By MySoapBox


Dear Mom and Dad,

I know this may surprise you but I've had a change of plans. I've been approached about a job. It was an offer I couldn't refuse, so, I'm leaving in a week. I'll be flying out San Francisco for a two year mission in Uganda. They say I won't be able to contact you often so I'm coming home this weekend to see you before I go.

I know you worked hard to get me into that fellowship Dad, but I feel as if destiny is calling me another way. With my training and background, I have a lot of skills to offer. And I feel a real need to make a difference in this world - to make it a better place. With you two as parents, how could I not?

You know that girl, Kaitlin, that I've been dating off and on for past couple of years? I've asked her to come with me and she agreed! I finally took the plunge and told her how I really felt. One of the many thing I learned from "the talk" we had my sophomore year, is that life is too short to leave anyone you love behind.

See ya soon,

Charles John Bartowski M.D.

The newest recruit of Doctors Without Borders.

Author's Notes:

It is with bittersweet feelings that I end Revelations. It's fitting that I do so on my birthday. There is no gift that I could buy myself that would be more meaningful to me. So, I hope you'll indulge me as I wax nostalgic for a moment.

This story has been such a large part of my life the last three months. Thank you for taking time out of your life to take this journey with me. I was amazed week after week that hundreds and hundreds of you joined me to find out what happened next to Sarah, Chuck and Charlie. Thank you for reading. Extra thanks go to those of you that took time to review, and the few of you that reviewed chapter after chapter. Yes, I noticed you!

This has been my first full-length fic and the writing has been a journey of self discovery. Revelations began its life as an 8,600 word one shot called Like Mother, Like Son. The story was, basically, Sarah telling Charlie (his name was Andrew then) about her life as a spy. Yes, it really was just Sarah and Charlie sitting there and Sarah talking – for 19 pages! It was only the 2nd fic I had ever written. I sent the story off to Sharpasamarble, who was kind enough to volunteer his beta services to a new inexperienced writer. He gave me an honest review. The story didn't work – Sarah just doesn't talk that much. He challenged me to take my favorite scenes and turn them into flashbacks. Revelations was born. The plot of Revelations mirrors exactly the plot of Like Mother, Like Son, up until chapter eight – when I decided that Sarah deserved a much more heroic ending than the one I originally gave her.

I'm sure Sharp didn't anticipate when he issued that challenge that it would mean three months of fielding my emails and doing beta. For those who don't know him, Sharp is one of the Grandfather's of Chuck fanfiction and he's been generous enough to take me under his wing and teach me some of the things he knows. Sometimes it was hard opening his beta copies and seeing them covered in red ink, but it always challenged me to take my writing to the next level. He is mentor and friend to me. Thank you Sharp for all your hours of work on my behalf. When Revelations has disappeared deep into the archives of Chuck fanfiction, the skills I have learned will continue to be a blessing to me.

Additional thanks go to Timewalker05 who was a sounding board for me many times, and who stepped in and beta'ed a few times as well. I've made many more friends along the way and that, to me, has been the best blessing of writing in this fandom.

This will be my last chapter story for awhile. Summer is here, school is almost out and I have four children and a Mr. MSB, that would like to have more time to spend with their mom/wife. I am, however, writing a round robin story with the group Authors Intersect. So for more Chuck adventures, check out Chuck vs the Terrible, Horrible, NG,Really Bad Day.

God bless.