Max Russo glanced at the glowing digital watch on his wrist. 2:48 am. It was a sure thing that everyone in the house would be fast asleep now to know what he was doing. He tip toed down the hallway until he reached his destination, a dark door at the end of the hall. He quietly slipped inside and saw his older brother Justin sleeping soundly in his bed, somewhat illuminated by the glowing numbers on the alarm clock and his collection of glow in the dark "Tears of Blood" posters. God he looked so sexy.

Max Russo was gay. Not only did he like other men, but he had a secret crush on Jusin for quite a while and tonight he was going to do wha he had always fantisized about. He silently crept to the side of Justin's bed and carefully pulled the comforter off of his brother. Justin was wearing a tight fitting gray muscle shirt and black boxers, Max felt his penis begin to swell at the sight. He kneeled down and placed his hand on Justin's crotch. His older brother subtly shifted at his touch but became still once more. Max slowly begin to rub Justin's groin through the fabric of the boxers. He used his hand to trace the outline and grooves of his bro's sac and dick (which according to what Max was feeling was pretty big....and growing hard!!!) After he bagan to feel Justin's cock begin to swell, Max brought up his other hand and slowly and carefully pulled down the silky shorts.

Max's guess was right. Justin's semi-hard erection lay on his bare leg and it was about 6 inches in this state. It was surrounded by dark tufts of curly pubic hair and two large, juicy balls dangled below. Max's almost hard cock immediatly sprang to full attention. He reached out a hand took the dick in his grasp. He stroked it a few times until it was 10 inches and fully erect, which didn't take long. (God knows Justin wasn't getting much from anyone at school.) He slowly leaned forward and took his brother into his mouth. The feeling of the swollen head lighting bruching his lower lip and it passed through was enough to make Max aware that he was in Heaven. The taste of his brother..."Holy Fuck" he thought to himself "I never imagined him to taste THIS good!" The flavour of salty precum, warm delicate foreskin and a hint of sweat was the best thing that Max had ever tasted! He began to suck the magnificent cock. He manageto take about 5 inches of it before gagging...more than he thought he would be able to.

A sudden noise made him jump and choke on the cock in his mouth. He glanced around the room. The Max realised it was Justin moaning in his sleep. Max grinned to himself and went back to what he was doing. He began to play with Justin's balls while his brothe moaned and gasped the whole time. He felt Justin's balls begin to tighten and heard a moan before...a hot, creamy liquid filled his mouth. He drank it all down. Satasfied now, he replaced Justin's boxers and comforter and stood up. "Wow. That guy can sleep through anything" Max said quietly to himself. The a voice from behind startled him again...

"I was never asleep"