do almost anything to stay in Charlie's good books.

We fell into a semi comfortable silence. Charlie never was a big talker, and I clearly took after him. We stood by the luggage carousels, waiting for my suitcases to come. Eventually 1 after the other, headed our way, Charlie grabbing each as I pointed them out, and hoisted them onto the floor beside our feet. He knew better than to allow me to drag them off, since I would undoubtedly have a clumsy moment and fall onto the conveyor belt.

"Jeez Bells, how many clothes do you need for the summer". He groined as he pulled the 4th off.

"That's the last 1 there". I told him, then quickly turned to retrieve a luggage trolley.

The silence continued until we got to his car. Which by the way, you could see a mile away. The blue lights on his police cruiser a dead give away. Oh how I hated riding around town in this vehicle, it brought far more attention than I liked.

"Feels like you brought your whole wardrobe back home with ya Bells". My Dad commented as he struggled to fit all my belongings in the trunk.

"I did". I answered honestly, as I sat in the passenger seat.

"Do we really need to have this argument every summer"? He asked with a sigh.

"Obviously we do Dad, since every summer, you ignore what I want". I bit back, more harshly than was needed right now, but I was desperate.

"And I've told you Bells, your school is one of the best. I work long hours, and I don't want you all alone all the time". Ahh the same old reasons.

"Dad, when are you going to stop seeing me as a little girl, I'm 16, nearly 17, perfectly capable of looking after myself for a few hours after school. What do you seriously think we do after school back in the dorms. We take care of ourselves, and I hate to break it to ya Dad, but I've been doing that since I was 10".

"The answer is no Bella". He said it in such a final way, which usually would have shut me up, but no, not this time, I was not backing down.

"Fine, you put me back on the plane at the end of summer, but I won't be staying in Phoenix, I'll just get on a plane to somewhere else, start a new life, somewhere I can be happy".

"Isabella, you're being over-dramatic".

"Am I Dad? You just don't seem to grasp how truly unhappy I am in Phoenix. If you loved me at all, you would at least let me try a semester in Forks". I told him harshly, tears pricking my eyes. "You have no idea, how many nights I cry myself to sleep, wishing you would one day wake up and miss me, and want me around". I turned my attention to look out of my window

"I do want you around Bells". He told me, grasping my hand, causing me to look up at him. "But"...

"DAD WATCH OUT"! I screamed, as a van hurtled towards us, flying through the traffic lights.

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