One: Arrival

B Pov

Arriving at Forks High is like it always was when I come to a new school; I was the center of attention.

Let me just fill you in on what's been going on. First, my name is Isabella Swan but everyone calls me Bella. For my entire life I have been able to see ghosts and helped a good many of them to cross over to the other side, it's just what I'm good at. But no one else knows what I'm doing and find my talking to myself sometimes, so the obvious answer was that I was insane. Renee certain thought so. She tried to get me to take all kinds of medication but I always refused.

And then there were the ghosts that weren't so eager to cross over. They liked to do all sorts of things like pulling the fire alarm while I happen to be near one or trip a few teachers here and there. It was little stuff at first, until it became a real problem. My last school had caught on fire, and I was the obvious suspect. They even found matches in my locker, not that they were mine.

"This is your last chance, Bella. Your physiologist was right; I think this is all just a cry for attention."

"Why would I want attention?" Renee glared at me but fixed her attention on the road.

"I'm serious. I haven't told Charlie but if you can manage to behave yourself I don't have to tell him." A surge of hope filled me at Renee's words. If Charlie didn't know he wouldn't be like Renee and Phil, always watching me when they thought I wasn't looking. Silently asking themselves if I was going to act normal today.

Renee was right for once, this was my last chance. I was determined to make this new school go well, meaning no more ghosts. I would ignore all of them, not utter a single word to anyone no longer in a body. I'd make this work and make Renee see that she was wrong.

Too bad Forks had other plans for me…

E Pov

Another average day in Forks, Washington; wet and gray. But honestly, when did it ever change? When I pulled up to school that morning I noticed the red truck right away, old and perfectly ordinary. A new kid. Well this would be interesting.

I got out of the car; my book bag slung loosely over my shoulder and followed everyone into school. I looked over at Alice anxiously. She'd been awfully quiet all morning and she had been singing Barbie Girl in Japanese for the past half hour, that plus the incredibly smug expression on her face was enough to give her away. That girl was hiding something.

"What is it Alice?" She flashed me a dazzlingly innocent smile that wouldn't look out of place on an angel. But this was Alice; mischievous, pixie like Alice. Nothing good could come of that smile.

The day continues on slowly, each of us separated in different classes. Finally it's lunch and we meet at our table as usual. The cafeteria is buzzing with chatter both vocal and mental. Thoughts float through my mind from the other students, and all seem to be centered around the strange new girl.

Mike: She sure is quiet…but in a mysterious way. She's kind of sexy.

Jessica: I wonder what designer she's wearing. Or maybe they're originals!

I look over at Alice and that her eyes are glassy but she's smirking. And then she snaps her head around to look across the cafeteria where the new girl everyone has been talking about is sitting alone. She's scribbling in a notebook silently, not even bothering to look up at the curious gazes of most of the student body. And then, as if feeling my gaze, she looks up ever so slowly and her chocolate brown eyes meet mine.

And that's when the most amazing scent hit me harder than anything I'd ever felt before.

B Pov

What's your name? I wrote quickly. The ghost beside me was as solid looking as any other person in this cafeteria, except if I looked hard enough I could see a faint golden aura surrounding her. She smiled and reached for the pen, her hand sliding into mine and moving it quickly across the page.

What came out was a neat print that was completely opposite to mine. I mentally slapped myself for doing this again (plus I could never get used to the feeling of a ghost going through me) but she seemed like she honestly wanted to be helped.

Elizabeth Mason.

What happened to you? Can't you talk? Elizabeth shook her head and began moving the pen across the page again.

If I speak you will be tempted to answer aloud.

Alright, how did you die? She shook her head again.

It's too painful to talk about.

I watched as her eyes traveled over to a table across the room. Slowly I looked over and saw that there were five inhumanly beautiful people seated at a table opposite mine. There was a tall guy who looked like a body builder with curly black hair that was almost a contradiction to the rest of him, a statuesque blond girl that would make any model green with envy, a lankier blond guy who had his arm around a small pixie like girl with spiky black hair. Beside her was perhaps the most beautiful of them all; the boyish one with bronze hair. All of them were incredibly pale, like they'd never seen a day of sun in their lives, with unusual gold eyes. Only the pixie one and the one with the bronze hair were looking in my direction, but the one with the bronze hair was the one I was staring at- the one I couldn't take my eyes away from.

I stood up in one smooth movement, collecting my books and stuffing them into my bag and strode out of the cafeteria. It was a cowardly thing to do but I could tell there was something different about those five inhumanly beautiful people- and different always gets me into trouble. Honestly, there was nothing that gave them away as different other than their inhumanly good looks, but I got a feeling. And after having many of these "feelings" that usually turned out to be true, I wasn't sticking around.

Later I would wonder how I even managed to tear my eyes away from the god that sat across from me. There was nothing that interesting about me. More like I was too different to be good, some people would go as far even as freak. But I know what I am and freak is not it.

Elizabeth followed me into the hallway. For the first time I looked at her appearance, taking a mental snapshot. She was young looking but old enough to be someone's mother; she wore clothing that looked very old- 1900's or something. Light brown hair tumbled in soft waves to her shoulders, but the most unusual thing was the emerald green eyes that made me think back to the bronze haired boy in the cafeteria.

He looks like he would look good with green eyes, I thought than mentally slapped myself again for thinking that.

But she looked like him in a weird sort of way. Maybe she's his mother, or aunt or something- she must have been at a Halloween party.

"How can I help you?" I whispered quietly as I made my way into the girl's bathroom, making sure no one was in the stalls.

"I want you to tell Edward-

But she was cut off by the bathroom door swinging open. She gave me one last sorrowful glance before she disappeared and I could see the pixie like girl from before. She's smiled at me, radiating happiness.

"Hi, you must be Bella. I'm Alice Cullen." Alice, somehow the name fit.

"Nice to meet you," I tried to say politely but it may have come out a bit cold.

"I'm sorry if my brother offended you-

"Excuse me?" I stared at her, bewildered. An even bigger smile spread across her face than before.

"You left because of him, didn't you?"

"No, I just needed some air," I lied quickly. She either didn't notice the lie or didn't care.

"Good, why don't you come eat with us then?"

"Eat with you?" That was something new to me. For whatever reason, people always shied away from me- like I had a bad aura or something. Not that I walked around talking about auras or anything to anyone- then I would know why they avoided me. I always did things alone, so being asked to eat lunch with Alice was strange. Uncharted territory. "S-Sure."

E Pov

Alice returned a few minuets later, the new girl looking nervous and uncertain behind her. Alice sat down and the girl sat beside her, smiling weakly at everyone. I felt a small burst of comfort that Jasper sent to her and felt grateful that he could make her feel more comfortable.

"Bella this is Jasper and Rosalie Hale, and Emmet and Edward Cullen," Alice said as she pointed at each of us.

"S-So you, Emmet and Edward are related?"

"Well actually we're all adopted by Carlisle and Esme." Bella looked at Jasper quickly for a moment before letting her gaze drop. Has she already figured out that Jasper and Alice are together? The awkward expression on her face is enough to tell me she gets the gist.

She pulled a can of diet coke and sipped it quietly while Alice talked. All the while I couldn't tare my eyes away, and I think she noticed by the way that her face was growing pink. She fiddled with the can for a few moments before she looked up suddenly, straight at me.

"Do you know if anyone close to you has died recently?" Everyone stopped and gaped at her. Her faced grew to a darker shade of pink, it was quite lovely but the question caught me completely off guard.

Jasper tensed, Emmet held his breath, Rosalie glared at Bella and Alice seemed quietly interested in her fingernails.

"Sorry, that was a stupid question," she muttered, lowering her gaze to the table once again.

"My goldfish died yesterday," Alice sniffs. Alice's lie saved everyone. Of course Alice had never had a goldfish, but it eased the atmosphere into a comfortable joking one. Suddenly we're all talking about made up pets- like Jasper's Russian blue named Smoke. I had to admit, it was fun. Even Bella didn't seem to mind that we were doing all the talking; I found it hard to resist talking about some made up animal myself. But what the heck?

"Well I once had a white cat that looked like a cotton ball, so obviously we named him-

"Fluffy right?" She laughed. It was an amazing sound, like bells.

"How ever did you know?" I asked in mock surprise.

"Call it a gift!" she laughs again.

B Pov

Despite all the awkwardness before, I found myself actually comfortable with the Cullens. I was enjoying myself.

"Fluffy…" I glanced out of the corner of my eye and saw Elizabeth standing beside Edward. "We really did have a cat named Fluffy." She looked sad for a moment before a small giggle escaped her lips. The giggle turned to ringing laughter that filled my ears, it was infectious. Soon she was practically doubled over from laughing so hard- thought she didn't need to breathe.

Third Person

Lunch finished shortly after the exchange of fake pet stories. The others quickly leave with the bell, leaving Bella and Edward alone. Well not entirely, Elizabeth was still present behind her son- but neither of them took any notice of her. The pair said goodbye reluctantly before starting off to biology, pleasantly surprised to be in the same class. As Bella took the only available seat beside Edward, one thought floated through both of their minds simultaneously (thought Edward couldn't hear Bella's thought).

There is something different about Edward Cullen.

Isabella Swan is a mystery that I'm going to solve.

Kind of random but I thought about writing this while watching Ghost Whisperer tonight. Sorry if it's bad, I've been having a writing block lately. Please let me know what you think.