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Sure, I'd miss Phoenix. I'd miss the hell out of it. I'd gotten used to the way things worked down here. I loved the sun. I much preferred the dry heat to the rain and fog of Forks. And I'd miss my crazy mother and her new husband, Phil.

Phil was a little too young for Renee, but it didn't bother me much. He made her happy. And he was fun. He was always smiling and laughing and he loved taking us to the movies so we could get ice cream afterwards and talk about whatever we'd just seen. Renee was crazy about him.

I didn't blame either of them for my leaving. I was proud of Phil. He'd worked so hard for so long to get into the Majors. And the thought of Renee being stuck at home with me while the love of her life was out swinging bats and sliding on dirt somewhere across the country was just plain depressing. They needed each other.

There was a part of me that welcomed the break. I was tired of being the adult. Phil was really just an overgrown kid, which was actually ok because it was part of his charm. And he still knew how to take care of my mom. He paid the bills and kept her somewhat under control. Renee was a different story.

She lived in some alternate universe. She'd get a wild hair up her ass about whatever new project she'd come up with and just forget about everything else. Part of me envied her for that. She didn't have a single worry. Another part of me resented her for it. I had to worry for her.

With Charlie, it'd be different. I'd still have to fend for myself, but I was looking forward to that. Charlie and I were alike in that we each stuck to ourselves, enjoyed our space, and didn't like to be hovered over. It'd be nice living with him again. Relaxing.

I loved to cook. I did the cooking in Phoenix because Phil and I were terrified of Renee's concoctions. I was looking forward to cooking for Charlie. No one ever did. It's a wonder he survived this long. Besides, I wouldn't have him eating at that old diner every night and he would starve if I didn't cook—the man couldn't even make toast.

Maybe, for once, I'd get to be the young one.

Really, I had four main reasons to be happy about moving back to Forks: Emmett McCarty, Alice Brandon, Rosalie Hale, and even Edward Cullen.

The four of us grew up together. We met in preschool and instantly became inseparable. I loved each of them so much it hurt. I was sad when I left Forks at the end of eighth grade for several reasons. Charlie for one, of course. But when I cried on the plane, I cried for them. Now it was the day before senior year and I was ecstatic to get to spend this year with them.

Emmett was my favorite person on earth. He was big. He was strong. He had brown eyes, curly hair, and dimples that reminded you of a toddler despite the fact that he was the size of a grizzly bear. He was the sweetest guy ever. Like a teddy bear stuck in the body of Atlas. I loved him. He was the big brother I would have desperately wanted had he not been around all these years. He looked out for me.

The second of the two times he was able to come see me was the summer between sophomore and junior year. He came for the weekend during spring break freshmen year, but just in the couple years since then he must have doubled in size. That's saying a lot, because Emmett was always the biggest. My first reaction when I saw him was to run away. The guy was HUGE! But the moment he saw me he wrapped me up in the biggest bear hug imaginable and spun me around. His size didn't change a thing. Emmett was still a big softy. I laughed more in the two weeks he was there with me that summer than any other time since I'd left. Three years is a long time to be away from the person who was best at keeping you sane. I needed my brother.

Alice and Rose were a force to be reckoned with. They were complete polar opposites. Two extremes. And I was in the middle, breaking up their bickering, calming Alice down when she'd get too hyperactive, keeping Rose from beating people up for looking at us wrong. I loved those girls.

Alice was the pixie. She was obsessed with fashion, makeovers, chocolate chip cookies, and 80s movies. The last time I saw her in person was my last day in Forks. She decided that as both an homage to my memory and as a way to start high school with a totally new look she planned to chop off all her beautiful black hair into a spiky mess. I knew there was no point in arguing with her once she made up her mind about something. And I'd seen the pictures. She was adorable. She really did look like a pixie now.

Thinking of Alice always made me smile. I had a soft spot for the little devil. She was quite possibly the cutest damn thing to ever walk the Earth, but she was tough as nails. She never backed down. She held her chin high. And for an elf-like girl who stood no higher than 4'10—a mere 3 inches taller than she was in 7th grade—she could be intimidating! Plus, she had an energy about her that was infectious. It emanated from her in waves. She was never in a bad mood.

Rose was something else entirely. Even when we were kids, she was the beautiful one. She should've been an actress or something. She had long, shiny blonde hair and a porcelain face any model would envy. She was tall and all legs. She towered over Alice at 5'8. But who was I kidding? I towered over Alice at 5'4! Rose didn't care about any of that, though. She cracked my ass up. She looked so damn elegant all the time without even trying, and then the moment she opens up her pretty mouth her complete and utter lack of class became painfully evident. That's what I loved most about her. She was sarcastic, crass, blunt as hell, loud, and didn't give a shit what anyone thought about her. She was a total bitch in the coolest way possible.

My girls were the shit. And it's funny, because I've always hated being around other females. I hate the drama and the whiny bitchiness. It gets on my fucking nerves. Not Rose and Alice. They were different.

Edward was a dick. He'd always been a dick. He was always going to be a dick, and we fucking loved him for it at the same time as we hated him. I think that's why we kept him around. Who else was going to put up with his shit?

His problem was that he thought he was the coolest thing since sliced bread. We knew he really wasn't, so we took care of him and he really did love us. I mean, sure, he was even mean to us most of the time. Well, not Emmett. He never messed with Emmett. Who would? But he teased us girls mercilessly since we were five years old. The problem was that he'd say something so friggin mean and make you want to hate him for it. And then he'd smile and you just couldn't be mad anymore. I swear, way back in preschool I knew a whole lot of girls would have to get abortions because of him.

We all had an exceptionally good 6th sense about seeing someone's true character. I'm guessing that why we never really migrated to other groups. We liked each other and that was it. It didn't even matter that I was so far away. I was still a part of that group. That family. And Edward could be a dick all he wanted; we still knew it was bullshit. But I had a bone to pick with him. He never wrote me, never called, and never tried to visit even though his dad, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, was rich. When I asked Emmett about it he said Edward figured I wasn't coming back so why waste time getting all sad about it. It didn't change anything. I could understand that. But would it hurt to write? So when I got back I was gonna make him work to be my friend again. I was never all that close to Edward. Not like Emmett. He was always closed off. But he was one of us and he was gonna make it up to me.

My favorite part of any given week was the phone calls from my friends. We had a schedule. Alice called on Monday because she was too impatient. Her calls were always the longest. Rose called every Wednesday and talked mostly about Emmett. She always had a thing for him. What she didn't know was that he always had a thing for her, too. When you have two best friends who like each other, the only way to be loyal to both is to not say anything to either of them. Because of this, it took longer than I expected for them to get together, but they finally did during sophomore year. It was a Wednesday, so Rose talked my ear off. I couldn't be happier about it. Emmett's day was technically Saturday, but he almost always cheated and called on any day except Monday and Wednesday. Al and Rose put their feet down about that. Like I said, Edward never called. And to be honest, I never expected him to after I left.

I always wished Rose and Alice could've come visit me, too. At least once. But I understood that Rose's dad didn't want her traveling without a guardian and Alice's dad made her choose between a plane ticket and designer clothes. Naturally she chose the clothes and I never blamed her for it. She made up for it by sending me a huge scrapbook at the end of each school year. Each one was full of pictures, letters, stickers, dried flowers, all kinds of random stuff that always made me feel like I was right there with them. She made sure to put only the happy pictures in. I liked to imagine them having a blast together. On the last page of each one they'd sign it with a little note. They always made me laugh. Emmett warning me to keep my legs closed so he wouldn't have to kill anybody, Rose telling me not to be a frigid prude, and Alice telling me I'd better be dressing nice. Edward always said the same thing. "Hey, kid, don't get a sunburn, don't get knocked up, and don't you fucking dare get pretty behind my back." That always cracked me up because it really was the nicest thing he could come up with.

I never got knocked up, even though I wasn't a frigid prude either. I also wasn't a slut so Em really didn't need to worry. My wardrobe could never live up to Alice's standards, so I usually ignored that one. And I never got a sunburn. Of course, I couldn't get a tan either. It really sucked. It was like I repelled the sunlight. I was a swimmer. Swimming was the only thing I could do gracefully. Despite my clumsiness, guys seemed to like what they saw. I had a swimmer's body and a decent face. But I made sure they didn't stick around. I liked my space, I liked being in control, and I didn't really like any of the guys in Phoenix. They were pretty easy to scare off.

I thought about my friends the entire time I was on the plane, smiling the whole trip.

It was going to be a great year.

I hoped Emmett's dad had gotten around to installing the heated pool.


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