"Izzy, you promised! I don't ask for a whole lot. I know you need the scholarship money so I don't push it, but – God dammit! I promised myself I wouldn't cry."

"Mary…Mary, wait a second."

She seems like she's about to say something but doesn't, shaking her head in stead while swallowing.

She starts to walk away. "Mary, look! I know! I know, okay? I'm sorry. There's nothing I can do. Hey!" He grabs her hands but she pulls away. He realizes he's going to have to hold on tighter if he wants to hold on to her at all.


Grabbing her waist, he spins her back towards him and kisses her before she can protest. Her mouth is moist from her tears and he can taste the salt. A different sort of salt than from when she's been jumping and the sweat slickens her skin.

The heat is just everywhere. From the sun, a nice dry heat, not too humid. But a more immediate, intense heat is Izzy. He engulfs her, towers over her, demands her attention with his wandering hands. It's overwhelming, how much he's putting into this. On the street, no less.

"I'm sorry," he repeats, breathless.