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Shall I begin at the beginning or the end?

But that does not matter, for both are always the same.

Shall I lie and say bravery was reflected in my eyes?

Or speak only truths of the piss that wet my pants in the face of death?

Then again, I should probably introduce myself. I mean, what are you going to do if you find out I'm lying to you? Hell, you are just a person who I didn't really care about. Name's Jack. Jack Hunt. Watch yourself now, I bite.

"Hey, you arsehole, pick up the shovel or I'm going shoot your brains out. Yeah, that's right, pick it up!"

I'm twenty-eight years old. Yeah, pretty young to be threatening people's lives, huh? Well, not really. Oh, hell, there goes that arsehole again.

"Pick it up!"

What's that he said? No? I'll give him the answer he deserves.

"Freakin' little arsehole got what he deserved..."

The shovel makes a fine weapon in fine hands. Ugh, the arsehole got blood on my nice, clean uniform. Do these Jews have any respect for me? Nah, they don't. But they don't know me. The real me.

I'm not all tough, you know. I have got a wife and a baby and a Jewish grandmum. Well, I'm not complaining. I mean, I'm up here, they're down there. Safe, right?

Not quite.

Having a dead Jewish grandmum makes me a target. A target that is damn hard to hit, but a target all the same. Oh, what the hell is the commanding officer yelling at me now?

Something to do with...? What? Get my skinny arse of the...? The wood is going to collapse? Oh, hell!


Where am I?

Ow, alright. Don't move. Got it.

Why you looking at me strange, like I'm in trouble?

What's your name? Yeah, you. Who else?

Oskar Schindler. Nope, never heard of you.

I would tell you my name, if it didn't hurt to talk.

Hell, no! I'm not risking my life for some Jews. Oh, great! I hurt the guy's feeling when I glared at him. Sorry, sorry, sorry. So, what happened to me? The freakin' building collapsed on me! And I lived? I must be some miracle guy to live through that fall. I'm a lucky arsehole, got that right. Hey, Oskar, do I look bad?

"Am I still dashingly handsome?"

Oh, look, I got you to smile a little bit. I really shouldn't try talking; it hurts like hell. Can you get me a mirror? Okay, fine, just sit there and stare at me with your big eyes. Stop asking me to join you! I can't, alright? I'm just a Nazi soldier. Stop fighting for my support as if I was a king or something.

Let's say you are right. That the Nazis are bad, Jews good . What am I, one little soldier, going to do? Fuhrer could probably flick me off the board. Why are you even here? Stop pleading; it is making my stomach hurt, though I'd never admit that.

Why did you pick me? What do I have on me that clearly says I'm of Jewish blood? What sign is hung around my neck that is invisible to me? Wait, don't go... I do kinda want company...


Ugh, my voice is weak and strained. There you go; come on, turn around and look at me. I might actually talk. Surprise, surprise, huh?

"Why me?"

You are sitting down now; I know I'm in for a long talk.

So, let me get this straight, you chose me because I'd be a good figurehead? Are you freakin' serious? A figurehead? Ow, being sarcastic hurts.

"What if I join?"

Okay, you're looking at me all hopeful now... You can stop anytime. But the hope stops my heart for a moment. Yeah, I get it. Love lives on, hate dies... I heard it all before... What you say your name was again?

My head is spinning like I was drinking. Ow, stop... Hell, I got to stop jumping off things, you know?

You are getting up again. Hey now, I'm not done with you...

Look at me! That's better.

The words are ramming into my lips; they want freedom.

"Fine, I'll join you. But what the hell does a figurehead do?"


My leg hurts.

My finger hurts.

My body is aching.

Hey, nurse, can you get me some of that sleepy pain medicine?

Yeah, a figurehead. Great job, right? Supposedly, I'm just supposed to look attractive and show the Jews I'm "friendly". Ha, friendly. What the hell does that mean anymore?

I think that Schindler guy's heart is in the right place, but his head is definitely not screwed on tight enough. Fuhrer can't be overrun by one man. He's supposed to be... What is he supposed to be?

Everything is slipping through my fingers and I can't catch it. No, come back!

Even when my eyes are closed, I can see the hope in Schindler's eyes. Stop it. No, I don't want to see it anymore. It keeps playing over and over again...

My whole body twitches. Ow... Nurse!

Convulsions are shaking my body. Blackness is seeping in my vision. I wonder if I look the same... Where's Lisle and Hamnet?

Huh? Nurse lady, why you calling for the doctor? I'm fine... Just a bit tired... Hey, stop poking me...

Ew, what the hell did you just made me drink? Can I at least get some water to wash it down? Hey, you, what are you still...?


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