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Wherever You Are Is Where I'm At

Billy could not stop the tears that gently streamed down his face. A gentle breeze from the spacecraft ruffled his raven locks. Billy stared at the bright face in front of him. Teddy was doing his best to hold up a front so that he would not upset his boyfriend further. Teddy placed a large hand on Billy's right cheek. His thumb rhythmically stroked away the tears that glistened on the young hero's face, acting like a windshield wiper.

Billy choked out a sob. "How long will you be gone?" Billy's usually bright cerulean orbs were somber and sad. The boy looked up at the blonde whose crystal blue eyes swam with unsaid emotions. The crystal eyes made no promises. Billy's form was wracked with shivers, his slumped shoulders shaking with each new wave of remorse.

"It won't be too long Billy," he replied, ignoring the fact that the Skrull soldiers were standing guard on the ship's loading ramp surrounding the young Avengers. "I just need to get the Kree and Skrulls to end their war."

"That won't be easy," the raven-haired boy replied, leaning his face into the warmth of Teddy's comforting hand.

"Nothing ever is," Teddy noted as he frowned. "Text or call me."

Billy gave a half-hearted laugh. "Do you get service out in the deepest reaches of the galaxy? I bet the long distance charges must be killer." Teddy's face broke out into a grin. Billy sob-laughed and moved forward to be embraced by his boyfriend. The blonde kissed the smaller boy's forehead.

"You know what to do," Teddy said as they slightly rocked back and forth together in their loving embrace. Teddy tightened his arms, whispering into the young sorcerer's ear. "Just say my name three times and you'll be with me. I'll see you again." Teddy lifted Billy's chin in-between his thumb and index finger. Teddy kissed the boy lightly. Billy kissed back.

"I love you," Billy whispered lowly.

"And I you," Teddy said. Billy's eyes re-flooded with fresh tears that stung.

"Just hold me in your heart…I'll be back." Teddy kissed his boyfriend a last time. The younger boy stumbled backwards, almost tripping over the cape that fluttered behind him. Teddy waved solemnly once before the guards followed him into the recesses of the spacecraft. The loading platform lifted slowly, slowly cutting Teddy from Billy's view.

You'll always be with me, Billy though. In my heart and dreams…

With a shudder the ship began to gain altitude via its thrusters. Billy fell to his knees and bent forward, leaning against his forearms on the concrete of the building. Then he cried hard. Teddy's face materialized within his mind.

Just hold me in your heart.

Billy would wait. The day Teddy returned from his galactic diplomatic protocol as the king of the Skrulls would be the day his life was complete once again.

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