Author's Note: My first shot at Gargoyles fanfiction, so be gentle, folks. I recently got back into the fandom, rabidly devouring anything and everything out there, episodes and fics alike. Demona and Macbeth caught my attention much more so in my second venture into the fandom. I don't think I ever appreciated the complexity of their intertwined story until I was much older, but they instantly got bumped up to my top favorite characters list.

Note on my dialog: I will do my best to stay in-character and imitate the way everyone talks, but I decided against trying to imitate Macbeth's (or anyone else's) accent through writing. I tried but somehow it never turns out well. Also I like to throw in quotes from the show, but not in the places they would normally appear. Just a little easter egg hunt. See if you can find them. PS all the titles are song titles so I'll probably upload a soundtrack in my journal sometime in the future.

This story – with the exception of the prologue - starts out in medieval Scotland (1057 A.D.) and will continue into at least the late twentieth century. This means that some groups of chapters may span a few hours or days, others will be centuries apart. I'll label things, don't worry. Everything historical up until the first flashback in "City of Stone Pt. IV" remains the same as in the canon but diverges from there. You'll see what I mean with the first chapter. Pairings will remain canon for a while (ie Macbeth/Gruoch and mentions of Goliath/Demona when appropriate) but there's a strong possibility that this will turn into a Macbeth/Demona fic in the far future. It's not so much an exclusively AU fic as it is a "what if..." fic that changes one moment in time that affects the rest of... everything.

Lastly, I know that Greg Weisman has extended the Gargoyles universe far beyond what we see in the show and has discussed scenes between episodes that the fandom considers canon as well. While I read some of his discussions - and do tend to think he's brilliant ^_^ - I don't know nearly enough to follow those comments even in places where I can. So if I do something different, chuck it up to the nature of the story. I'll do my best to stick to familiarity.

So after that long ramble, please enjoy...

Symphony of Angels

By: Silver Spider


A Crack in the Ice

Wyvern Hill, Scotland, 1994 A.D.

The wind played through the woman's unruly bright red hair, rarely tied back even when the the coastal winds were likely to make a tangled mess of it. She inhaled the cool salty air, then stiffened as it brought back unbidden memories. Apparently some wounds did not heal nearly as well as others, no matter how many centuries passed.

Her companion, a tall man, stood beside her, hands tucked into the pockets of his long black trenchcoat. Unlike her stiff posture, his stance was casual and relaxed, but his keen, blue-gray eyes missed little.

"Need I even ask if you're frightened or should I just ask why?"

She did not reply, and he did not press further for which she was grateful. She was not ready to drop the shield of the illusion of strength, even around him. Not in this matter. The woman briefly wondered if she would ever be able to, before dismissing the thought as pointless. Her dark eyes focused on the empty parapets around the tallest tower of Castle Wyvern.