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"Goddammit, why is it always so difficult to find a homunculus?" Ed hissed, his footsteps growing louder and more insistent. He knew this wouldn't be an easy thing, considering Envy was a shape shifter. At least some sort of clue would help him, but the activities of the homunculi as of late had been minimal. Sure, it had been suspicious, but then again, the quiet meant at least some bit of piece.

"Maybe we should go back then," Alphonse suggested, his loud, clunky steps growing quieter as well. "It's been a few hours and Winry's probably awake now." The blonde alchemist froze at that comment, apparently not taking that little idea into consideration.

"Right..." He awkwardly spoke, pivoting his feet to turn around quite quickly. Boy, just how much would Winry bash his head in at the fact she woke up alone regardless of promising he'd be there. He did leave a note, but it was a pretty intense moment the previous night when he made that promise. Not to mention he was one to keep his word regardless.

"I wonder if she's okay," Al mumbled, following behind him as he had just done before. Edward had wanted to roll his eyes at the statement, possibly adding, 'She's fine. She's Winry Rockbell.' With a wrench in her hand, there would be nothing she couldn't do. And he knew she brought her wrench along this time; he watched her put it in her bag.

Although, considering her recent state, would she really have the guts to fight back? Somehow, as images of her on the ground being forced by Envy again, they didn't sit well and he immediately got nauseous. That bad feeling he got in his stomach when something went wrong was bubbling up again and he quickly decided it'd be best to start a full sprint back to the hotel.

He just wished she would still be there when he got back. Although, if she had stayed in the hotel like he hoped she would, she'd be okay.

A soft click of the lock on the door made Winry turn around to see what her dear friend had done.

"Ed, why did you lock the door?" The mechanic asked nonchalantly. She was a bit confused why he had done it, but she didn't question it so much. After all, it was just a lock.

"Oh, well..." He started, shrugging a bit. "We wouldn't want people to bother us." Raising another brow, she tilted her head, growing even more confused.

"People would bother us? No one's ever knocked at the door any other time we've stayed at a hotel."

The boy felt his façade slipping as she continually questioned his actions. Was it too much to ask that she remained quiet preceding the events to come? He would be perfectly fine with her kicking and screaming when he would try to make a move on her later – in fact, he would prefer it – but now he didn't want her to suspect anything.

"I just want us to have some peace and quiet, is all..." He told her in a falsely low voice, forcing a small smile to get on her good side. Winry seemed to take the bait and she turned a deep red as her eyes darted to the side. Still, she held a small smile of her own on her features as her hands kept folded together in front of her.

"Hey Ed..." She started softly.

"Hm?" He responded, folding his arms. He had to fight a shudder back at the fact she was being so tender with him. He wasn't Edward Elric. He was Envy, cold-blooded homunculus who wanted nothing more than to destroy the real Edward Elric from within – from his heart. He knew if he harmed this girl of his one more time, he'd be dead on the inside. The monster had to hold back a sneer at the thought of his dastardly plan.

"Thank you."

"... For what?"

"You've... helped me greatly since you went back to Risembool. I don't think I'll ever be completely back to normal, but... you've showed me the brighter side of things," Winry spoke softly, her voice scratching occasionally. Her hands clasped even tighter together, showing him she was very nervous. "I know I sound cheesy, but I just wanted to thank-" He abruptly cut her off with a hug, although both interpreted for different reasons. Winry thought he was doing it out of the kindness of his heart, whereas Envy was just trying to get her to shut up. All this sappy talk was making him nauseous.

He forced a kiss to her lips, taking no time to shuffle them back towards the bed. Winry's cheeks grew very hot at the sudden forcefulness of his kiss as well as almost instinctively shoved him away. Last time she had someone forced onto her like this was the time she wished she could forget. Perhaps the fact it was Ed made her worries go away and manage to melt into his embrace.

A sudden push to the bed made him fall on top of her, one of his knees between her legs. They were still kissing and Envy was growing more irritated with how slow this was going. He didn't want a casual thing; he wanted screaming and cries for help!

Pulling away, he managed to sport a smirk on his face, allowing his eyes to temporarily flicker back to purple. Winry's blue eyes fluttered back open, half-dazed at first only to snap completely open at the new color change.

"What's wrong, Winry?" He asked coyly, emphasizing her name while a hand moved to brush stray blond tendrils from her face. "Don't you want to be with me?" His sneer grew wider as her face twisted in horror.

"Y-you're not Ed!" She screeched, forcing her hands to his chest to push him off. Just like last time, however, she had no luck.

"Tch, no shit." He scoffed, quickly taking her hands off his front side to slam them back down by her head. She squirmed in her spot, thrashing around while Envy lowered himself just a bit closer to scare her further. "Did you really think you'd be safe in Central?"

"I-I trust Edward!" She whimpered, not giving up in her attempts to get out of his grasp. "He told me he'd help!"

"And look where he's at now?"

Winry froze in her spot, taking in the point he brought up. Ed had promised to be there for her when she awoke, only resulting in him nowhere to be found. If he had stayed in one spot, would she be in this situation right now? Or would Envy just try to find her later, eventually resulting in the same end.

Her lashes grew heavy with tears and she let her eyes clothes. She still trusted Ed, however if this was bound to happen again eventually, why should she fight it.

"Ah, you're not making this good, woman," Envy scoffed, just now reverting back to his normal state. Releasing a shuddering breath, she shook her head.

"W-What's the point...?" She sighed, going limp in his arms. She still did her best though to breaking out into hysterical sobbing. Again, she questioned why she had to cry like that? What was the point? No doubt Ed nor anyone else would be close to save her.

Envy hummed in amusement as he released his grasp on her wrists, noting she didn't fight back nor want to escape anymore. He let his fingers drift lower, to her button-up shirt and begin to hastily rip the small plastic knobs from their accompanying holes. "Heh... Layers of clothes won't do you any good." Just like his words, he slipped his hand up her shirt to grasp at one of her breasts, squeezing it hard to cause a painful gasp to escape her.

Memories of the first time slipped back into her head, seeing and hearing the experience all over again. She still felt dirty and defiled this time around, but at least people wouldn't see her out in the open.

A quick rip of her tank top showed the mechanic just how much time she had left, since she was being left with less and less clothing with each passing moment. This seemed to go quicker than the last time; or maybe things were just being slowed down because it was her first time ever.

She started to squirm again instinctively, unable force herself away from his grip. He feasted on her mouth again while roaming his hands over her curvy sides, still smirking at how broken she was becoming. The alchemist was going to have a field day when he discovered what happened again.

Knock knock, as if on cue, someone was at the door and judging by the loudness and additional yells, it was not hard to know who it was.

"Winry! Winry, are you in there?" The real Edward called out, pounding on the door. Scowling, Envy grabbed her shoulders tightly, drawing blood.

"You bitch, you told him!"

She winced in great pain, tears stinging at her eyes. "H-How could've I? We we're in different places!" He slapped her across the cheek hard, a bright red welt soon appearing. She gasped again, tasting a bitter copper taste in her mouth. It must've been blood, was the mundane thought in her head as she hoarsely called out for the alchemist on the other side of the door. "E-Edward, please help me!"

A bright light from the entryway startled them both for a moment, temporarily halting Envy's terrible onslaught of attacks. But upon her struggling again, he slapped her again to get her to still, calling her names while getting her to shut up.

"Leave her alone, you bastard!" Ed roared, clapping his hands together then quickly changing his automail to the familiar blade. He darted forward to attack the homunculus, surprisingly getting a deep scratch into his arm as he lunged and attacked. Envy, in his own pain, fell back from his spot over the mechanic and his eyes grew wide.

"You practically asked for her to be raped again, Fullmetal!" He taunted, his wound healing up quickly as he spoke. "You left her alone here in Central of all places!"

Ed froze in his spot, feeling that nausea and guilt rise back into his stomach. He was right. He never should have brought her to Central at all.

"Why are you hurting her?" He yelled, lunging again at the monster. "It's me you want!" In a quick moment, Envy managed to grab the alchemist's arm and hold it there in front of both of them, that terribly annoying sneer growing wider on his face.

"You just answered your own question," he scoffed slyly. "I know that bitch means too much to you. What's better than attacking the heart?" Edward's face dropped at the comment. It was now that he could feel his resolve slipping, only wanting to stop fighting Envy and do nothing but apologize to the beat-up girl on the bed. Hell, as if she'd forgive him anyways...

But a thought passed through him again at the mention of a heart. His amber eyes grew wide and in a quick minute, he snapped his hands away from him again and landed a blow directly into his sternum, in the middle of the homunculus's chest. He could feel the monster's organs trying to force his automail arm due to the regeneration, but he pushed himself to grab for the thing that kept him alive – Envy's own 'heart'.

Scowling, although still a bit impressed with how he managed to get him so quickly, Ed latched onto Envy's philosopher's stone.

"Leave her the fuck alone," he spat, nothing but hatred burning in his eyes and laced in his voice. Envy's previously amused expression fell to an angered one, now disappointed that he let the Fullmetal brat of all people take him down.

"And if I don't?"

"I'll rip the stone right out of you," Edward replied harshly, fisting his hand tighter around the object within. "I'm making a damn compromise with you. Leave Winry alone and I'll let you go." Even to tempt things a bit, he tugged on the stone a bit, watching as parts of Envy started to degenerate away. "Even though I don't want you to fucking live after what you've done to her."

Silence swept through the room as Envy glanced back at the bleeding blond on the other side of the room, clinging lose blankets to her slightly naked form. '... Damn...' He thought. Perhaps the first time was enough to strike fear in the alchemist's heart. Although he desperately didn't want to admit it, the second might've been pushing it.

"Get your hand out of my chest," he scowled, now eyeballing the door. Ed didn't need to hear anything else from the monster, as his purple irises showed very regretful defeat. "Goddammit, you're such a stupid human." Edward pulled his hand out, the stone still intact inside Envy. "You're going to regret letting me go, Fullmetal shrimp."

Ed paid no mind to Envy's hasty exit, as the only thing he worried about was his friend, the woman he pledged his love to nearby. She looked at him with big, almost scared eyes as she hugged the blankets closer.

"W-Winry..." He stuttered, even feeling ashamed for calling her out. He left her for Envy all over again. How did he deserve to even say her name?

But what surprised him the most was the tired, but still true smile she tried to give him. The tears were visible on her cheeks while she tried to wipe away with her hand.

"T-Thank you..." Was all she said at first, keeping very quiet. "I-If you hadn't been here..."

"I should've been here in the first place."

Another silence swept over the two, leaving Ed to fidget uncomfortably in his spot. As much as he wanted to leave or get on his knees and beg for forgiveness, he knew neither situation would end well.

"I love you..." She mumbled, still forcing that smile. Snapping his head up, he couldn't help but look at her incredulously. How could she say that after all that happened?

"W-Winry, y-you can't..."

"I do though," she said, her cheeks a bit red, not just from the previous beatings. "Do you love me?"

Was there even a need to answer? She knew the answer anyways. He nodded stiffly, forcing a swallow.

"I do... For now and forever."

"Then we should have no problem... Right?"


While trying to keep herself covered up, she extended one of her hands out to him, not minding the slight tremble she still had from the events from just moments ago. He still felt like crap for what he had done, or lack thereof, but he still reached out as well, taking that hand that he always trusted.

Perhaps this time around, she'd be the one to make things right again.