a / n ;; inspired by stories from .oh my glitter and garters. and CherryFlavoredChalk, two of the best writers on this site (or at least for their fandoms). You wouldn't believe how long something so short took to finish. It's ridiculous. Written for the 30 kisses challenge on LiveJournal. uncapslocks intentional.

and for the sake of clarity, all of these drabbles are unrelated unless stated otherwise.

[twenty six: if only I could make you mine]

somewhere in the spaces between time and dimensions and his fingers as they rest on her cheek, she begins to love him.

rewind and reset; a flicker and flash of neon blue and black and snow. whispers of wingbeats and the crackle-pop of electricity. this is where it all begins--

--and ends. an ouroboros twisting its way around her throat; her life. and he might've counted his too if his hadn't ended with the other her, his her.

she's a ghost of what he remembers and more than he deserves. or, maybe, exactly what he deserves, because he couldn't save her from the electrode and binary code noose around her throat (porcelain white with a butterfly pulse he's felt beneath his lips many a time but quoth the ravencrowkarasu nevermore). never, nevermore. but here she is-- or isn't.

and this kind of thinking's dangerous, because she's flickering from twelve to twenty-two and back again in a one-two motion that's got his head spinning in circles, and this is La'cryma but it isn't, but ohitis, itis. not. it's an illusion and he musn't forget it. condensed and concentrated reizu particles (staring back at him with electric bubblegum eyes filled with something more than nothing, but he's not so blind as to realize that they shouldn't be).