"Logan," she pants, pulling her mouth away from his. He stops, his breathing heavy, his eyes opening slowly to focus on her. "Logan, do you…do you have your camcorder here?"

"What?" he breathes, his brow furrowed in confusion.

She bites her bottom lip, embarrassed. "Your camcorder. I thought…" She trails off, inhaling deeply.

"Seriously?" he asks, his hands falling away from her back. "That's something you really want to do?" He doesn't sound exactly thrilled about the idea, more surprised than anything else.

She's quiet at first, her eyes downcast. "I don't know."

Logan's known Veronica for a long time, and he prides himself on knowing her, really knowing all of her, better than anyone. But this throws him.

"Is that what you want?" he asks, his voice softer now. The last thing he wants is for her to feel ashamed for asking about it, but he feels the need to reason with her.

She shrugs. "We can delete it after, right? And Dick's gone, so we're all alone tonight."

Logan reaches to cup her cheek as he stares into her eyes, studying her face for any tells. He doesn't want to ask her again for fear she'd find it patronizing, so he promises himself that he'll gauge her comfort levels in the bedroom. "Okay."

She nods slightly and then moves off of his lap to stand and hold out her hand for his. He rises from the couch and follows her lead into the bedroom, closing the door behind him.

She sits on the bench at the foot of the bed while Logan sets up his video camera, which hasn't been used since Dick borrowed it to tape himself for his very short-lived video blog.

"Are you sure about this?" he asks again, watching Veronica nervously tap her foot while she waits for him to finish positioning the tripod.

"We can always stop and erase it," she reasons. "Are you okay with it?"

Logan focuses the camera, making sure the bed is framed properly in the shot. This is Bizzaro world, he thinks, especially going from a Disney movie marathon to choreographing their own sexcapades. But if it's what she wants, really wants for reasons he might not even understand, then he'll go along with it. The idea to do this himself had never really crossed his mind, at least not since the revelation of his father's proclivities. And especially not since Dick showed him the video of Veronica with Piz. It seemed more like a mood killer to him; unpleasant reminders of things best forgotten. Hell, even porn wasn't the same after that, which certainly didn't make being a single teenage boy any easier.

He wonders if negative associations with what should be nothing more than a private kink are driving Veronica right now. That he could relate to. Trying to cover up bad memories with good ones is how he tries to live his life now, and Veronica herself is a huge part of that.

"Logan?" she calls, interrupting his thoughts. He looks up from the viewfinder to see her worrying her bottom lip again, her hands gripping the edge of the bench.

He has his doubts, but he's not going to let her know that. So he grins as he presses the record button. "Are you ready for your close up?"

Veronica visibly relaxes when he smiles and jokingly raises her hands to cover her face. "Please tell me that's not a high definition camera."

"You kidding? Nothing but the best."

She lowers her hands to find Logan moving toward her. The expensive digital camcorder is on, positioned off to the side of the bed. Anything is better than overhead security cameras.

"Hey," he says, kneeling in front of her, "anytime you want to turn it off, just say the word."

"You too," she amends, leaning forward to rest her forehead against his. She can feel his warm breath against her face, their lips only inches apart.

"How do we even get started with this?" she asks, her eyes closed as she relaxes against him.

Logan pulls back, rising to his feet to stand beside the bed. He reaches for the hem of his t-shirt, yanking it up and over his head in one quick movement before throwing it off to the side. Then he moves to the mattress, resting on his knees with his back to the mess of throw pillows at the top of the bed.

Veronica turns in her seat on the bench to watch him, his muscled chest bare now, the vee of his hips peeking from the top of his low slung jeans. She tries to forget about the camera, about her nerves, about Aaron and Lilly and Piz, about anything that's not Logan and Logan's abs. She sits back straighter now, focused and resolved, and then moves to climb on the bed. She walks on her knees to position herself in front of Logan, her hand reaching out to pull at the waistband of his pants.

"Not yet," he instructs, covering her hand with his own and moving it away from his fly. "I want to go slow tonight."

She nods in agreement. Slow sounds nice. They haven't been together since the previous weekend, and then it was a just a blur of sex, the euphoria from their recent reunion spurring them on.

They kneel directly in front of each other, planning their next move as if it were a game of chess. Finally Logan licks his lips and moves in for a kiss. She meets his mouth halfway, her arms locking around his neck as his tongue pushes past her lips.

Veronica's fingers dance up along the nape of Logan's neck, moving up to thread through his hair as she pulls him to her. He moans against her mouth, his hands, palms open, moving from her waist to her back. God, he loves how small she is, the tininess of her, the way his hand spanning her backside almost covers her completely. He reaches lower to cup her ass, lifting her up and closer to his chest.

She's wearing a black thermal tee, its softness against his front a pleasant contrast to the rough denim of her jeans. His fingers glide under the bottom of her shirt, tracing against her soft skin. He breaks the kiss then, and she raises her arms so he can pull off her top. They can go slow when they're undressed, he reasons, throwing the shirt across the room.

He pulls back to appreciate the sight of Veronica in a very pretty white lace bra, her pale breasts heaving, her long blonde hair falling around her shoulders. Their hesitancy now reminds him of the first time they slept together. They went slow then, taking their time to kiss and caress every inch of skin as it was revealed to them.

She shifts to take the weight off of her legs, pulling her feet out from under her to sit on the mattress. Logan moves with her, leaning forward on his hands and knees, trapping her between his arms. She ducks her head, smiling, and he grins as he lowers himself, taking her mouth in another kiss.

Veronica grips his shoulders as she falls back against the bed, their lips locked together. He relaxes on top of her, letting her take more of his weight as he straightens his body to lie flush with hers. Her hardened nipples rub against his chest as she moves her hands down his back, the tips of her fingers gently tickling him. Logan moves his mouth to her chin, kisses along from her jaw line to the back of her ear. She stretches her neck, telling him without words where she wants him, and so he latches on to her pulse point, suckling at her skin with vigor.

She turns her head for easier access, her eyes tight shut and mouth open in pleasure as she moans his name. Slow is good, but she's not sure how much more of this she can take.

"I've thought about you all week," he confesses, his lips against her collarbone. He moves lower, pressing open mouth kisses along the top of her breasts, and then looks up to watch her as he pulls down her bra cup, exposing her to him.

"So have I," she tells him just as his tongue makes contact with her nipple. "Mmm, I've thought about this."

He smiles against her breast, kissing all along her skin. "Me too." He rises up on his forearms, aligning his face with hers. "You'd be so annoyed with me if you knew how much time I wasted thinking about fucking you."

She's far too turned on to be annoyed now. "I think about it too, you know."

He pretends to be scandalized, his eyes widening comically. "Really?"

She laughs softly, her hands once again at his shoulders. "You'd be surprised."

"So surprise me," he whispers, nuzzling the tip of his nose along her cheekbone.

Feeling emboldened, Veronica pushes him back, moving to sit up and once again rest on her knees. She reaches behind her, unhooking her bra, and then slowly slides the straps down her arms. She watches as Logan stares unabashedly at her breasts, the bra falling to the bed, forgotten. "I've thought about tonight," she admits. "About what I wanted to do to you."

"What?" he pants, his eyes still on her breasts, his hands reaching out to cup her.

She unsnaps the top button of her jeans. "Lots of things."

"Like what?" he presses, his voice growing more desperate.

Veronica lowers her zipper and then pushes her pants down her thighs. "I want to go down on you tonight," she tells him, falling back on her ass so she can kick off her jeans. When she's free of them, left only in white thong underwear, she meets his eyes. "I want to go down on you and I want to swallow."

"Christ," he groans, his eyes closed.

"Sit back," she commands as she rises on the bed. Logan follows her orders, shifting to lie against the pillows. She tries not to think of the camera as she fumbles with his jeans. In all honesty, taping themselves wasn't something she planned when she thought about tonight.

She pulls at the waistband, yanking his jeans and underwear down his hips. His hard cock springs free, pre-cum already dripping from the tip.

Now this blowjob was something she planned. She's done it for him many times before, several times the previous weekend alone, but he never finished in her mouth. He always pulled her up so he could be inside of her when he came, or she would use her hand. The one time she tried to swallow, the only time she ever tried it before, she tried to take him deep in the back of her throat, and she ended up gagging, spitting it out against his stomach. She was embarrassed, disappointed in herself and how she must have measured up against all of the other girls he had been with, girls who were probably much better at it than she could ever be.

Logan never asked her to specifically do it, and when that happened, he acted oblivious, just falling back against the couch cushions, panting and seemingly sated from his orgasm as he ran his fingers through her hair. But she never tried it again.

Now she wished she had paid more attention to Lilly whenever she was reading from Cosmo, telling Veronica all about their hundreds of tips for the perfect blowjob. She had vowed to finish it right this time, proving not only to him but to herself that she could do it and do it well.

Veronica slides down in the bed, aligning her mouth to him as she lies on her tummy, propping herself up on her elbow so she can study his body. Logan's already bracing himself, his hands fisting the comforter, his eyes closed tight, his body taut. He's always so amazing with his mouth and she wants to return the favor.

She teases him at first, running her fingers along his hipbone, down the top of his thigh before she moves to his other leg, careful to not touch him where he wants it the most. When she finally takes him in her hand, she wraps her fingers around his shaft and lowers her head to dart her tongue across the tip to lick the pre-cum from his cock. She decides she likes the way he tastes, the salty warmth of him.

Logan moans as she continues to swirl her tongue against him while she slowly pumps her hand. She pays special attention to the head, as he's told her in the past that that's where it feels best. When her jaw tires, she shifts to rest her weight on both her elbows and focuses on using her hand, her saliva acting as the lubricant. She cups his balls and kisses the inside of his thigh until she gets her second wind, and then she slides her entire mouth over him.

He quietly pants her name, his hands entangled in her hair as he watches her. It takes an unnatural amount of self-control to not push her head down, but he manages, focusing all of his energy on her hot and wet mouth and how hard she's trying to make this good for him. As she runs her tongue up along the underside of his cock, her eyes lock with his, and that right there is almost enough to send him over the edge. "Please keep looking at me," he begs, breathless, after she closes her eyes. "Please."

So she does, opening her eyes so they can stare at each other as she continues to work him over in her mouth. It's sexy and empowering, how much he's enjoying what she's doing for him, and she presses her thighs together to try and alleviate some of the pressure from between her legs. The movement causes her ass to rise in the air, and Logan leans forward to grab at her there, his fingers digging into her skin. The change of position causes him to slide a little deeper into her mouth, and Veronica almost gags before she adjusts.

"You don't have to swallow, baby," he growls, nearing his climax, his eyes still locked with hers. "Just use your hand."

She ignores him and moves to take him deeper, her head bobbing up and down. Logan's back practically bows off the bed. "Fuck, Veronica. I'm close."

A few seconds later and he's coming, his hands squeezing Veronica's ass as she takes it all. As the last spurt slides down her throat, Logan falls back on the bed, panting in exhaustion.

Veronica continues to run her tongue down and around the top of cock until Logan shudders, too sensitive to take it anymore. She lifts her head, wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand.

His heart is still racing from his orgasm, and though he's usually brain dead after coming so hard, his thoughts are racing now, too.. Oh God, oh God, I hope she didn't do that for Piz. He never watched all of the video, couldn't bring himself to do that to Veronica, couldn't torture himself enough to watch anyway. He remembers his stomach dropping when he saw her hands inside Piz's pants, and as soon as she lowered her head, he slammed the laptop shut and demanded Dick tell him where the hell he got that.

"Did you like it?" she asks softly, her head resting against his stomach.

Logan squeezes his eyes shut, trying to even out his breathing. Fuck it, she's not with Piz anymore, she's with him.

"Logan?" she prompts again.

He opens his eyes as his pulse returns to normal, and smiles down at her. "That," he smiles widely, "was the best blowjob ever."

She grins at that, ridiculously proud, and reaches up to kiss him. He returns the kiss, eager to continue from where they left off, and sits up, pulling his jeans back up around his hips. He tries to position her on her back, and she moves with him, scooting up until she's at the very end of the bed, her hair falling over the edge and onto the bench.

"Now it's my turn," he tells her, his mouth at her ear. She closes her eyes in anticipation, and she can feel his breath against her skin as he moves down her body, his mouth hovering right over her.

He kisses her stomach and her hip, his chin resting gently against her pelvic bone, but he doesn't move lower. Veronica wiggles against him, frustrated, her hips rising up from the bed. "Come on, don't tease."

He laughs softly, smiling up at her with bright eyes. "We said we were going to go slow."

"Patience?" she huffs, rubbing her foot against his leg. "Not really one of my virtues."

Logan yields, hooking his fingers at the top of her underwear to pull them down her body. He untangles the lace from around her feet and throws them aside. She's spread before him now, completely naked, her hands above her head as she rocks her lower body against him.

"Look at me, Veronica." She stretches her neck, her eyes meeting his. He can already smell her arousal, see her wetness glistening against her neatly trimmed pubic hair. He instinctively licks his lips, hungry for her.

Sitting at her feet, Logan leans forward to caress her. He slowly runs his hands all over her, from the arch of her foot to her bicep. She mewls with pleasure, her legs falling open more with each pass up her body. His hand slides down between her breasts, then over her rib cage, down to her stomach. When he cups her with his palm, rubbing against her with just the right amount of pressure, she bends her knees, her feet flat on the bed. The move opens her completely to him, and Logan sinks to his stomach to finally taste her.

Veronica's back arches at the feel of his tongue on her. He wraps his arm around her leg, bringing his hand to rest at the top of her thigh, where he grips her tightly as his tongue moves to her clit. She whispers his name, bringing down her own hand to pull at her nipple. He looks up to see her palming her breast, and he smiles against her pussy, sliding down further to lick her harder. Her thighs tense as she nears her climax, and so Logan brings down his hand to spread her more, his thumb pushing against the hood of her clitoris to expose the tiny nub of nerves. When he sucks her into his mouth, as gentle and light as possible because he knows how sensitive she is to it, she comes hard against his mouth, murmuring things like, "Fuck," and "Logan," and "Oh, God."

The mixture of her cum and his saliva has made her impossibly wet, and he continues to run his tongue over her, reveling in her taste and scent. He's hard again, his erection pressing against the front of his jeans.

He pulls back from her, panting as he licks his lips, his mouth and chin wet. Veronica scrambles to sit up, rising on her knees to wrap her arms around his neck, pressing her breasts against his bare chest. She licks the shell of his ear, running her tongue down to nibble on his earlobe.

Logan groans, his cock painfully hard. His arms encircle her waist, his hands moving to her back. He runs his hands down along her spine, to the small of her back, to her ass. He can't touch her enough tonight and she loves it.

"I need you, Veronica," he moans, his hands sliding back up her body to entangle in her hair. He massages her scalp with his fingertips, and she keens in approval. "I want you so much."

"Mm, God yes," she agrees, pulling his head down to her so she can kiss him. She can taste herself on his tongue, smells her musky scent against his mouth.

"How do you want it?" he asks when she breaks the kiss.

She turns her head then, and Logan follows her line of vision to the camera set up beside the bed. He had forgotten all about it, instead focusing his energy on trying to please Veronica.

"Do you want to turn it off?" he asks, playfully nipping at her ear.

"No," she tells him, turning back to face him. "I want to do this."

He nods, ducking his head to kiss her tenderly. She sighs against his mouth, her hands pushing down his jeans and boxer briefs, the only things left between them. He shifts around on the bed so he can pull them off completely, and once he's divested of all his clothing, he falls back against the pillows.

Veronica rolls her eyes, but can't hide her smile, as Logan stretches out against the mattress, his arms behind his head. "You can have your way with me now."

"I don't even know where to start," she teases, running her hand down his chest. He loves it when she's flirty and confident, when she acts the same way in bed as she acts in life. It took her awhile to get comfortable with sex. Now she's so comfortable, he doesn't even know what to make of it. Hell, there's a digital camcorder with a flashing green light less than three feet away from them, and Veronica seems fine with it.

"Hey?" he asks softly, reaching for her hand to pull her to him. "Why do you want to tape us?"

She's obviously taken aback by his blunt question, but she smiles, trying to downplay her surprise, her mouth opening and closing as she tries to think of an answer. "Aren't you…curious?" At his furrowed brow, she elaborates. "Seems like a big thing with kids today, right?"

"Now Veronica, if all of the other kids taped themselves jumping off a bridge, would you?" he chastises. She bristles at that, and it takes a moment for him to realize what he just said. "Wow," he breathes. "Sex tapes, jumping-off-a-bridge jokes…is there anything my parents haven't ruined?"

"Logan…if you don't want to do this-"

"If you want to, then so do I," he tells her, serious now. "I just want to know why you want to."

"I don't really know," she answers honestly. "I just…I do."

Logan nods. "Okay."

Veronica leans in to kiss him then, and he wraps his hand around the back of her head, deepening it. She sighs into his mouth, rising to her knees and pulling him with her.

He moves behind her, both of them kneeling on the bed, and gathers her hair into his fist so he can kiss the back of her neck and her shoulders. "Is this all right?" he asks, gently pulling on her hair to bring her head back. She moans her agreement, turning her head to kiss him, her back flush against his chest.

Logan turns them so they're directly facing the camera, all of Veronica now on prominent display. "How about this?" She opens her eyes, stiffening when she realizes that she's right in front of the camera, completely naked, with an equally naked Logan behind her.

"Nobody else is going to see this," he whispers in her ear. "I promise."

She nods, but doesn't say anything, just continues to stare into the camera.

"We can move, if you want," he tells her, gliding his hands around to her breasts. "But this is something I would definitely want to watch later."

She swallows thickly, tilting her head back to rest against his chest.


"This is okay," she breathes.

"You're so gorgeous," he tells her as he continues to palm her breasts. "You're perfect."

She can feel him, hot and hard, against her ass cheek. She arches back to rub against him, bringing her arms up above her head to wrap around his neck. Logan tries to imagine the view from the camera, all of Veronica right in front of him, her tight body completely exposed.

He slides his hands down her body and rubs a finger against her opening to see how ready she is. She's still a little wet from their earlier tryst, but he wants her to really want it, so he continues to finger her, his thumb against her clit as he whispers in her ear.

"You're so fucking hot, Veronica," he moans, his lips at the juncture of her neck. "I love your body." He moves his hand from her hip to her waist, then further up to cup her breast. "You fit me perfectly."

"Mm," she groans, heat pooling in her belly as he continues to rub against her clit.

He licks along her pulse point, and he can taste the salt from her skin on his tongue. "I love your tits," he continues, palming her breast more roughly now.

She laughs softly, her eyes still closed against him as he touches her. "You're a modern day Shakespeare," she grins.

He smiles too, pressing a kiss to her temple. "You love it when I talk dirty to you," he says knowingly. She doesn't deny it, still smiling as he slides his finger inside of her. "Mm, you're so wet. See? I knew you liked it."

She spreads her legs more, wiggling her ass against him. "I'm ready. Please, fuck me."

He groans in frustration when he realizes that the condoms are still in the side table drawer. It's going to be physically painful to pull away from Veronica now. "I have to get a-"

"No!" she pants, covering the hand at her breast with her own. "It's okay for tonight. I'm on the pill."

The idea of fucking Veronica right now with nothing between them is like a wet dream come true, but it was only a week before that she was berating him for his sexual history. She's probably drunk with lust right now, he thinks, and he doesn't want her regretting something later. "Veronica-"

"Have you always used a condom before?" she asks, her hand rubbing against his. They always have in the past, and the idea that he wouldn't use one with someone else isn't something she really wants to think about.

"Yeah," he answers, his middle finger sliding deeper inside of her. She clenches around him, and the sensation drives him crazy. "Are you sure?"

She arches back, her ass brushing against his cock. "Now," she demands.

He doesn't have the willpower to argue, and so he lines himself up at her entrance, thrusting forward to take her in one quick motion. They both whimper at the feeling of him inside of her, and the wet heat of her surrounding him is the greatest feeling he's ever experienced.

"Logan!" she cries, pushing back against him, grabbing at his hand still fumbling at her clit. He can barely see straight, it feels so good. And it's just his luck that the one time he embarrasses himself with a quickie performance, it's on fucking tape.

"Please, Veronica," he begs, speeding up. "I can't last much longer."

"Almost," she moans, taking over to touch herself just where she needs it.

He's thrusting fast, his hands squeezing her breasts. She calls out his name again, clenching around him as she comes, and it's all he needs to fly over the edge with her. He explodes inside of her, his body sagging forward, almost toppling over her.

Veronica pushes against him, and he falls back against the bed, breathless. She smiles, just as winded, and curls against his side, resting her head against his chest. "I could fall asleep right now.".

"Me too," he agrees, his eyes already drifting shut.

"You need to turn off the camera," she tells him, poking at his side.

"And give up definitive proof that you snore? Forget it."

"Mm, go," she mumbles, moving to slide under the covers. Logan groans as he sits up. He's exhausted, and his legs feel like Jell-O, but he's probably never been happier. Veronica trusted him tonight in ways that he could never dream of, and he's surer than ever that she's absolutely it for him.

He wobbles towards the camera, grabbing it to remove it from the tripod, and presses a button to bring up the menu screen. He knows what Veronica needs to do.

"Babe," he whispers, shaking her arm to wake her. "Here."

He's holding the camera in front of her, the Delete screen up, Yes highlighted. All she needs to do is press the button.

She smiles up at him and takes it from his hands, permanently erasing the video. Their video, on their terms. He smiles back, placing the camera on the nearby table before climbing into bed with her. She sighs in contentment, rolling on her side so he can spoon her, and they both fall asleep within minutes.