This is supposed to come after my other story Legacy because the female character is going to be introduced at the end of it. Somehow this one took over in my head though, so it got finished first.

A few things to think about before you read it...
This is just my take on what would happen if there was a girl that really got to Dean, one that he could possibly have met his match in. Now I'm not sure you'll like the her or if at times you'll want to smack her, but she is what she is. To me (and you don't have to agree) she would be the kind of girl that could drive Dean nuts. He'd like her, but she'd be a challenge for him. She'd be pretty similar to him in a lot of ways, know how to push his buttons, and still be someone he's attracted to because of how much she seems to get him.
This whole story is lacking a supernatural quality, well there is one, but the mention of it is so minimal. It's way more character and character-thought driven, and a lot less hunt inspired.

Please note
that you will come across swearing in this story. Along with references (ie. use of agent names, insults, song titles in a scene or two, etc) that will pop up in spots.

Now that you've heard that, hopefully you'll like what I've done with Dean and exposing the layers we know he has. He's a complex guy after all, and this is just my take on what he might be like if he let some of those layers underneath show a little more. If you don't agree or don't like it, well, not much I can do there.

Hopefully this OFC is, well... someone you could see Dean liking even though she's sometimes annoying, stubborn, and bitchy. She has her reasons though for being the way she is at times, which you'll eventually find out.
She may totally be a Mary Sue (all that MS stuff does my head in!) but I hope she's not the most annoying one you've run across, or that she's actually not too much of one. If you feel she is, then I'm willing to hear your thoughts about how/why and the possible ways to shape her into less of one. The criticism is what helps make a better story and also helps with growing as a writer.

It goes without saying that the Winchester boys are not my creations/characters. Hope I've done them some justice though when I play around with them in fanfic.

Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for checking it out :)
And if you have any comments or suggestions, I'm interested to hear what you have to say.

"Can I help you?" The woman behind the desk of the morgue in the latest city that Sam and Dean were in asked them as they stood in front of her dressed in their suits.

"Agents Campbell and Englund, we'd like to see the remains that were found two days ago," Dean said as both he and Sam flashed their fake badges quickly.

"More agents? Wow, you guys must really be interested in that body. There's one of you in there already… an Agent Benatar. You two know her?" The female clerk peered at them for a moment, and then focused back on her computer's monitor.

Dean and Sam traded looks, their brows slightly raised in question at each other over who could be in there already. Both of them curious to see if it was someone they knew.

"Really? Hmm, the wires must have gotten crossed. Guess the office forgot to mark down which agents they were sending out. Happens all the time." Dean flashed a big charming smile at the clerk. He knew she'd believe the lie. She was too occupied with whatever she was doing on the computer anyway.

As if on cue, a door opened and the woman in question strolled out. The sound of her heels could be heard clicking on the floor as she walked down the hallway towards the desk.

"There she is now," the clerk said, barely looking away from her computer monitor.

Both Sam and Dean looked at the woman that had emerged and then at each other. They knew exactly who she was and that she was just as much of an FBI agent as they both were – not at all.

The woman saw them immediately and wondered how to spin this one to keep them all from looking like morons. She knew what role they had played to get in here, she'd played it herself.

She flashed them a knowing smile. "Great, the boss sent the senior agents to spy on the junior one. Head on back, boys, and make sure I didn't miss anything for the report. I swear, the bureau sends a woman to do a man's job, but then has a man follow it up just to make sure she didn't screw it up since not only is she new, but she's also a woman. When will they ever learn?"

"Amen to that sister. Go back there, guys. Make sure the woman did her job right," the clerk chipped in, giving them a sarcastic smile. "Body's in drawer twenty."

"Senior agents?" Dean mouthed to Sam, looking annoyed. And he was annoyed, not believing he was crossing paths with this female hunter again.

"I'm sure you got everything, Agent Benatar, but we might as well have a look since we're here," Sam said as he gave her an apologetic smile, noticing how she was avoiding looking at his brother.

"I know you two like to see things for yourself, so I'll leave you to it then. Oh, and the file's on the counter in there." Agent Benatar smiled at them sweetly and then walked out the city morgue's front door.

Sam and Dean took the short stroll down the hallway, and then walked through the door the female hunter just come out of before and closed it behind them.

"Shit, what's she doing here?" Dean muttered out the question in an unmistakable irritated tone.

"Same thing we are, Dean. Manda's a hunter too," Sam answered, wondering what had his brother a bit uptight now.

"I know, it's just… did it have to be her?" Dean found the numbered drawer he wanted and opened the door, and pulled out the tray with the white sheet covered body on it.

"Better her than a real agent, or we'd be screwed right now." Sam pulled back the sheet and started looking at the body they'd come to see – the one they'd read about in the paper a day earlier.

[ - ]

Manda Chambers groaned as she got outside and looked around for Dean Winchester's Impala. "Terrific, just fuckin' terrific," she mumbled to herself.

She spotted the car a few feet down the street and walked over to it, annoyed and in thought.

Of all the cities, of all the leads… and they just happened to stumble upon the same one she had. She had thought she'd never cross paths with the Winchesters again, but she should have known better, that there was no escaping some things with the kind of luck she had. Manda didn't mind seeing Sam, but Dean…well, that was another story for another time, and one she wished was staying in the past.

She reached the Impala and leaned against the front of it as she waited for them knowing they'd only be about fifteen minutes anyway. So she made herself comfortable, knowing it would irk one brother to no end, and that was fine by her.

[ - ]

Sam and Dean hadn't found anything unusual about the remains, but it that still didn't mean there wasn't a case here. The whole thing sounded strange, but there had been no evidence of anything supernatural that had happened to the unidentified man. It appeared that he'd just died in a freak accident. The article had made it sound like it was weird, but once in awhile it was really nothing more than just some freak accident. But they couldn't be sure yet and would have to do a little investigating to see if there was in fact a job here.

They walked back to the car in silence and were a bit surprised to find Manda there waiting for them.

"Well, well, if it isn't the Winchester duo," Manda said, clicking her teeth.

"Hey, Manda, how are you?" Sam smiled.

"Aw come on, I just polished her and she doesn't need your ass print messing her up." Dean's voice was cold and irritated as he saw her practically sitting on the hood.

"Good. How are you, Sam?" She smiled at Sam, but didn't bother to look towards Dean and ignored him, remaining where she was.

"I'm, uh… we're good too," Sam answered. He found it weird she hadn't acknowledged Dean yet or bothered to move after he had made his comment.

Dean opened the driver's door, took off his tie and threw it in, then walked back to the front of the car.

Manda finally moved, taking a few steps closer towards Sam who was to her right. "So, I'm guessing you guys found what I found – nothing much."

"Yeah, I was sure there'd be something, but besides the slight bruising around the heart, there was nothing else to indicate anything unusal." Sam was finding it very weird now, the way Dean and Manda were acting towards each other wasn't normal. She had barely looked at him, and he just kept looking at her with something in his eyes that was hard for Sam to figure out.

"Might still be a job here, but we can handle it while you leave to find another one," Dean said bluntly.

"And miss all the fun? Nah, I think I'll stick around for a few days. You guys might need some help just like you did last time." Manda tried to turn to face him, but just wouldn't let herself.

"Look little Miss Paranormal Nancy Drew, there probably isn't a case here, so just hunt down another one and help someone who needs it. But hey, if you're that desperate to stick around, then suit yourself." Dean leaned against his car.

"I'm sure if there's a job around here, whoever figures it out first can take it. And either way, a little help can't hurt depending on what it is." Sam felt uncomfortable suddenly from the tension.

"A compliment coming from a glorified Carl Kolchak, why thank you," Manda retorted as she turned slightly, but still didn't look at directly at Dean.

"Tell me, Manda, how's that Velma's my role model thing working out for you?" Dean shot back.

"Better than the pretending Daphne was my girlfriend until I changed the channel and modeled myself after the Fonz act you've had going on for most of your life, Dean" Manda snapped back at him.

Sam laughed at the insults they had thrown at each other, they were quick and good. "Okay, what the hell is going on here?" he asked, looking between both of them curiously.

"Nothing," both Dean and Manda replied at the same time.

"Uh huh." Sam didn't believe either of them. Something had to have gone on between them to cause this thick tension and behaviour.

"I better go, nice running into you guys. Call me if there's something you need, Sam, I'll be here for another day or two."


"Guess I'll see you around then, Sam." Manda finally glanced out of the corner of her eyes towards Dean. Her eyes flashed something warm for a brief second and then got cold looking. "Dean." She walked away and headed towards her own car.

"Bye," Sam called out after her, a weird expression on his face.

Dean stood there silently watching her as she left.

"Dude, you want to tell me what that was all about?" Sam asked Dean as soon as Manda was clearly out of earshot.

"What was what about?" Dean pretended he didn't know what Sam was talking about.

"Um…you and Manda, what the hell was that?"

"Nothing." The word rolled off his tongue.

"Nothing? Dean, you were staring at her and she was trying too hard not to look at you. Then when she finally did look at you, I could have sworn she was about to attack you. What the hell happened between the two of you?"

"It was nothing," Dean lied. Something had happened, but he wasn't about to tell Sam what it was.

"Fine, but if you don't tell me about it I could always call Chuch and ask her what she knows."

"Leave it alone, Sammy." Dean walked over to the driver's side and got in the car. "Let's go."

Sam just nodded and got in on the passenger's side. He didn't know what to say, and he sure as hell didn't know what was going on. But he did know that his brother was usually never like this when it came to anyone, especially a girl.

As they drove away a moment later, Sam knew he was going to have to call Chuch and ask her if she knew what had happened in those few days between his brother and her friend after they had all helped saved her a month ago.

Campbell and Englund - Bruce Campbell, Robert Englund (actors... mainly horror flicks.) If you don't know who they are... Evil Dead & Nightmare on Elm St. should clear that up for you.
Benatar - Pat Benatar (singer)
Nancy Drew... well you should know that one.
Carl Kolchak - Kolchak: The Night Stalker (70s tv show)
Velma and Daphne (Scooby Doo cartoon)
the Fonz (Happy Days tv show)