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He strode down the rainy walkway at a leisurely pace, humming a cheery tune. People stared as he walked by but he seemed oblivious to both them and the tattered straight jacket that he had balled up in one fist, the buckles swinging down with every step.

There was a little girl coming towards him, but still he walked slowly. From the small bright blue uniform she wore and the crisp condition of her clothing he could tell she was better off than most children. She was walking towards him obliviously, not paying the slightest attention to her surroundings. Her head was turned, her long brown ponytail swaying in the breeze, her brown eyes fixed on the mousy girl walking with her. She was laughing.

"Oh, come on, Jey. Everyone knows you like him," she was saying, her tiny voice teasing.

He stopped, looking at his surroundings, ignoring the two little girls coming steadily closer. Passerbys were still staring at this strange man, seeming out of place on the sidewalk next to the busy road. Happy banners from various posh stores, shone in the bright sunlight, beckoning to shoppers. Even from a distance you could see he wasn't normal. He was wearing a slightly dirty purple suit, a light green dress shirt showing underneath, with black pants and black gloves stretched tight over his fisted hands.

His hair was stringy and messy, dyed a dirty dark green. His face was smeared with white makeup, but still flashes of his skin showed, as though some had been wiped away. His eyes were rimmed with thick dark black eye makeup, tendrils spiking out from his eyes, as though it was actually alive. His lips were shiny and red, whatever makeup he had used spread across most of his mouth, highlighting the scars that stretched the corners of his mouth into a permanent smile.

Some of them caught his eye but quickly turned away. He hadn't exactly glared at them, there was just something unnerving in his calm gaze.

" Why don't you just ask him? I'm sure he would be--"

With a small oomph she walked into the man. Rubbing her chin she glared up at him.

"Excuse me," she said, trying to push past him.

A hand grabbed her upper arm like a vise and she cried out in pain. She was whirled around to find herself face to face with the man. He had knelled down so he could look her in the eye and the corners of his mouth were turned down in a pouty frown, his eyes wide with fake compassion.

She whimpered, trying to pull her arm from his grasp, but he merely slid his hand down her wrist.

"Oh shh shhh shh shhh. I just want to talk."

His hand closed around her wrist and suddenly twisted to the side. She felt pain explode in her wrist and radiate up her arm and swore she heard a small crack. She opened her mouth to scream and his hand clamped over her lips. She gazed at him with wide frightened eyes, her breaths coming in little pants against his palm.

"You know, little girls shouldn't be walking around outside alone. It's too dangerous."

His eyes widened slightly and he licked the side of his mouth, his tongue passing over the scar.

"Let me tell you a little story. A little life lesson."

She tried to back up a step but he yanked hard on her injured arm and, with a muffled cry, she stepped forward again.

He reached into his velvet jacket and she saw something glint. Suddenly she was staring down the point of a small knife.

"Wanna know how I got these scars?" He licked his lips a little.

"I was out late one night with my son. My little boy. He had beautiful brown eyes and curly brown hair."

His hand ruffled her hair, messing her ponytail and letting her feel the hard handle of the knife as it passed over her locks. She glanced behind her frantically. Had Jey left her completely? The sidewalk was deserted.

"My wife and I had gotten a divorce you see," he said, tugging on her arm so that her eyes focused on his face again.

"That," he said airily, " is when your Mommy and Daddy don't like each other anymore. In fact they hate each other." He smoothed his hair back from his forehead with the hand still clutching the knife.

"And they leave each other." He lowered his voice dramatically on the last word.

"We were jumped. A pair of robbers grabbed us as we were walking home. They dragged us into an alley."

No, no, no, she didn't want to hear this. But her eyes stayed riveted to his face, afraid to blink.

"They did it for fun. They were sick." He gave a little laugh and squeezed tighter on her wrist. She sobbed.

"They killed him first you know. Stabbed his little body over and over again. And they made me watch as the light left his eyes. But not before they had made him watch as they carved my face into this."

He gestured at the scars with his knife.

"They stabbed me too and left me to die. They were laughing as they did it."

He pushed her away and she stumbled, choking on her tears.

"By the way," he said, in a tone as though he were asking for the weather, " where exactly am I? Not too far from Gotham, eh? I only wanted to ditch the police." He grinned.

"Orange just doesn't suit me."

Instead of answering she let out a frightened squeal and scampered away, howling and clutching her wrist. He sighed as he continued walking down the sidewalk. Wasn't there anything interesting here?

He stopped and stared up at the large building.

Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital

He smiled. This was going to be good. After all, he hadn't had a check up in quite some time.

He walked up the steps, whistling.


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