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(Rosalie's POV)

"Girls, are you ready? It's time to go!" Esme called up the stairs. "Almost!" Bella, Alice, and I called in unison from Alice's ridiculously enormous bathroom counter. I fluffed out my curls, checked my sparkling white teeth for lipstick, and swiped another coat of mascara onto my eyelashes. I admired my reflection in the mirror, and smiled with satisfaction.

"Ok, I'm going to count to ten, and then I'm leaving with or without you! ONE! TWO! THR-". By the time Esme had made it to "-EE!" Alice had seen what I would do and was right with me. At "FOUR!" we scooped Bella up into our arms. As Esme reached "FIVE! SI-" we were down the stairs and gently putting Bella down, feet first.

"Fast enough for you?" Alice giggled. Bella glared. She seemed slightly dazed, and a tiny bit dizzy.

"Perfect, but next time, could we actually go faster instead of the alternative?" Esme said pointedly, who was dressed in a simple, sparkly, black sheath dress.

"Can we go now?" Bella asked. "We're going to miss our dinner reservation." Bella still appeared to be unhappy about the entire event.

"Alright! Come on out, you guys! We have to GO!" I called, my voice just a bit above normal. I knew they would hear me.

Emmett, Edward, Carlisle, and Jasper slunk in from the kitchen.

We all said our farewells, with a reminder to: be home by 12 p.m., not go to a strip club, and to call in case of an emergency.

We were taking Carlisle's Mercedes; Alice took the wheel, and we went from 0 to 120 in 20 seconds. We squealed with excitement as we left the town's limits

The car seemed to emit human screams as we screeched to a stop into a parking space of the Emerald Forest Mall in Downtown Port Angeles.

"Alice! Are you trying to kill me?" Bella squealed agitatedly. The three of us merely giggled in response.

We always drove like that! Silly Bella , I thought. The car doors slammed as we exited the sleek, black car. I adjusted my soft leather purse strap and giggled for no reason. The four of us headed towards the mall entry, laughing, joking, and wondering out loud if we were going to make it to our dinner reservation (the meal was for Bella) since Alice was undoubtedly going to make us visit all of her favorite stores.

"We could always… skip shopping…" Esme suggested gently. Bella and I looked fearfully at Alice. When it came to shopping, Alice could have an untamable wrath.

This comment made her stop in her tracks. "Skip… shopping…?" To her it must have been unthinkable.

I swear, Alice would've had a fit right in the parking garage if Esme hadn't chose to cut in.

"Well, Alice, it is Bella's bachelorette party. Don't you think we should do what she wants to do?" Her tone was calming. Should have brought Jasper, I thought.

Finally, Alice got her breathing under control. "Fine." Her voice was acidic. "But it's only because you're my sister to be."

Bella breathed a sigh of relief. "Oh, but what about dinner?"

"Right! Let's move." Alice said airily as we entered the mall.

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