Compulsive Notes :3

Heyo fwends! Sorry i've been dead for so long! I just finally figured out how to write in the room. Thing have changed a bit for me, and i decided to write a story i couldn't relate to at all. I mean here you have the most popular guy at school, whose totally in the closet, and begins to stalk the new kid, oh and guess what, he's gonna have a lot to see! Oh wow!

Naruto tapped his pencil on the desk as he watched the clock intently.

"Mr. Uzumaki, would you like to tell us?" He moved his stare from the clock to the teacher.

"Would I like to? No...but I take it I have to?" The teacher let out a scoff sort of laugh and set down his white board pen.

"Very funny Mr. Uzumaki, but this is not clown school. If you want to make jokes, I'm just the principal would love to hear them." Naruto dropped his pencil.

"I'm good."

"Alright then. Sakura would you like to remind us what x over three thousand four..."The teacher droned on a long draw out question that Sakura promptly stated an answer, then how she got it, but Naruto just sighed. He looked at her pink short was naturally that color. Could that be a birth defect? He re-set his eye's to the forever ticking clock. Only five more minutes until class was over and he could head to gym. His favorite class...

A nudge in his side distracted him.

"Dude, Naruto." He shook off his glazed look when his buddy started laughing. "Your about to drool all over yourself, man." Naruto wiped his hand across his chin and felt the slobber.

"Kiba, may I ask what's so funny?" The teacher leaned over on to the desk next to him.


"Would you like to share with the rest of the class?" Kiba smiled and tilted his head in a scary manner. Naruto leaned over to him,

"I will pay you ten bucks to never do that again." The whole classroom erupted in laugher and the teacher gave up.

"Alright time to clean up, we'll pick this up again tomorrow. Naruto, Kiba please stay after class." Little chatter filled the room as Naruto flipped his binder shut. The ringing bell filled every classroom and hallway. Naruto and Kiba stood up to leave when the teacher stopped them.

"Guys, I know this is a time hormones, and friends, and sports and what not, but please I'm trying keep a class in order. I mean I've handled kinder gardeners with better attention spans then either of you. Could we keep the drooling over girls, and jokes in the halls?" They nodded in unison and walked out together. If only he knew.

"God he is such a tight ass." Kiba said after they were no longer in ear shot.

"Yeah I know." Naruto paused and motioned to the other side of the building, "But I got to get to gym so I'll talk to you later." Kiba nodded and they split paths.

Getting through the halls was a hassle during the day. Because he was in football, wrestling, basket ball, and other assorted clubs, he was able to roam the halls after school when students were home. But when school was in, it was a miracle if you could get to your next class without running into everyone you walked by. Short kids usually went home with bruises. But all this was a small price to pay for the great school this truly was. Finally he got to the locker room. Some guys were already changed, and a few were just now arriving.

Naruto walked up to Shikamaru, who pointed quickly to the small office, before opening his locker.

"Fresh meat?" Naruto asked Shika, he nodded.

"Yeah, someone told me he just transfer from across state. Said they moved because he was causing to much trouble, and was expelled from his last school."

"For what?" By this time they were both down to their boxers.

"He was found nude in the bathroom. How bothersome."

"Bothersome? Dude that's some crazy shit right there! But why didn't they just move him to the other school?" Naruto said.

"Naruto, I don't know everything about the kid, I just heard he was expelled from his last school! Maybe they wanted knew scenery." Bother the boys were now dressed down and slipping into sneakers.

"How annoying."

"Why don't you just go ask him yourself? He's on his way over here now." The boy walked up to them with a small note card and began to spin the dial.

"Hi! I'm Naruto, and this Shikamaru. We call him Shika for short." The boy stopped and turned to look at them, silently before putting down his new gym clothes and beginning to change.

"Is it true you were expelled?" Naruto asked eagerly.

"Don't cut to the chase at all, god Naruto." Shikamaru stood up and walked over to the bathroom area. Sasuke slipped his shorts over his slender hips and looked over at Naruto. The row was practically empty because it was the tall lockers that people usually didn't get a chance to have.

"Well, what's your name then?" Naruto ask standing up to look him in the eye.

"Whatever you want it to be, baby?" Sasuke whispered. Naruto took in a small amount of air before letting a confused expression fall on his face.


"What?" Sasuke mocked, before sitting down to put his shoes on.

"Did you just say what I think you said?"

"Yeah, I said my name was Sasuke." Naruto gulped hard and shook it off before walking away. Had he just imagined it or did Sasuke say what he thought he said. Sasuke better not blow his cover. There was no way his friends would accept him if he was gay. But he had to secretly get to know this guy. There was something off about him.


"See you tomorrow, Naruto."

"Bye Kiba. Hey tell you mom to make a place for me at the dinner table Friday night!" They both laughed,

"Alright, man." Naruto walked up to his car and opened the door to pull himself in. Yeah it wasn't top of the line, but it got him from point A to point B without screeching, crying, sighing, or blowing up. He wasn't aloud to have a nice new car until he turned eighteen and moved out. His parents were bribing him to move out, the last thing they wanted was their son to be living with them until he was thirty. Yeah, like that would happen.

While digging through his bag for his keys he spotted Sasuke, who was walking to a car too. Naruto stopped and watched him as he got in a car, started it up and began to back out. Naruto quickly pulled out his keys and started the engine. Out of the parking lot it sped with Naruto hot on it behind.

Naruto didn't know why he was following this guy, why he was so curious about where he lived, and what he was like, but Naruto continued down the paved path. Every once and a while he'd slow down or turn a around a block to throw Sasuke off. So that maybe he wouldn't realize he was being followed. Eventually the car stopped and Naruto turned around the block again.

This time he didn't go around once again, he knew where Sasuke lived now, he'd be back sooner or later. He was going to find out more about this guy weather he was going to tell or not.

It's only the first chapter. I know. It sucks, but it'll get betterquickly. I'm just kinda rusty.