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Freddie rushed in to Carly's apartment, unfluffing his hair and ruffling his iron-pressed clothes. He launched into a tirade about his mom's annoying over protectiveness. Sam zoned out. She'd heard it all before.

Really, in Sam's opinion, Freddie didn't know how good he had it. And he never would. All her life, Sam had longed for a parent to cradle her, to watch her, to love her. Sam's dad was who knows where, and her mom was so high all the time she was giving the birds a run for their money. Sam had taken care of herself since she was 5. She was skilled at making sure there was food in the house, that she had clothes, taking care of her mom when she forgot where she was. She longed for the life Freddie had, the parent who wasn't always on drugs, the parent who made sure she stuck to the right path. Sam acted out because she was sick of being the responsible one. Being the adult in the house. Acting out let her hold on to her childhood. The childhood she so desperately wanted, but had always been deprived of. She laughed at Freddie not out of spite, but out of resentment. Freddie was a symbol of everything she'd always wanted, but could never have. And he took it all for granted.


The next day, it was Sam's turn to rant about her mom's lack of planning. Her tirade was said in a more joking tone, but Freddie still felt a deep anger. It smoldered beneath the surface, bubbling, threatening to overcome him. Sam didn't acknowledge what she had. Sam may not know where or who her dad was, but Freddie knew his dad. And his dad was in jail. The man Freddie had looked up to his whole life was gone. So, his mom's coping mechanism was to obsess over Freddie, constantly, desperately making sure that he didn't turn out like his dad. The fact that Sam could get in trouble, the freedom Sam had to make her own mistakes, the sense of self she had that Freddie had always been deprived of, was why he held the resentment for Sam, the fact that she had so much, her individuality, and she took it for granted.

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