Okay so, this is the epilogue slash first chapter to the next story...but I'm not 100 percent sure when I'll start that, because I have an idea for a new story...but I wanted to get this up, I do know that the second chapter will be more focused on a subject I've rarely touched upon, discrimination. Because I started noting that it's truly ridiculous how many people choose to turn away the LGBT community. And while I like writing about a perfect world were everyone is happy and gay, I think it's time I brought forth a new light I'm seeing more often.

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"Mom? Dad? I'm home, I want you to meet someone..." Naruto said, stepping into a house that was once his home. After finding out who he really was, he packed up and moved out. Something about the house seemed unsettling, after being gone for so long. He decided against telling Dad until he was packed and about to leave out the door. At the time, he had said nothing. Naruto had left it that way, and hadn't been back since. Where did he go? He moved in with Sasuke of course. It had been four or five years...He'd had lost count. He didn't even bother keeping up with my mom, it was no use.

After having outed himself, he really just wanted a new life. They wrapped up school and moved down to California, and were enjoying College, but...he thought it time for him to see his family again.

"Mom? Are you home?" The woman he once knew was now aged, much more than someone should for the little time he'd been gone. She dropped a tray, and ran from the kitchen to pull him into an embrace. He smiled, until she hugged him tighter and pressed her lips to his ear.

"You should go." She whispered softly. The smile quickly withered away. And that's when he realized something was wrong. Naruto should have done so earlier, when Sasuke hadn't already follow him past the front door. He had just stepped in and shut it behind himself.

"What?" He asked pealing her off of his now towering body to her petite frame. Tears welled up in her eyes. "You-you should just go. It would be better if you left before-"

"Don't shelter him, Kushina." His dad spat, from atop the stairs. "Tell him why he has to leave." He looked down at my shoes, and sighed. He knew there was only two outcomes from coming home.

"Yondaime," She shouted, turning to look at him, "He's still my son...still your boy!" His mother sobbed. Naruto's father closed his eyes and turned his head away from him, his arm slicing through the air.

"He was my boy. He was my golden boy. But now, he is no longer a part of this family. He made his choice, and-"

"Excuse me, dear old dad, but despite common belief, it's not a choice! It's something your born with." He scowled, about to break into tears himself. His dad regained his composure, and straightened his back, and he began down the stairs.

"We could have gotten you help, we could have taken you someplace, found you a nice little girlfriend-"

"Dad! Stop talking about it like it's a disease, I'm not sick, I'm just being true to myself! Sorry I didn't turn out how you wanted, but you should love me anyway! I'm happy now, or at least I was until I came here." He shouted. Naruto's father walked up to him, and looked him right in the eye. There wasn't speck of love, compassion, or even concern behind them. Just hate. He lifted his hand and struck his son. He stood there shocked, and held the place pained on his face. Sasuke walked over and interjected.

Moving him back into my mother's arms and took his father's hand.

"Hello, my name is Uchiah, Sasuke, I am your son's current lover. Boyfriend, whatever the hell you wanna call it." Letting go, and wiped his hand on his pants. "And Sir, although we've never met, I'd like to ask you not to strike him like that. Last time I checked it wasn't a crime to like men, if it offends you, please, let's all act like adults, and use our words. Only children push and shove. But it is against the law to abuse your kids, even if he is over eighteen." He said, sounding more and more disgusted as he went on. "I'm sorry if you have a problem with our life style, I'm sorry if you don't like us, and I'm sorry that you are misguided, and behind the times."

"I am not behind the times, I just don't like-"

"Sorry I wasn't done. Now, I'm going to take Naruto and leave, because I do love him. And just because we're two men, doesn't make out love wrong."

"But in the bible-"

"Again, sorry sir, but I don't give a flying fuck what your god damn bible says. Does your bible say 'Harass your children'? I didn't think so. Now, again, I'm going to leave," He said, placing his hand Naruto's, "And when you get you head out of your ass long enough to care about your son again, let us know, because I'm sure he'd like to hear from you." Pulling Naruto out from his mother's arms, she mouthed the words 'I love you.' Only to have Sasuke snap back and say,

"And if you really loved your son, you'd be standing up for him against your asshole of a husband." A small sigh was heard from her, and Naruto looked back at the last sight of his parents he might see for a long time.

When they sat down in the car, he broke down.

"What...what the hell was that!" Naruto yelled, laying my head on his crossed arms. The dashboard was freezing, but he didn't care. Sasuke transfered Naruto from the dashboard to his shoulder.


"No, Sasuke," He said pulling himself from Sasuke's shoulder, "I-I was his golden child! I put up with shit from him for years, most of my life! It wasn't until I moved out that he even stopped talking to me, I had gone my entire life talking to him at least once a day! There's no word I could use to describe the father son relationship we had...and now...it's...gone." Naruto began to weep again. He sighed and watched the grown man wither down to nothing but a child once again. Sasuke lifted Naruto's cheek with his index finger and looked deep into the eyes of the broken man.

"Naruto, why do you need his approval to live your life. You've done so well on your own, and what has he done? He's pushed you along, but that was the old you. That was the child he once had in his possession, but now your a man, and your a man that knows what he wants. And you want to be able to live the way you please. Am I right?" Naruto nodded, "So don't weep because you lost your father, don't waste tears on someone who will probably never understand...cry...cry because your so happy that you have you independence. Than you are no longer his little lap dog, and you'll be able to do the things you always wanted to. And weren't you happy? I mean...aren't you happy?"


"Then there's not reason to cry. You didn't lose a father, you gained ownership of your life." A smile made it's way on Naruto's face before he pulled Sasuke back into a hug.

"Only you can turn complete nonsense into poetry." Sasuke moved his head back a bit to kiss the side of Naruto's face. Naruto let out a silent chuckle and pulled back to look back at Sasuke. They gazed into each other's eyes momentarily before leaning in to kiss again.

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