Kittenn: I wrote this on the spur of a moment. Why? Well, Charlie had been friends with Billy black forever. He couldn't've not heard the legends. Just put two and two together and...

Left in the Dark

Because Charlie was smart man; and c'mon, after all those years with Billy Black he must've heard the legends.

His world had just gone crashing down. Then it began to burn.

Jacob Black, his best friend's son, had just announced that he was a werewolf.

And Bella? Well, she wasn't exactly human anymore either.

Charlie wasn't a stupid man. If he had to say, he'd say he was a very smart man. One who observes his surroundings.

After years of being best friends with Billy Black, he'd heard the legends. He was always rambling about his people being the descendants of wolves, and post-Cullen arrival he'd talk about the legends of the cold ones.

He'd always talk about why the Cullens weren't allowed on the reserve. He believed they were the cold ones from the legend.

Charlie wasn't naïve, and he knew as soon as Jacob told him he was a wolf.

As much as he hated to admit it, he knew what the Cullens were.

Cold Ones.


And Bella? He was worried that they killed her for food until Jacob told him that she "looked more like Esme than Renee."

She was one of them.

But at least she was alive. Sort of.

He didn't hate them. Or Jacob for that matter.

He just hated knowing. If they would've left him in the dark, he would've been happy. If they hadn't told him a thing, he wouldn't have figured out the rest.

Charlie was a smart man, and after all these years with Billy, they'd have to think he was stupid not to be able to do simple math.

Two plus two is always four.