straight line motion

[ seventeen : kilohertz ]
a / n ;;
La'cryma-verse, crazy short, comma abuse, and more YuuHaruka than KarasuHaruka (but it's almost the same ._.)

take a breath let it out slow.

The end of the world comes with the flip of a switch and baited breath (and the crackle-pop of electricity, a rip and a tear, and the sputtering sound of a dimension in quantum meltdown).

The sirens are blaring as they sprint down the crumbling streets, bodies surge and fall around them, bones crunch underfoot and babies scream. Her ears bleed red like the sky and she stumbles and he grabs her by the wrist.


Her face is caught roughly in his hands (there will be bruises there tomorrow, and that's the most beautiful thought that's crossed her mind since she can't remember when) and his lips feel like concrete and broken glass, but things like that don't matter on the edge of apocalypse, only running and rushing and living, and that's what they're doing the very next moment.

There are no vows, no wind-bourne whispers of love, only fear and raw moments, and it's almost enough, but not really.