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Three, Original Characters- You will find alot here, in the beggining anyways. But I would prefer if any complaints about relations stay quiet! I don't care if you dislike the fact that so-and-so is a character's second cousin. This is how the story goes. However, if there is something 'off' about the relation, for example, you don't think that the relative would react to 'so-and-so' in a certain way, let me know. I would like to keep characters as IC as possible.

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Prologue – Those Who Are About to be Forgotten

For some reason it was oddly quiet in the building that day- He later found out the reason for this of course, but even so, it was suprising.

"Transfer sir?" The cigarette almost fell from his mouth at the words his 'boss' gave him. Transfers only happened in extremely dire times, when the lack of staff was more important than other goals. Rare indeed. Gin looked over the file his boss had handed him while his boss nodded, the back of his chair facing him.

"That is correct Gin. Though you are more than capable of assasination, especially from long range, it seems that after the incident with Shuichi..."

"Shuichi was eliminated though. Unless there is someone else?" Sherry perhaps? No, she'd have to be an idiot to bring attention to herself like that. And Sherry was no idiot.

The boss spun the chair around, shaking his head. "No.. That is not the reason. For once it simply seems as though your secondary skills are required more than your first." Secondary? Wait, he couldn't possibly mean..

"You will have today to pack your things. Tonight at 9, a car will wait in the parking lot for you. You will take this car to Section F, where you will fill in as a scientist working on the correction of various poisons created in the past."

"Sir, isn't there someone more capable at this task than-"

"Gin.. You have heard the news correct? People outside are finding us.. More and more captured that must be killed before information escapes them. The Organization must go into lockdown. You can either go as a scientist, or go with a bullet embedded in your skull. This transfer is not merely a matter of capability.

"It is a matter of loyalty." Damn. The way he said this.. It was as though the section was a completely seperate country and he was the ambassador. Not to mention there wasn't much choice with the bullet comment.

"Understood." It was just a job, this was only temporary.. A few months, he'd be back to his usual assasination techniques. Picking up his files, he read over the last few lines before frowning. "... No smoking?"

"Ah.. Yes that would be correct."

"..... I will go pack in that case. However, if I could ask one last question sir.."

The elderly man across from him stared for a moment before nodding, Gin placing the files under his arm and crushing his cigarette in the ash tray. "Where exactly is this Section F? I have never heard of such a place."

Silence. And then a sigh..

"That Gin.. Is something even I don't know. Which is why this is a matter of loyalty.."

"Understood." With that he left the room, the words 'loyalty' ringing through his ears the entire walk to his car. For even the head of the branch to not know.. Section F was elusive indeed.