Cullen Girls Night Out

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Chapter 6

(Rosalie's POV)

Ewwww! I seriously HATE reptiles! I thought. That swami dude is soooooo going to pay for this.

"…then I will make her—but not the lizards mind you—disappear!" the man said to the crowd mysteriously; he was obviously trying to hype up the crowd, and it appeared to be working. He's gonna do what?! I did not agree to this! This was outrageous. What would happen when he made me disappear? Where would I go? What if he couldn't make me reappear? I was brought out if my panicked thoughts by the man—I noticed a nametag that said Mr. Das—removing the iguanas, I think they were, off of his head and onto my arms, shoulders, and head. AHHHHH! Slimy, scaly, filthy, disgusting….uh…retiles! Mr. Das then took out the velvet cloth he had been holding during his explanation, bringing it on front of me with an overly dramatic flourish.

"Ok, and on the count of three…one…"— I gulped —"two…"—I got a lump in my throat —"three!" I screamed.

(Emmett's POV)

Oh, my God! What did that dude just do to MY WIFE?! I thought franticly as gasps rippled throughout the audience. I had to get over there! But what about getting caught? My stupid subconscious yelled at me. I decided to anxiously wait and see—with great difficulty—what this nut job was going to do next. From where I was in the crowd, all I could see was a very large pile of reptiles—iguanas' maybe? —where Rosalie was a few moments ago. Now the man was waving a red velvet cloth over the lizards, and counting down from three. And, to my amazement, a tall blonde silhouette appeared in a small puff of smoke. Once again, a loud round of applause ran throughout the crowd. As for myself, I was ecstatic, cheering happily and jumping up and down energetically (let me tell you, I got a few curious stares from the rest of the audience!). Just then a thought popped into my head: Where was the backup I had requested?? Just then, I felt my arms being grabbed from behind me, and I was being pulled.

"Who are you, and what do you want?" I asked, panicking somewhat.

" Relax dude, it's us!" Jasper's voice said almost humorously. I felt a wave of tranquility wash over me.

"Thanks…Smooth Jazz!" I couldn't help but taunt him a little bit!

Ok, now that we're out of the danger zone, what next?" Edward asked Jasper.

"Now, we should go to a relatively quiet area and discuss what we have discovered so far.

"Huh?" I asked, thoroughly confused.

" We go to quiet place and talk!" Edward said slowly as if talking to a toddler.

"Oh, shut up, Mind Freak!" I growled.

We all gave a quiet chuckle and headed towards the men's restrooms.

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